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This weekend started very early in the morning with a 2:15 alarm going off to rustle a child off for breakfast and then a trip to whale watch with his biology class. Company arrived and then a couple beautiful days of gardening, company and enjoying the weather. We enjoyed a nice dinner at our friends’ home with some great conversation.


The cousins and friends hanging around waiting for the start of the parade.

Our good friend, Tom French was the Grand Marshall of the parade. Tom received a Purple Heart for his military service.

We enjoyed the Memorial Day parade in town this morning, followed by more gardening.

It was inspiring to see a large part of the town and a lot of familiar faces all at the cemetery for the most important part of the whole day — remembering those who gave so much for all of us.


The day ended with a nice relaxing hour or so on our porch with a book, a breeze and my favorite guy.

Typing this as the sun sets. Despite my lack of a voice for most of the weekend, it was good. Feeling very satisfied.

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So, Sunday was a beautiful day. My garden was tilled (thank you Justin) and ready for planting. I put in two whole long rows of potatoes (from ones I had kept from last year) and a row of shallots and onions from seed (yes, I know, onions from seed grow really slow — but if it’s a warm fall I’m set, if it’s not, it was only a couple dollars worth of seeds I already had lying around). I also planted two long rows of various lettuces, iceberg, simpson, romaine, different types of mesclun mixes including fire lettuce as my neighbors’ boys call it. Much more to do, but it was a good start. Creme was watching me the whole time, they love the garden because they get the weeds and the bolting lettuce.




To give you an idea of how nice it was, here is a picture from the porch — did I mention that I love our porch?

Today, this little one was hanging on the screen door all day long. I have no idea what it is, but it is quite colorful. Anyone have a clue?

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Tonight is prom. I can easily remember that same night in my own high school life.

Hard to believe that I have one child old enough to go to prom, not to mention two. It’s amazing that time flies so quickly. Seems like only yesterday TJ and Tyler looked like this at Tyler’s kindergarten graduation:

and tonight they looked like this:

TJ and his girlfriend Maddie.

Tyler and his friend Anna.

Amazing to watch those little boys evolve into the young men that they are today. Hard to believe that high school is going by so quickly.


Last night I got to do something that I’ve missed out on for the past three years. Every year when the Celebration of the Arts comes around, Tim and I are on a plane, or on our way to a plane or getting off a plane for Odyssey. He misses his “final exam” concert and I miss the delight of watching him sing. This year, due to the lack of Odyssey in our lives, Tim got to perform and I got to watch. It was a wonderful night of vocal music following a wonderful night of instrumental music. Both nights included an entire library full of visual arts from the various art classes and I got to see some of the really great pictures that Tyler took during his digital photography class on display.

Here are some of the pictures from last night. It was a very emotional evening for them, since it will be the last time this group of students performs together, particularly for Tim’s chambers group which will be losing the majority of its members to graduation.  Lots of singing, lots of wonderful music and lots of tears.

This is a picture of the entire group of vocal students who comprise the junior and senior chorus at the school. They performed a mass choral piece to open the concert which was fabulous.

Our choral instructor with the graduating seniors during the last performance of the evening – a song performed by the underclass vocal students as a send-off to their graduating members.


As you can see from these pictures of our yard and our neighbor’s field, anyone who dislikes dandelions on their lawn, should absolutely, positively, without any doubt whatsoever, stay clear of here. Fields around this time of the year are a gorgeous glow of yellow, thanks to the little yellow flowers. Those that have an obsession about the removal of dandelions from their lawn would most likely go stark raving mad. Here, it’s got to be live and let live (unless of course slugs are concerned, but that is another post).


Dandelions Facts:

  • Dandelions are members of the Taraxacum family
  • They are hollow stemmed
  • The flowers open during the day and close at night
  • The flower stem will exude a milky sap when broken
  • “Dandelion” means “lion’s tooth” in French
  • Believe it or not the dandelion is actually considered a beneficial weed because its tap root brings up nutrients for other more shallow rooted plants and it attracts pollinating insects and produces ethylene gas to help ripen fruit.
  • Dandelion greens are used to produce dandelion wine, dandelion coffee and are just delicious sauteed with garlic and olive oil.
  • Dandelions are deemed to have medicinal purposes and have been used to treat infections, bile and liver problems.
  • It is however one of the allergy triggers for springtime allergies to a lot of people.
  • Dandelions are an excellent source of Vitamin K and Beta Carotene.



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The men were great. The day began with a trip to New Hampshire with my husband and breakfast.

I got an unexpected call when we were out from the boys to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day, especially since the one that loves his sleep most of all made the call…that was a really nice surprise.

I came home to a house that was clean and a beautiful red, cushy blanket from one of the boys. Lunch out with Tom and two of them. A nice chance to catch up for a while with some friends who are back in town.


And a delicious dinner cooked for me. Complete with clean up.



If you take away the blackflies that almost ate me alive, it was a pretty good day.


It’s hard to explain to anyone who is not a mother what it is like. Loving each and every one of your children so much that you would rather die yourself than see anything bad happen to them. Loving each one of them absolutely, yet having enough love in your heart for the others. I won’t say that it’s always easy, or happy — it is definitely not. It’s hard, it’s challenging and sometimes what is the best in the long run, is not the decision you really want to make, but you do because you know that deep down, it’s the right thing to do.

Watching your children grow up, holding them when they are sick or comforting them when they are sad, watching them do something totally awesome and thinking that your heart is just going to explode right out of your chest with pride as you swallow back (or don’t) the tears that so easily flow. These are some of the things that make you wonder how you could be anything else but the mom that you are.

No one can explain seeing this person that was a part of you, that lived for months and months inside of you, become their own person, no one can explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it what this is like… and how, in a heartbeat, despite the seesaw of emotions that go along with it, you would do it all over again without so much as a second thought.

To all the moms in my life, my mom and my husband’s mom, to my sister and sister-in-law, my mom cousins and cousin-in-laws, aunts and my wonderful mom friends  who are all  amazing people and have always been there, during the ups and the downs, through the smiles and the tears of this wonderful journey…..

Happy Mother’s Day


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So, I thought that I would take a few pictures of the bok choy recycling project that we have underway. I have about a dozen different bok choy ends in saucer trays on the plant rack. A large percentage of them have sprouted and some have tiny little bok choy plants growing from them as these pictures show. The cut ends also are beginning to sprout roots, so some of the bigger ones should be able to go into dirt in another week or so maybe.

It is pretty darned amazing to watch since it literally happens almost overnight. Hope you enjoy the updated pictures. It is my understanding that you can do this with celery as well, although I have not tried that myself.


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Sometimes it’s really hard to be a parent and not necessarily just because your kids can drive you nuts — especially your teenage kids. No, I think it’s really hard because the letting go process, the process of watching your kids growing up, involves such heart tugging for parents. It is very difficult for most parents who genuinely care about the adults that their children will become to sit down or stand by and let lessons be learned however difficult those lessons might be and how much you see the hurt that comes from them reflect in your child’s eyes. It is difficult to teach your children to advocate for themselves, especially when the system might be stacked against them. It is very difficult to sit back when every molecule of your parental instinct makes you want to jump in with both feet and scream your head off about something that is not only inequitable but also inherently flawed. Let’s face it, it is something that most of us have been doing for the better part of a decade and a half or more — standing up for kids who may or may not have been able to stand up for themselves and make sure they are not hurt. It is very difficult for kids and parents alike when hurt can no longer be fixed with kisses and hugs and some lessons fall completely outside of any parental control whatsoever.

In a few of the recent situations it would be easy and less painful for the parent to throw around parental weight, especially when this parental weight comes with a law license. Easy to go in guns blazing, spewing threats of litigation and violations of due process and other legalese. Easy, but not then again not so easy. Sure, exerting pressure may have changed the outcome. What lesson, though, does my son learn when his problems were fixed by his mother or his father in that situation? What lesson, indeed. How heart wrenching for the parent-part of that lawyer to see what could be construed as an injustice being done and having to sit by idly.

Faced with decisions as parents we sometimes made a difficult choices looking out for the long term good of our children and the men or women they will become. The short term ramifications of the situations and those decisions can haunt us in the short term and cause us, as parents, to second guess what seemed so apparent at a specific moment in time.

Sometimes, however, we need to step by from the situation and not get wrapped up in the “hype” of all of it and realize that in the long term, it may not be as important as it seems this moment, but the decision that was made that preceded it and the lessons learned from that decision, may have an endless ripple effect throughout the child’s life — that is the real test, not some silly accolade, or title or piece of material.

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