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A few weeks ago, when I was picking up my veggies at the CSA, I saw a poster for local poultry. Turns out that it’s my fellow book clubber, Robin Gordon Taft and her husband Scott that are selling fresh chickens, ducks and turkeys. Yesterday we bought two fresh killed chickens from Pine Hollow Poultry in North Clarendon. We brought them home, one went into the freezer and the other we dutifully brined and set to rest in the fridge according to Scott’s directions. Tonight, we had some of the most delicious chicken we have had in a very, very long time. As we were savoring the chicken for dinner, we were discussing the broth that this would make tomorrow and how much we really liked their birds. I must admit that I immediately remembered my grandmother and how when I was little she and my grandfather would go and get fresh killed chicken. I remember sitting at the table watching her cut up the fresh chicken to freeze it or make it for dinner that night. This chicken not only tasted delicious but also brought back some very fond memories of growing up and my grandparents.

Nostalgia aside, I highly recommend checking out their website. Scott and Robin told us that they always have frozen birds for sale, but on Saturday, we ran into her at the farmer’s market and Robin said that Scott was butchering birds that day, so if we stopped by later, we could have fresh birds. They will be selling soon at the Rutland Farmer’s Market.

I think that I have an idea where our Thanksgiving turkey is going to be coming from…….

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Yesterday was like the traffic day from hell. I had to make a couple trips to Rutland during the day and both times it would have been convenient to cut across Stratton Road. There was some type of construction or road work and a detour and then the failure to post that when you go all the way around and go back up by the hospital you cannot make a left turn, necessitating going all the way back down to Route 7. Now, for those of you from back in Jersey or elsewhere, go ahead and laugh at me, because you know that when I talk traffic here it isn’t even the same species as traffic back there, but when you are trying to get from point A to point B, it can be a little frustrating. Throw in there the parade of motorcyclists that were cruising at well below the speed limit on route 103 and the smattering of various motor homes and travel trailers navigating through Rutland on vacation and it was enough to make my head explode. All I wanted to to was to get out of the car, at home, parked. On the way up the hill, I came around the corner to the parade of cows coming down the hill. Normally there is radio communication which stops traffic at the bottom of the hill, well out of the way of the cows, but radios were malfunctioning and you didn’t know that the cows were coming home, well — until you almost ran into them.

Tim and I were amused by the cows sniffing and drooling as they made their way past our vehicle. There were even a couple who looked rather annoyed that they had to move to get around our stopped car. Overall, it was a pretty amusing end to my traffic episode and provided some much needed laughter at the end of a rather hectic day.

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So, for those of you who thought that maybe, just maybe, I was losing my mind when I posted to FB about coming face to face with a horse and buggy twice in the same day while driving up and down the road….here is the proof.



So, you see, you never really know what you might see up here.

Today was a beautiful day. After work, Tim and I went blueberry picking. We picked 5 1/4 pounds of blueberries and they are delicious! The weekend will be jam, pie and blueberry muffins. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the berries we picked.

I just wrote my article for next week’s Rutland County Express on the amazing work that the Conservation Commission and volunteers have done on the hiking trails throughout the park.

In order to do my job properly (with pictures and all) I had to stop there and hike around. It is so neat. Tim came with me and we especially liked the boardwalk and the really cool steps that they made leading from there onto the rest of the trail. Amazing to believe all the hard work to lug the lumber into the bog area to construct the 100 foot boardwalk. There are marked trails and lots of educational signs posted throughout with information on the local flora, fauna and creatures.

If you are in or near Wallingford — or if you come for a visit– head on over. Then you can always go swimming at Elfin Lake!

A word of warning though — the mosquitos are quite hungry, so bug protection is in order!

Thanks to the folks at the Wallingford Conservation Commission and the volunteers who made this all possible with their hard work!





It rained this afternoon for most of it, some sorely needed rain. I went outside afterward and while it has cooled off some, it is still quite humid. Fog is hanging in the air.


Here are some pictures of the water clinging to the flowers which I thought I would share



Tim decided to update our side door. He wanted to put a flower bed in next to the stoop.  Here is the way that it looked BEFORE.

After a few hours of digging up the driveway rock, moving dirt and topsoil, separating and replanting host this is the AFTER

It is certainly nice having him around. I love the new bed!



Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite my choice of profession and the fact that I have been through many of these with clients, divorce is not easy. It is not pretty, it is not fun and it is not cheap. In addition to hurt feelings, bruised egos and feelings of betrayal (sometimes) there is a deep and profound sense of loss. Loss that accompanies any other type of grief. I have seen many deaths of marriages and each time it is still just as sad. Through the years, our move and new friends, I have seen more than a few of those friends also struggle with the death of their marriage.

A recent post by another friend about the death of her marriage renewed this feeling of sadness. You think that this would be something that I would be used to and numb to, kind of similar to the way a doctor has to learn to steel himself or herself from death and dying or they would most likely go crazy, dealing with it –day in and day out. For a good part of my 23 years as a lawyer I spent a great deal of time dealing with deaths of marriages. Most of them, however were people that I didn’t know, the other half of the relationship was a faceless name for most of the proceeding with no emotional attachment on my part. My job was to sever the end of their marriage quickly, economically and hopefully to everyone’s tolerance since no one in a divorce can say they are happy with the results. Nonetheless, dealing with strangers and their problems is always easier than dealing with names that carry faces with them and memories — both good and bad.

For me, it is always difficult to understand how things can deteriorate between two people. Sometimes that deterioration is to such a hateful level. People who once gazed at each other with the proverbial stars in their eyes, now have daggers and would rather die than be in the same room, house or sometimes even state as the other. It always baffles me, but people change and sometimes they grow apart. Most times, those friends do seem happier now which is good for them and the other people in their lives. Sometimes the “one” really wasn’t the “one” and no matter how many times you try, the square peg just won’t fit in the round hole. For others, it may be a matter of giving up.

One of the things that comes from seeing these experiences, whether they be personal or professional, is to take stock of your own relationship. Doing divorce work or seeing others go through their own marital problems makes one reassess one’s own situation. It makes you wonder if either of you is capable of pulling the plug on a relationship that, in our case, has lasted much more than half my life. Hopefully, when you take stock you realize that you’re not  capable and neither is your spouse. That is always a good thing.

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This is what’s for breakfast. Always a windfall for the men when I can’t sleep.


Snakes seem to be the theme of the summer. From the one I saw slithering through the garden a while back and one that Tom avoided turning into snake meat while he was mowing the lawn. There is however one little friend that seems to have taken a liking to us.

One snake has taken up residence outside our back door. He or she lives under the cement step and occasionally pokes out to enjoy the sunshine or just check things out. On a recent day, it appeared that it was saying “Hey Mom, let me in! What’s going on in there?”

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One person’s weeds are another’s flowers. So it is at our house this summer. This spring, violas started popping up everywhere in the driveway from two baskets of them that we had planted the year before I am guessing.


These were just growing up in gravel and stone. No soil to speak of at all. I carefully dug bunches of them up early in the spring and planted them and now they look like this:




We are enjoying what could have easily been thrown in the trash or compost in this case and it is brightening the summer yard!


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Each week since the weather has been getting nice, Tim’s voice instructor has offered that I can go sit and read out back by the brook. For one reason or another, I didn’t go back there until this week. Oh my goodness! It is beautiful. I so love the sound of water moving, the rain, a babbling brook, the ocean. I could sit and listen to those sounds for hours. It is so simply relaxing and de-stressing.

It is simply a little piece of heaven she has over there on “their mountain”. A beautiful little bench next to the stream allows you to sit and ponder everything or think about nothing at all.




My ideal place to live would be one of those houses perched high atop a rocky cliff by the ocean. Safe enough that it wouldn’t wash away in a storm but close enough to the ocean that I could walk on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Perfection. A close second would be a cute little stream like this running somewhere through our yard, but obviously not too close to do damage. Then again, a pond with a waterfall would be just fine too. (hint, hint)


Then, when you’ve had enough of the brook, there is this little section of her yard to relax. Tell me, isn’t that just perfect?


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