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dscn0208.jpg Well, one of the chickens has finally come through for us. HOORAY!!! This is a picture of our very first homegrown egg! And its green! We were surprised to find it hiding in the corner of the coop today obviously the chicken who laid it preferred the corner to the roosting boxes but what the heck, we’ll take it. Now, everyday will be a surprise.What chicken will lay next? What color will the next egg be? Does this mean we can call ourselves farmers? Okay, I realize that I might be getting a bit carried away, but come on, this is big news! Tune in tomorrow to find out! 

Hormones. The wonderful despicable part of being female. If you are crazy happy, it is hormones; crazy sad, hormones; crazy horny, hormones; crazy bitchy, hormones. Hormones are what makes us women and what can make us crazy. In my experience, the mood swings resulting from hormones are far worse now then when I was a teenager or even pregnant. Although I must admit I enjoyed being pregnant.  Today has been one of those hormonally horrid days HH for short. One minute I am happy then sad for no apparent reason. I mean, quite honestly, sad like I want to cry. Nagging, rip your heart out, sad. And I don’t know why. Blame it on the hormones I guess. Crazy bouts of this today. It is upsetting because I really feel out of control when days like this happen. It would be far better if this hormone thing worked so that you were completely out of your mind when you were on this hormonal hell ride. But no, you are usually very much in control of your mind which means that you know that you are being illogical and words or actions happen while you watch pretty much as a third person trapped in the body of some insane woman. Which makes it all the worse. A logical illogical emotional disaster. Plagued with questions of “what’s bothering you?” Hmmmmm. I don’t know. I just want to cry. How do you explain that to someone who doesn’t understand that you have absolutely no control over the way you feel or why. While I wonder sometimes what drugs could make this go away since so many of those I know are medicated in some form or other, I hate the thought that I cannot control my own body. Not that drug companies are all that much in favor these days. They seem to be killing people at extraordinary rates lately. (Or at least that is what so many of the lawyers are saying). Well, I don’t have a chicken update today, but since when I returned from the baby shower I was at (there you go, a room of hormonal women and an infant, talk about fun) there were no cries of “EGGS” I assume that the chickens are still slackers. Being treated tonight to dinner by our own Uncle Lou making his famous “chicken” pasta (which is not chicken at all but everything my boys love is “chicken” so he should take that as a compliment). Smells emanating from the kitchen are starting to be enticing and causing rumblings in the tummy.    


dscn2051.jpgSpring storm

We woke this morning to a winter wonderland. I know a lot of people around here have just about had it with winter and snow and are anxiously waiting for the weather to catch up with the calendar and green to return to the mountains. But me, I think it looked beautiful. There is something very basic and beautiful and magical about waking up to snow, especially snow that clings to trees and transforms the world into a better place….at least for a while. It awakes the child inside because there isn’t one of us who doesn’t remember the magic that came with waking up to a different world, a crystalline, sparkling, white beautiful world that wasn’t there when you went to sleep. It snuck in quietly and laid down a blanket of white.  I don’t think that I will ever get tired of it although I too am anxious for spring to finally sweep her way into the mountains. But honestly, folks take a look out the window and marvel at the beauty of it all….before the mud arrives. 


I guess that I have to get into this blog thing slowly. I feel self conscious whenever Tom brings up something that I wrote in front of people, he tried to mention it last night in front of friends. This for me is therapeutic and reflective and diary-like and somehow putting it out there for the world, (okay I know that the world can be reading it) or throwing it up that it is out there for anyone to poke into my heart and mind can be a little disconcerting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like that people read, its just feel too self-promoting to say during conversation “did you read my blog?” and that is not me. I am quiet and background girl, not front and center girl. So I tread lightly and need to walk into the waters of bearing my soul slowly…


Chicken update: Eggless, maybe we need to throw a calendar out there to let them know that they are really supposed to be laying eggs by now. I keep saving egg cartons waiting for eggs, but so far I have way too many cartons and no eggs. Bummer……   

I am excited since I have found a fainting goat connection in Vermont. is the website for 4 Footers Homestead which is the only fainting goat farm in Vermont. We are in the process of arranging a trip up to the farm to check out the farm and goat set up and possibly make arrangements to purchase a couple of their kids when they are born in April or May. Yippy! It was looking pretty bleak since most fainting goat farms are so very far away from Vermont and not feasible to get to or get kids from them. As for my real kids, the human kind, the youngest of whom is quite ill with the bug that has also taken down my husband and given me more than a couple nights of less than good sleep. Hopefully it remains contained and the others don’t come down with it.As for the chickens, well, they are still slacking. Easter has come and gone and sadly, no eggs. I thought for sure, we might be surprised Easter morning, but no such luck. They have let us down. Slacker chickens…… 

Life can go out quietly with never a word said or with a bang and lots of noise. Either way it is sad to lose someone. Whether you have known that person forever or hardly at all the loss is still the same and creates a big empty hole in your heart. March 23rd is the day that life left quietly from my world. Not a word was said by the person that left, I never got to look into the person’s eyes or hold their hand or hug them. It is the day that I miscarried my first baby. Just under two months, someone that I never had the pleasure of meeting. It saddens me, every year on this day I cannot help but think about it and wonder what that baby would have been like if it had been born. I feel a sense of loss and a sense of failure. My body was not capable of supporting that life and died as a result. Sad, like a part of me had been ripped away. But with each loss comes life, a cycle that repeats itself infinitum. My middle son’s birthday, he turned 12, was yesterday. My oldest son who I love dearly, would never had been born if I didn’t lose that first baby. My oldest son was conceived months later, when I would have been very pregnant with this first baby. So there is no regret because I have great kids, three boys, who I am confident will grow up to be good men, like their father. But still, I cannot help to think about and mourn that little baby that never was.

Yesterday was the first day of spring and I think someone forgot to tell Vermont it was happening. If you look out the window this morning, it is more like a blizzard outside. The winds are supposed to be wicked for the next few days and the temperature this morning was only 13 degrees, before any wind chill. Some spring, huh?I am getting disappointed that the chickens will not be laying any eggs in time for Easter. No one is looking egg-layer-like. But that does not mean to lose hope. Fingers crossed, maybe there will be one egg out there for Easter. I just thought that would have been really neat. Oh well, the chickens obviously don’t share my thoughts.The last few days have been busy, getting ready for Easter and my son’s birthday which fall back to back this year. While the house has been quiet for the past few weeks, the onslaught of company is coming back. My inlaws are coming for Easter together with our neighbors so that makes for a full house. Later in the week, friends of ours are coming to visit for a few days. 

Chicken Update:  Well today Tom finished the roosts for the chickens and they were equipped with golf balls which is said to give them the idea to lay in the roosts. While we were in the coop however we got confirmation that Chickenzilla (the largest of the chickens by far and so named by our boys) is definitely and without question a rooster. A sad day since Chickenzilla is by far the most affectionate and friendly of all the chickens. Today while Tom was working on the roosts Chickenzilla was curiously watching him the whole time. We fear that two of the black cochins are also roosters since their coloration and size far outweigh the others of their type. One rooster maybe, three roosters, I don’t know. This is however in keeping with the statistics given by the hatchery. Even with sexed chicks, there is a 10% chance that they can be wrong. So out of 25 chicks, (2 died in route) that we would have 2.5 roosters. I don’t know what a .5 rooster looks like, do you? Today was a lazy day, a very nice family day. Tried a new recipe for taco potstickers which was either quite good or my kids were snowing me….speaking of snow, it has been on and off again flurries today. Winter is still exercising its grip on New England.

March snow 1 Here are the pictures from outside our door this morning. A winter wonderland, snow clinging to each tree branch, but it was warm outside so it made for a nice day to be out and about. Interestingly, however, when I got to the bottom of the hill, you would never even know that it snowed. Yesterday I resumed my walks, and it was actually pretty cool. When I walked past the sap buckets on the trees, if you stopped and listened, you can hear the ping, ping, ping of the sap dripping into the pails. Pretty neat. A nice combination of spring and winter. The one thing that I have to say about this time of year, is that you are forced to slow down….literally. The ruts and potholes and frost heaves in the road really remind you that you cannot go fast. There really is no way to navigate the mountain roads without taking your time and exacting a bit of zig-zag action like you are navigating a race course in slow motion. But while you are traveling slowly it is a good time to enjoy the sites and the last remnants of winter.dscn2017.jpg

dscn1152.jpgTom will be home shortly. Home will be whole again. While I am used to him traveling (I don’t sleep well or hardly at all but I am used to that as well) the house is empty when he is not here. The boys are usually quite quiet (for boys) when he first leaves and then they slide into this slump out of which they slowly rise as the days to their father’s return closes in. I know that when he pulls into the driveway it will be a mad rush to see who can get out to him first and the dogs will be competing for their attention as well. Chaos ensues, but it is a good chaos. A chaos that means home is whole again… the way it is supposed to me. Speaking of home and home – wrecking, I am drawn into the media coverage of the NY governor’s resignation, but particularly all the media attention befallen his wife. Everyone speculates to two extremes — “how could she stand there next to that man” and “look at her standing there next to her husband showing solidarity”. How dare we even speculate on their relationship? The only ones even remotely qualified to “guess” at what is going on in that woman’s mind would be women who were in some regard similarly situated. None of us have walked in Mrs. Spitzer’s shoes, even those that were in similar situations. How many of us understand what she is doing and why she is doing it? Dare I say hardly any. I firmly believe in the old Indian saying “Do not criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins”. There were a couple of articles which at least touched upon the sensitivity of situation. When you love someone and have loved them for many years, it is difficult to just “shut that down” especially when the person you love is being torn apart, in this case by the media. The woman and her family deserve a break….from the media.  CHICKEN UPDATE: SLACKING AWAY STILLWHITE DOG UPDATE: PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE, MASTER IS RETURNING THIS EVENING. 

I hate those damn gremlins. You know the ones I mean. The ones that take your stuff, just your stuff, not anyone else’s and move it to some unknown and hidden location. Hell, for all I know they make it completely disappear, become invisible. Gremlins are the only logical explanation why, I , the only woman in a house of 4 men, cannot find the one thing that I am looking for when I look for it. The only other possible explanation is senility and at 44, I am certainly hoping that is not the answer. When I ask each of my sons, I get the “shrug” followed by the “I don’t know what you are talking about” or “I didn’t move it”. My husband usually has the same answers which leads me to believe that it must be the damn gremlins. I spent the day redoing my walk-in closet and was looking for the shoe rack I bought only a few weeks before. The one that sat on the floor of my bedroom in front of my dresser, literally for weeks, and now, PRESTO, I need it and it has disappeared. Looked under the bed, looked in the closets and lo and behold……nothing. I search all the obvious places (mostly above my head which is what happens when you marry a man a whole foot taller than you) and still, no luck.So I gather tomorrow I am off to Home Depot to buy yet another shoe rack. I am going to charge it to the damn gremlins. ARGHHHH! White Dog update: We are both still alive. Enough said.  Chicken update: Still slackers. Neighbor update: New baby boy. (At least they are accomplishing something, unlike the slacker chickens).  

Okay, the white dog and I have come to some type of understanding. She has not gotten into the garbage all day today and I have not killed her. We are off to a good start for the remainder of the week. I do hate when Tom travels. The days and nights are much longer. The house is “empty” despite being full of activity with the 3 boys, 2 dogs and our houseguest. Although having GoGo around is always interesting and the boys absolutely adore him.

Still waiting for the slacker chickens to start laying eggs. The book said 4 months and their birthday (or hatch-day) was Sunday and still no eggs… they are bound to start laying soon, and we are anxiously waiting and checking everyday. While I cannot wait for them to start and have our own “farm fresh” eggs, I think it would be cool if they waited another week and started laying for Easter, especially the Easter Egg laying chickens. How cool would that be?  Plus, I would feel really badly if the chickens started laying while Tom was away, especially since it was his idea for the chickens and he has taken such a liking to them and vice versa. Me personally, I am waiting for my goats. Fainting goats. Although lately the idea of a little donkey is starting to rub off on me. Something similar to the white dog in affection but not quite as anxious to jump in my grave.  I am getting used to the idea of this farm type life and really into the fact of getting by on what we have here and what we can make, produce or grow. I can see how this can really take a hold of people and it becomes quite the challenge. I can smell the garden soil and am starting to dream about gardening and what to plant….must have been the rain and warm weather over the weekend.

Juno, the stubborn white dog.When I was younger, we had a mini schnauzer. My father used to say that he was German and stubborn because he didn’t listen well. Now, some 30 years later I have a white dog that really truly despises me and is the definition of stubborn. Or maybe she merely despises that I am closer to my husband than she is. I personally think that she secretly plots to overthrow me so she can secure my position in the house, next to my husband. This has become even more evident when Tom travels. At first, pity the poor dog because she misses him and doesn’t eat barely until he returns. But now, no more pity for the dog. She is out to get me. She has three times today (before 3 p.m.) ripped apart the garbage just to annoy me. She has ample food and water of her own, she just cannot “get to me” by eating her own food. Better to take all my garbage out of the can and strew it around the house (and I mean around the house, I found tea bags in the den) in order to prove her point. Does she think that periodically I put Tom in the shed and lock him away so she cannot see him? Perhaps this is her thought process, make the woman insane and she will unlock the man from the closet (or shed or wherever she puts him when I don’t see him for days). It is truly sad when you spend your day plotting to overthrow the dog……

On another note, a dear old friend made a totally unexpected appearance this afternoon. His truck with his snowmobile on board was pulling into our driveway as I was returning from picking up the boys from school. Always good to see old friends and this was a true surprise since I thought I was all to myself while Tom was away this week. Uncle GoGo as he is affectionately referred to by my sons is always a hit and needless to say word of his appearance made it through the neighborhood since all boys landed at our house this afternoon.I feel the need to write something more than mere stream of conscious thought on this blog, but tonight I am tired having written all day for work and this is all that comes out. Perhaps tomorrow will bring more inspirational thought.

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