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Today is a gorgeous day. The sun is shining after a few dark dreary days of rain and it has warmed up a bit. I have some of the best neighbors —

A few weeks ago on a day that I was not feeling myself, I came home to these on my doorstep.

The littlest neighbor Kate dropped these off on my doorstep. The most beautiful yellow flowers in the tiniest of vases. She made me smile.

My other neighbor has been kind enough to bring spring indoors through the last couple months.


Then this afternoon, another young neighbor showed up to deliver some beautiful peonies that his mom picked and sent my way.


I am truly one lucky lady to have such good friends and neighbors.

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All winter I cared for these two gerber daisy plants that we purchased last summer. One did well all winter on the metal rack by the sliding doors and one didn’t do as well. The bigger and stronger one even bloomed once inside shortly after I brought it in last fall. The other, I really had my doubts about whether or not it would make it through until spring.

The other day when I was watering, I noticed that the smaller and weaker plant had a blossom on it. Today, I was treated to a full fledged flower — now I remember why I cared for them so much through the whole winter — because they have the most beautiful pink flowers. The stronger and bigger plant still hasn’t produced a flower.

Lesson learned here – never discount the smaller and the weaker — they might surprise you in the end.



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Happy First Day of Summer! According to the keynote speaker at Green Mountain Boys’ State last evening, in Vermont tomorrow would be the first day of winter, since the days will already be on the shorter side.

In any event, it has been a few HOT days here. Jersey weather as I like to think of it — and I do not miss it. Nope, not in the least bit.

One of the good things about summer is when the berries start to ripen.

One of the things about berries is that you have to be patient. Growing a berry patch of any type is a lesson in patience. Last year we planted six strawberry plants. Maybe, if I remember correctly we saw a berry or two from them. Definitely not memorable. This year we planted some raspberry plants that we have been coddling along since last year indoors and new raspberry bushes, currants, blackberries and blueberries. Some of the plants had some fruit on them, but this will not be their year. Next year they will be bigger and stronger and better. Just like those strawberries. This year, they multiplied and took over almost the whole planter giving us our first real berry crop!

Here are some pictures of the strawberries and raspberries we picked for breakfast — now that is pretty neat and yummy.





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It is weird how you remember things and how your mind is triggered. I woke up this morning with an ache in the pit of my stomach. In 2001 this was the very day of the week and date of the month  that I lost my dad. It was sudden and it was very, very sad. If you haven’t lost a parent, I don’t think you can understand how very devastating it is and how very alone you can feel. The person with whom you had a physical and emotional bond and one of the two people responsible for your very existence is gone. My heart still aches when I think of him, which I do every day. I often wonder how things would be different in my life and that of my family had that day simply never happened. I still can’t think about it or my dad without crying. I miss him and I hope that somewhere he knows how much. I would love for a chance to let him see his grandsons and the wonderful young men they are becoming. He would be so proud, I know he would.


Fate has a way of making things happen  – turning them around, healing.. Today is the day in 2008 that this date on the calendar was changed from one of the saddest days in my life. As fate would have it, this is the day that the first little girl in our family was born. Fitting that on this date, the day that our family lost an important part of it, is the same day that our family gained another important part. While I will never forget the sad parts about this date, I can look into the beautiful big eyes of my niece and smile.

Happy Birthday Emily! Poppy would be very proud of you, too.

Poor Tom, it wasn’t much of a Father’s Day. We drove kids around, which wasn’t too bad, since we knew we were doing that and we were prepared for it and looking forward to have a few hours to ourselves after we delivered a group of kids to UVM in Burlington.

In between driving kids around, we came home to find that the dog had eaten a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread less the two slices that Tom and Tim had for breakfast. This was not good, especially on top of the two breakfasts that she got. Raisins are toxic to dogs, much like grapes, except since raisins are dried and concentrated, it takes a whole lot less raisins to reach toxic levels. We realized this when we were in Burlington and raced home to see 1)if we still had a dog; and 2) to get her to the vet.

Lo and behold, two days in doggy hospital, a whole lot of intravenous fluids and she is home. It was a very anxiety provoking Father’s Day and a very, very expensive loaf of raisin bread.


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Today is the beginning of a sunny, clear streak of weather here. Weather forecasters are predicting that it will be sunny and beautiful, clear and warm through Sunday. Quite honestly, I think that this will be the longest stretch of clear, sunny weather that we have had in a really long time.

It has been a spring so far filled with rainy days or days in which rain will fall at some point with very few streaks of sunny clear, blue sky weather. The garden deserves some sunshine, seeds are slow to germinate because the ground is still quite chilled and the sun just hasn’t been around long and strong enough to warm it up. Hopefully with the next few sunny days, summer will be making its appearance here in Vermont. Right in time for the end of the school year.

Perfect timing.

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Today is the last full day of school before exams. Which means, today is the last day of the school year for lunches. Had I been more awake, I might have taken a picture for you, but I wasn’t so I didn’t. Ham, pepperoni and provolone with shredded cabbage on a sub roll for TJ, leftover chicken breast with provolone and lettuce on a roll for Tyler and chicken and broccoli from NJ for Tim. I think he gets the prize for most long distance lunch. As you can guess, hubby is home, laden with chicken and broccoli from our favorite Chinese takeout place by his parents’ house. Tim is happy.

Exams the rest of the week, shipping two kids out of here Sunday.

Summer is close.


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We have arrived. After a very long journey we have arrived at the last week of school. The last week of intentionally waking up at some very ungodly hour to get kids up and out. The last week of yelling to get sleepy kids out of bed. The last week of being the deli at 6 a.m. Not that I mind any of those things (okay, well some mornings I do mind) but I think about how sooner than I’d like, there will be no one to wake for school and no one to make lunch for early in the morning.

That means onto summer — see my personal feeling is that despite what the actual calendar says — summer begins when kids are out of school and falls starts when they return. I know that we are still a week or so away from “actual” summer and fall doesn’t come until right around when my birthday rolls around each year but still — it must be the perpetual student in me that lives by the school calendar.

So… Happy Last Week of School to you!


These are the things I do when my husband is away.

The potting shed can barely fit a pot, much less allow for actual potting to take place within its walls. It has become the dumping ground for everything and I think that I am the only person who actually tries to step into it. Everyone else just dumps it all at the door. Things routinely would fall from above on me. Not pleasant, not pleasant at all. Especially if you were in earshot of me when something fell on me.





The other day I was on my hands and knees literally crawling around in the dirt, planting transplants and seeds in the garden. I took a break and stood up, out of the corner of my eye I saw something right next to me moving.

It was this guy


Who chose to slither its way right past me and through the garden.
Needless to say, these are the times that I believe my guardian angel was looking over my shoulder. If I had been on the ground when it slithered within inches of me I would have: (1) screamed and (2) jumped which would have scared the crap out of both me and the snake. I am quite sure that nothing good would have come of that. Instead, I was standing, able to grab my Iphone and take these pictures — all without the screaming and jumping which while entertaining I am sure as it would have been to my husband who was somewhere in the vicinity… it would not have been good. Nope. Not at all.
A few minutes later I walked to the opposite end of the garden where I had stacked some big rocks to get one and guess who was there? Yup. The snake. Gosh, that guy is quick. Otherwise, there’s more than one and I just don’t want to think that. So, yes, he is one fast snake. Yup, that’s it.


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It’s been a while I know. I had this loss of voice thing which was followed immediately on the heels by this horrible coughing thing in the evenings which paraded as a completely blocked up head thing during daylight hours. It’s been fun….not and it’s finally beginning to leave. Finally. So, now that I am not trying to figure out how to declog my head or prevent myself from coughing up parts of my lungs, I can sit down and write. Sorry about that.

There are very special people in everyone’s lives, I know but I wanted to write about two girls who hold a special place and are having a special week this week. Yesterday was my little niece and goddaughter Hailey’s 2nd birthday. She’s a cutie, isn’t she? Just love the shades!

Saturday, my other goddaughter, Andrea who is 18, will be graduating high school. So hard to believe that all those years have flown by so quickly.

She’s standing behind Tom in this picture, next to Tyler. Seems like only yesterday she was as old as Hailey.

What a great week for both of these girls. One is embarking on a whole new chapter of her life and I am very excited and very proud of her as she heads off to college this fall (damn, I am feeling very, very old) and the other has her entire life of possibilities ahead of her as she learns to navigate around and talks up a storm – giving her older sister a run for her money. (again feeling quite old here).

Congratulations Andrea — we love you and we’re very proud of the woman you have become (probably as much as your own parents)

Happy Birthday Hailey — looking forward to seeing the woman you grow up to be.

Love the both of you.

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