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Did you know that grey chickens blend in perfectly with seasoned uncut firewood? One of our grey hens was following me across the backyard while I was planting a flower bed. I turned back to the garage to get a shovel and returned only seconds later to find that I couldn’t find the chicken. Why is this alarming you might ask? Well throw into the mix two dogs who would love a chicken lunch and you can understand my concern. I look to my left where the coop is about 25 feet away and no grey chicken. No grey chicken in the lawn, where oh where did my grey chicken go? There she was, right in the middle of the woodpile, happily picking away at whatever insects resided there. Perfect camouflage. Her speckled grey and the mottled greyish brown of the firewood, worked to perfectly prevent me from seeing her.


Wow. Since I wrote last a lot has happened. I have survived my middle son’s class trip to Boston which I have not yet recovered from due to lack of sleep. The kids all seemed to have fun and except for feeling a little (okay a lot more than a little) out of the loop since I don’t know a lot of these moms and dads it was nice. Long, exhausting, but nice. We left our house at 5:45 a.m. Wednesday and got back 1 a.m. Friday. Yikes!

The infamous chicken door has been installed and is working. For those who are unfamiliar, as was I, we now have an automatic chicken door. It opens at sunrise (which this morning amounted to 4:55 a.m. or thereabouts when I heard the first crowing) and closes automatically at dark. While it will take a few days for Tom to actually believe that it is automatic (he is worried about those chickens) it is pretty darn cool. It closes slow enough to not guillotine the chickens (for which I am glad). I was worried that it might be okay, dark slam the door shut and pity the poor chicken that is stuck outside or far worse, has her front separated from her rear by the stainless steel door.

The chickens are laying a consistent dozen, usually more by one or two every day, although since the installation of the chicken door, Tom has banished them from the outer section of the coop where the food is kept so I fear chicken retaliation in form of an egg laying protest.

Gardening is going in, but boy I am tired. I have planted 2 long (and I mean long) rows of various potatoes with another to go in tomorrow. 3 rows of beans, snowpeas, swiss chard, spinach, chinese cabbage, mesclun salad, arugula, scallions, pumpkins, squash, corn, carrots and zucchini.

We have planted seeds for tomatoes, cukes, more pumpkins and I honestly don’t remember what else. I hope that my herb garden which is going to be a raised bed can go in tomorrow or during the week since I am anxious to get the basil started. Ahhh. Fresh basil.

Most of the planters are planted and we have some self-watering window boxes coming from Gardeners Supply which should arrive this week sometime.

The birdfeeders are filled and the hummingbirds are busily draining their feeders. Summer is slowly but surely coming to Vermont if you can survive the bloodsucking black flies. 😉

We were at a barbeque yesterday where we were actually wearing fleece. Imagine wearing fleece during the day on Memorial Day Weekend! Wow. I am loving it here. 

Pools open? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that July 4th around here?


Last night I came back from a meeting I hosted feeling particularly hurt for a number of reasons including the fact that as hard as I sometimes try, I just feel like I don’t fit in. Kind of amusing that a woman 44 (almost 45) years old feels as if she doesn’t belong. But I didn’t. I tried with this group going in and now going out, I still feel like an outsider. Not for lack of trying, but that doesn’t really help me feel any better. It is hard to explain to anyone without sounding like a dope and a sap, but I have a need to belong. I was never one of the “in crowd” (whatever that is) when I was in school so I always felt like I lived on the outskirts of everything. I guess that I need deep down to feel that if I drop dead tomorrow, someone would miss me. Well, more than just one person but that I have some type of impact on this world. On the people I call my friends and colleagues and acquaintances. That I might be missed at a gathering or something like that. I know, sappy and sad. But true. At that meeting I felt that if I wasn’t there or was there, really I had no impact, I a lot of times feel like I am meant to be the side dish, the appetizer, the aside and never the focus. Not that I want spotlights and songs. Just a feeling that I belong and am near and dear to those around me. 

Tom tried desperately to make me feel better because he above everyone else, knew just how bad I felt. But even he doesn’t really get it. Now, I have to admit it is even harder with moving. A whole new group to try to fit into….or maybe I don’t have to. Tonight we went to the boys’ former school for the play since we were invited and around. It was really nice to chat with some of the moms that I have spent most of the last 10 years around. Kind of a coming home. I know the boys were happy to see friends that they haven’t seen. So, I guess that I make a difference to some people and I guess that I make a difference to those that really matter, so I shouldn’t obsess. My boys all brought me the cutest little gifts yesterday when they went shopping with their grandparents. So, apart from my inner psychosis, I guess that I have what is really important in my life, don’t I?

Well, it appears that the chickens are doing their jobs well. We are now up to just around a dozen eggs a day. We have gotten a few days with a dozen, but not every day (come on, they do need a day off). We are traveling back to NJ to do some visiting and I think everyone we know is getting eggs! There is a bale of hay on its end in the coop and the chickens have taken to laying eggs on it. They turned it into a cool nest.

I must admit that I really, really hate to leave here, but I do get to come home, which is totally awesome. 

Okay, I was just looking at WordPress’ new theme, monologue. It is really super cool and I think that I might have to branch out and do a separate blog for just some really cool pictures. I don’t want to mess up the Evil Wife page here, so I think that is the way to go.  I will keep you posted and post the link on this blog as well.


Argh…. I hate it when I cannot say no or no one hears me when I do. I am involved in finishing up some obligations out of state and while I was very clear that I have very limited time, everyone just dumped a lot of stuff into my lap….all at the same time. I really want to scream, but I remember a long time ago, way before moving was even a faint glimmer, I remember being up here and saying to myself: “How can you have a bad day when you live in a place this beautiful?” So today, right now, on this gorgeous evening, I am repeating that to myself and taking really, really deep breaths. This, too, shall pass. I have a very limited amount of time left before I am free of this obligation and I have to keep reminding myself to shut-up and smile…..and look out the window and take a very deep breath.

Did I mention that I am so done with NJ? Oh yeah, I did, several times already.    But now I really mean it. 


Well, it’s official, we’re Vermonters. We just returned from DMV and both surrendered (such a strong word) our NJ licenses for VT licenses and magic green plates for both our trucks. Absolutely amazing though how much simpler and quicker the process was than in NJ. We were in and out of there with 2 new licenses and new registrations and plates in less than one hour including waiting time! Such a thing is unheard of in NJ. A trip to DMV is heralded right up there with a trip to the dentist (no offense Dr. Gliksman). Dreaded and put off as long as possible.

So, we are official residents! Wow. We are celebrating tonight. 😉

We were discussing changing over our licenses and registrations to our new state and getting officially settled in here. While I have been all for getting a Vermont driver’s license, now that it is actually going to happen, I am suffering second thoughts. Not that I don’t love Vermont and the thought of living here and all that, but I hate change and I have had my NJ driver’s license since I was 17 which is getting to be more years than I want to count and certainly much more than half of my life. So …… that got me thinking about how I really am slow to change things and usually second and third guess myself over doing or not doing them especially when they are important decisions or life changing ones or irreversible (which getting a new license hardly can be considered to anyone else but little ol’ me). Then it struck me….. the absolute only decision that I can think I ever made that I was one hundred percent absolutely sure and NEVER had any doubt about was my decision to marry Tom. Never, not even for one second prior to our marriage did I wonder if I was doing the right thing, if I should wait or shouldn’t wait or anything like that. And when that struck me I started crying…. (at least I was driving and alone at the time, so other than an occasional passing driver, no one would think that I had completely lost my mind) For me, this was a real epiphany of sorts. Marrying my husband was the one decision in my adult life of consequence that I didn’t agonize over or wonder about for even a split second. Pretty cool, huh for a woman that can’t decide what to have for dinner. 

Well, Tom and I have made our contribution to the Arts this week. We have invested in an electric guitar and set up for our youngest son so he can join the likes of Eric Clapton and his favorite, Carlos Santana. If you could see this child with his new guitar, you could understand. He was ecstatic and couldn’t wait this morning to bring the whole set up to his guitar teacher. I must say that the guys at Be Music in Rutland were fantastic and spent a good chunk of the afternoon both with just us and with us and Tim, getting him set up with just the right guitar for him. 

So now I am feeling even more old. The mother of a teenager and in possession of the child with an electric guitar and an amp. Thank heavens that their musical taste doesn’t quite yet wander into the music that I couldn’t bear to hear amplified through our entire house. But hey, a few years from now, it would be quite cool to say “Want to go and listen to our sons’ band playing” at some local club or other. Hey, you never know.

Today is a rainy Saturday and a good day to hang out and listen to music anyway. We are having some fun playing with some new toys and putting some new flame to the fire on the music front. Speaking of flames, it is also hard to believe that May 3rd we are sitting in the living room with the woodstove going, but then again it was snowing the other day. Vermont is full of all sorts of surprises.

CHICKEN UPDATE: Evidently the chickens don’t really mind the rain, as they have spent most of day outdoors. They are troopers. 

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