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The day that my boys wait for after Christmas. The day that we take the leftover prime rib and turn it into Prime Rib Soup. Honestly, I think that they prefer the soup (actually it’s more of a stew) to the actual meal. My oldest kept asking me to make this well before the prime rib was ever even cooked or in our refrigerator for that matter.

Simply stated, take your leftovers, bones and all and saute them in a large pot with sliced onions. Deglaze the pan with red wine. Add water and beef broth to cover, salt and pepper to taste and let simmer for hours. About an hour before you want to eat, remove the meat, separate fat and bones, cut up meat into bite size pieces and put back into the broth. Add 2-3 cups of jasmine rice and let simmer until the rice is cooked. Simple, easy, delicious — at least the boys think so.

Today is my mom’s birthday. This year, we won’t be together for New Years as we usually when we celebrate her birthday. The celebration will have to wait for a week or two until I see her, but I wanted to post here to wish her a very happy birthday.

I miss her since we are so far apart and look forward to her visits and when I visit her. She is a kind, generous woman who I am proud to call my mother.

Happy Birthday Mommy! Love you!

A delicious breakfast of pumpkin pancakes with my hubby.

As if on cue, a decent snowstorm came calling just a couple days after the official start of winter. We joked that here in Vermont it’s a snowstorm with its forecast of 15-20 inches of snow and in the metropolitan areas of New York City it was forecast as a blizzard. At the time, it was the same snow accumulation forecast, just the way the storm was portrayed differently depending upon which part of the country you are located. Here, it was a snowstorm exactly what is supposed to happen here in winter. We joked that the people in the grocery store hoarding all the eggs, bread and milk must have been “from away” since it was a snowstorm and they were visiting for the holidays and panic at the mere mention of snow.

Of course, being equipped to deal with the snow up here definitely does make it much better. Tom hauled out the tractor to move the snow drifts. We all donned our ski gear, heavy boots, snow pants, ski gloves, neck gaiters, hats and scarves to go outside and no one was particularly cold even in 7 degrees with a 40 mile an hour wind. Everything was open, the roads were plowed. The snow was powdery, light and blew around a lot, but that made it even more interesting and fun. The boys opted to not go snowboarding since the wind was causing lift delays and closures and instead made their own ramp to snowboard off the roof of the potting shed, even with its own jump.

While Mom got a little bit nervous that we might be spending time at the emergency room, it all worked out in the end.

There were lots of cinnamon buns made by yours truly over the last few days. Most were wrapped with warm wishes and delivered around town to friends and acquaintances as a small token. Hopefully they all tasted as good as they looked, since the batches that we kept turned out good.

Sending along our wishes as Christmas Day wraps up (haha – get it?) that everyone enjoyed a day filled with love, laughter, good company, family and friends.

Once again….Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the T’s House was fun and relaxing. We enjoyed a nice day opening presents, hanging around enjoying our presents, cooking a nice dinner and watching a movie. Everyone was smiles and happy. Who could ask for more?

We are lucky, very lucky indeed. Tonight we were fortunate to spend Christmas Eve with both family and dear friends and their families. Our three families, all neighbors decided that we would share Christmas Eve dinner together. So we gathered with our families and our extended families. The Conover family was kind enough to host the event. We, thirteen adults and ten children, gathered and ate and laughed and shared stories from our pasts and our presents and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was fun, it was different and it was a feast.

I promise pictures as soon as I can secure them…I was camera-less this evening.

I had started typing a post last night about the countdown to Christmas and the frenzied state that we all are in during these last few days before the Big Day. I didn’t finish it and left it with all good intentions to complete it today. Today was another crazy day with carpooling kids to the mountain to go snowboarding and skiing, running some errands, making some gifts, then back to pick up a child to take to the dentist for mom and son cleanings, then food shopping and finally, exhausted and home. All the while I was out I was complaining, complaining –about how long the lines were (yes, we do have lines in Vermont although they are shorter than New Jersey lines), how long this was taking, the road was closed for an accident, it was snowing, blah…blah…blah – I was very whiny this afternoon.

We ate dinner and I sat down at my computer, scanning email and facebook. Of course I hadn’t been here all afternoon so the page I had left open was still there….only with messages from hours before. I saw a message from my sister-in-law that she was heartbroken and followed it up with a phone call to my brother. It seems that a good family friend of her family – a second dad to her, passed away suddenly this morning of a heart attack.


Talk about putting it all in perspective and taking you down a notch or two from your high horse. I deleted that post immediately, it seemed so irrelevant and trivial. Here I was bitching and complaining about how much I have to do and how little time I have to do it in and …we’ll you get the picture. This family lost a father two days before Christmas in a sudden and devastating manner – little warning. This man’s live ended suddenly – I cannot even say how much I feel for them… I know how simply surrealistic it seems to have a parent one minute and he be gone the next.  My heart and prayers go out to the family….I feel simply foolish for complaining as I have over the past several hours…life is so precious, so short and should not be taken for granted, we forget when we get tangled up in all the trappings of the “perfect” holiday.


Winter officially arrives at 6:38 p.m., the exact time of the winter solstice. This is also the shortest day of the year, meaning that for those looking forward to summer, you’re on the upswing from here. For the rest of us, it means that winter is officially here!

We’ve had the ground covered with snow and unless something goes terribly wacky in the next couple days, we will have a white Christmas – at least there will be snow on the ground, although there really isn’t any in the forecast.

I love the snow and everything covered in white – yesterday in the morning, everything was frosty white, we had freezing frost which gave us a beautifully sparkly winter landscape.

Tyler took a great deal of time setting up under the tree and working on the train. He also did a wonderful job taking these pictures….so I share…. The Village. We started these buildings the year Tom and I got married (which..ahem will be 19 years in a few weeks). Each year or two we had a new piece. The train didn’t come until the boys arrived since it seemed that every Christmas tree for kids (be they young or young at heart) should have a train under it. Each house has a meaning… we started out with a Christmas Tree Lot (which Tom was doing at the time) and Scrooge and Marley’s building (which is the closest we could come at the time to a lawyer’s office). Since then there is a house which resembles our house here in Vermont.

This is the way we do our Christmas Tree. First there is the cutting down, which happened  very close (counted in feet) to our house.

Our neighbor was nice enough to allow us to take our pick of trees. Of course, since we had the taller ceiling, we had to opt for the larger tree. In fact, this is the largest tree we’ve ever had. So, perhaps you think we got a little carried away with ourselves?

To put it in perspective….

Here’s Tyler

and here’s Tom

And this is how the house looks when we’re decorating…..

The tree gets decorated……

The boys come up with a creative way to get the angel on the top of this tree….

But that didn’t really work out….

The pink of the sky and the white of snow made me leave the house in my pajamas no less to take this picture in 12 degree weather this morning.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Thursday – 6 days until Christmas! Oops – 8 days ’til Christmas – I got ahead of myself there.

Evilwife on the move

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