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A word is defined as “A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.”~ Free Dictionary

Words have always been a friend of sorts. I enjoy writing and folks often say very kindly to me that it seems words come easy. This morning, however, there were no words to express the depth and breadth of the sadness in my heart when I learned of some very tragic news about someone that holds a very special place in the creation of our family. Words can not communicate the feelings in my very soul and seem so inadequate to express any of the emotions that I feel today.  I cannot imagine the heartbreak, sadness and devastation being felt by this family. Words fail me today.

Christmas candle

Christmas candle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life has a very strange way of putting things in perspective. Earlier in the week I was not very happy and feeling a little sorry for myself – Christmas was not particularly turning out to fit the “perfect” I had planned ~ I had no Christmas picture of the family as I had planned, I couldn’t get things to go right and I was disappointed. Those thoughts and any other problems that I may think I have are infinitesimal as we often find out when we learn sad or tragic news about others. The “problems” in life that each of us experience on a daily basis may sometimes seem insurmountable and all encompassing in our own little myopic view of the world. Yet, when they are viewed in conjunction with other’s “problems” our issues pale in comparison and we feel small and so very selfish for feeling sorry for ourselves. Much the same way as standing at the edge of the ocean or staring at the stars in the sky can make us realize how little, petty and inconsequential each of us and our seemingly large “problems” really are in the grand scheme of things.

Thoughts and prayers from my family go out to this family — may they help to bring strength, comfort and understanding in the days, weeks and months ahead.


Merry Christmas. While I’ve yet to get my “Christmas” picture, these will have to do. Here are some pictures from our day today.


TJ made good use of the ladder to the loft for stacking presents.


The village under the tree….


The view of the mountains this morning from the porch….. with it’s temperature of 2 degrees.


Stockings hung by the woodstove…..



Jinx opening her present……

It appeared to be a Christmas of hats… this one I knitted for Tim …..




Love this kid…..


And this one…..





And this one too…… so good to have them all under one roof again….


Tom doing his elf gig…..




This kid….. I get to pick up this kid today and have him home for a month. I know that I only saw him a couple weeks ago for Thanksgiving, but still, makes a mom’s heart sing.




Speaking of singing, today is Madfest in Burlington. We are heading up later to see this kid and his fellow chamber singers perform at the annual Madrigal Festival. Always a good performance.



So, whatever you may have lined up for this Friday the 13th, have a great day!

It is hard to believe that it has been as long as it has since my keys have clacked on this blog. There has been so much going on that time has flown by. Next week will be the final week of my photography class. We are working on our final projects and I will see if it is somehow possible to post at least a portion of it here.
Thanksgiving break marked the first time that TJ has been home for more than 12 hours since he left for college in August. Words cannot express how full my heart was to have all the boys laughing and just hanging here under one roof. For anyone frustrated by their teenagers it is so weird when even one of them leaves. So many years with the brother interplay…the dinner table spots…so very, very weird.

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