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dscn41721So, as promised, here are some pictures of the bedroom and our new closet that was just finished last night. In between work today, we have been taking turns moving clothes back into the closet in order to make sense out of the second guest bedroom’s chaos.



There is still some finishing touches to be done, but overall it was well worth the wait.  Here are some pictures of the new closet.



So….what do you think?

Here’s the new guest accomodations at the T’s……Look inviting?


Everyone is all abuzz about the swine flu. The media has grabbed it and for whatever reason, it has exploded into a media craze. We should all be concerned and exercise proper precautions in our dealings in public places, however glazed over is the tragedy that lives amid the hype. Splashed all over the news this morning is the fact that a 23 month old Texas boy died from it. He has become a statistic – an important one according to health standards since all the other reported and confirmed cases in this country have been deemed “mild” and most not requiring hospitalization. He will be known as the “first death” when referred to by health officials. His name will likely not be released because it is not necessary – he is but a statistic to the media, albeit an important one.  What is truly sad is the tragedy that has befallen a family. A family that I do not know, a family that is grieving for the loss of a child – by far one of the worst things that I can imagine. Statistics while important impersonalize people – this was a living, breathing human being that is gone forever. To his family, and his parents, he will not be infamous because he was the first swine flu death in the United States. To them, he will be grieved for the loss of the sweet child that will never grow to adulthood, will never enjoy playing with friends, birthday parties, soccer games or T-ball. The child that will never see a first date, a first love, a prom – that will never have the opportunity to father his own children. To his parents, he will be missed because he was taken away from them so suddenly, so senselessly, so tragically.  My heart goes out to the family who has to deal with this very real and very painful loss for the rest of their lives, long after the swine flu has come and has gone. This family will have to deal with this loss forever, long after the media takes no further interest – to me, while I don’t know them and will most likely never know them – my deepest condolences of the death of your baby. My heart breaks for your loss.

Adding insult to injury – that’s what I picked up off the coffee table. Oh, to others, it might seem innocent enough, a catalog. I however view it as an evil plot – sent to throw me over the edge of my sanity (well, for those of you that know me, it is more like a little shove). I am sitting here, waiting for the guys to get done installing the closet organizer and I picked up a catalog that probably came in the mail last week or so. I opened it up, innocently enough, it is a women’s clothes catalog. WHO invented the size ZERO? Zero is nothing, zip, nada. So how can Zero be a size? And what humans fit into this size? I personally probably couldn’t fit my thigh if I tore it from my body into a size zero, and there are seriously living breathing humans that go shopping for this size? Whose cruel joke was this to put this catalog into my mail – with sizes that don’t fit mortals or even parts of the mortals that I know. To add insult to injury – give this catalog to a woman who is trying to diet! Go ahead – give me motivation – show me clothes that I will never fit into until after my corpse has rotted in the ground for maybe 50 years. I mean the entire catalog doesn’t contain a size that is larger than my youngest son — how cruel is that?

Who creates women’s sizes anyway? Zero – seriously – you’re killing me.

Today was in the 80’s, now at 8 o’clock it’s in the 40’s and overnight it is supposed to be in the 30’s. The tulips weren’t even out of the ground on Saturday morning and they are blooming already, 3 days later. So tempted to turn over the garden and just plant…but I know that this is only fleeting or else they wouldn’t have June frost date…..

The 6th grade returned from its two day trip to Boston early Saturday morning (really early 2 a.m.) and they are off to a field trip for the day at Simon Pearce and the Montshire Museum this Friday. I was absolutely certain that my 11 year old would want me to accompany him. I was torn because 1) I did the trip last year with my middle son and while it was fun and informative – it is not really something that I felt like spending my Friday doing; and 2) at some point I really need to get some work and other stuff done and it would be the whole day on Friday. I got the email that permission slips were coming home and dreaded it – I didn’t want to disappoint but I really didn’t have the time or desire to go this week. I lucked out – he didn’t seem to care and I didn’t offer it up – perhaps he had too much Mommy time for a week and was ready to strike out on his own with his friends. In any event, thank goodness for the small things – no guilt and I get to get something accomplished. Hooray!

I drove my truck Wednesday afternoon at 5 p.m. last before I left for Boston Thursday morning. I came home Saturday morning and at 10 a.m. when I left the house, we found this.


The nest was cemented with mud to my tire and took some elbow grease to get out. The birds have swung into high gear for nesting for the two days I was away, and I feel bad that I had to evict them. We put the nest close-by in the hopes that the builders might find it and still make use of it.

The whole gang outside the theater with our driver Oscar

The whole gang outside the theater with our driver Oscar

Sunrise reflecting off a building on the Charles River. Taken from the 2nd floor of the Museum of Science

Sunrise on the Charles River, taken from the 2nd floor of the Museum of Science, reflecting off a high rise.

We had a great time in Boston. Due to bus problems we were only able to do 50 maximum for the ride back and that turned a 3 – 3 1/2 hour trip into a 5 hour trip with a couple stops to re-boot the bus evidently. Blue Man Group show was terrific but we were not allowed to take pictures. I think it was one of the highlights of the trip for the kids. We arrived back at the school at 2 a.m. and by the time we unloaded and got home it was more like 2:30-ish this morning. Everyone seems no worse for the wear.

Our duck boat reflecting in a building with Trinity Church in the background

Our duck boat reflecting in a building with Trinity Church in the background

Driving the duck

At the museum

At the museum

Street performers at Quincy Market

Street performers at Quincy Market

Columbus Park on a beautiful day

Columbus Park on a beautiful day

The height of the trip was definitely the Blue Man Group show at the Charles Playhouse. Sleeping at the Science Museum was differnet but fun. We are on our way back now but we are experiencing some type of electrical issue with the bus so it could be a long trip home. Will post some pictures tomorrow

Well on the bedroom update scene, the furniture is in and we are putting the finishing touches on it. We are still waiting on the new mattress which prevents us from completely putting things together as the frame is meant for a Cal King and we have standard King mattress in there now. Next is the closet organizer so I can find my clothes again. Going from tote to tote looking for stuff is getting old.

The den is looking more welcoming, which is nice. The furniture is in there and it is downright homey looking again.

Now I am off to bed since I have to get up in the morning, sift through for clothes for the trip to Boston and head out the door. Next few posts will be from the road if mobile wordpress cooperates.  Either that or I will use twitter – so it will be short bursts.  Wish me luck – camping out at the Museum tomorrow night!

dscn3137Vermont was named the greenest state. According to an article in the Burlington Free Press Vermont and its citizens were considered the greenest in the country since they are more apt to “walk the walk” and follow through on their talk of being green. The poll maintained that Vermonters are more likely to stay away from companies that are not environmentally responsible and more likely to frequent businesses and companies that act green. Way to go, Vermont!

Photograph courtesy of

Today will be a busy day. Movers, errands and packing. Tomorrow Tim and I are off to Boston for his 6th grade class trip. We are spending the night at the Museum of Science with a flurry of other activities, culminating with a show from the Blue Man Group Friday evening before we head back home. Went last year with Tyler and it was fun, but exhausting. At least this year, there are a group of friends/moms that are traveling together. Last year, although I had a friend or two, most of the parents I didn’t know. What a difference a year makes.

Evilwife on the move

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