Evil Herself

The evil wife” is actually an affectionate nickname (or at least so he says) that my husband gave to me years and years ago. While I don’t think that I am entirely evil, or even partly evil, the name has stuck and become a joke of sorts between us. I am by birth a Jersey girl who along with my best friend, picked up our lives, lock, stock and barrel and moved to the hills of Vermont with our three, now teenage, boys. Now by Vermont standards, I am a flatlander and wouldn’t have it any other way. By profession I am an attorney licensed in New Jersey and hopefully soon, licensed in Vermont. I write for two national legal publications, and perform per diem legal research and writing.  I am honored to be welcomed into our town and asked to serve on the board of the Historical Society. We are living here on a sweet hill here in Vermont together with two dogs, several fish, three fainting goats and several chickens who are guarded by two roosters.

We are lucky to be blessed with great neighbors who are also good friends. “The T’s” as we were affectionately nicknamed by our neighbors when we bought our home in 2003 since the five of us all have first names beginning with (can you guess?) the letter “T” live on “the hill” in Vermont.

The blog was started to chronicle our move and as an outlet for my pent up need to vent on occasion. It has transformed into that and so much more and I hope that you feel comfortable to stop in and visit a spell. I love your comments and welcome them.