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This afternoon, thinking that we might have company for dinner, with family arriving later and a potential poker night in the mix with the boys, I put up some sauce, made meatballs and did bracciole. I haven’t made bracciole in a really long time so I was really looking forward to it.

We didn’t get the company yet, they hit traffic and the poker night didn’t materialize either after the day was spent on the mountain.

But, hey, we had bracciole and meatballs for dinner, so it wasn’t all bad.

P1080722 P1080724 P1080725

I gave my hubby a straight razor set for Christmas. It was not until after he opened it and the boys were joking with him, that I realized that I had just given the man that I love, the ability to slice his jugular vein and die.  That was not my purpose. Really. I. Love. Him.

Rather, it was more of a classic, kind of sexy thing. He had mentioned several times using shave soap instead of commercial shaving cream and when I went online looking…well, I got caught up in the romance of the whole straight razor shaving thing. And I really wasn’t trying to kill him…or have him kill himself.

So, today, he made a first crack at it and was a good enough sport to allow me to sit on the bathroom counter and photograph the whole thing (including his potential injury) .

Here is the equipment.


P1080610Lathering up…..


Deep breath, deep breath……P1080612 First swipes…..P1080613 P1080616

Mind you, this whole time I am hanging over him with a camera… about stress.

P1080617 P1080619 P1080624 P1080625 P1080626

Look Ma…. no blood……..



P1080627 P1080630


Remember, as if this wasn’t stressful enough, I am here photo diarying his potential slip…..(which luckily didn’t happen – or this would be a very different post)





P1080631 P1080632 P1080633

I had a great time watching him and he was a sport for putting up with me and letting me post these pictures.



Another tradition here at the T’s house is the annual prime rib soup that follows Christmas dinner. The boys and Tom are not particularly fond of prime rib (honestly I don’t know how they cannot like it) so they “tolerate” it for dinner on Christmas so that they can enjoy the leftovers. Really. Seriously. They prefer it leftover and turned into prime rib soup over eating it on Christmas Day. Today, with the snow falling outside and turning everything into a winter wonderland, it seemed the day to turn the leftovers into a delicious snowy day kind of meal.

P1080718 P1080720 P1080691 P1080696 P1080701 P1080708 P1080709 P1080710 P1080648 P1080656 P1080673

Here are some pictures from last night and this morning. All our best wishes you and your families for a very Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas day  be celebrated with peace, laughter, family, friends and love.

P1080572 P1080573 P1080574 P1080575 P1080576 P1080577 P1080579 P1080580 P1080581 P1080582 P1080583 P1080584 P1080586 P1080587 P1080588 P1080570

After coming back from Mass this afternoon, we set about to make our little Christmas Eve feast. A little of this, a little of that. We can’t do all fish because of Tim’s allergies and Tom’s gout, but we always have our baccala salad that reminds me of Christmas with Grandma Caruso and crab cakes. To that we added a little shrimp cocktail, roasted hot peppers, stuffed mushrooms, pork dumplings and homemade bread. Probably the best part of the meal this year though was the fact that I had my men with me to celebrate. Thinking of those who weren’t as lucky. It’s really who you spend the time with that matters, not what you do with the time.

We had a good Christmas Eve and I hope that you all did as well. Merry Christmas!


Another Christmas tradition around here is the fact that I always seem to be sick on Christmas. For more times than not, I remember having a sore throat or some form of a cold on Christmas. I am sitting up, typing this at 4:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve to let you know that tradition continues. Yesterday we took a trip up to Burlington to let the boys finish up some Christmas shopping. By the time we got home, I had that “off” feeling in my throat and sure enough, popped awake at 3 a.m. with a sore throat. It’s not terrible, just annoying enough to put a cramp in my Christmas style….or maybe to keep up the Christmas tradition, I guess it depends on your perspective.

On another note, it seems that at least a part of my Christmas cactus actually remembers that it is a Christmas cactus and not a Thanksgiving cactus. While most of it bloomed right around Thanksgiving time, I noticed a small bud, that gradually grew and is opening just about now.



For those you who asked, here are pictures of the snow from yesterday. It is snowing again as I type, giving us a rather hellacious ride back from Burlington this evening–mostly due to the fact that some people really have no idea how to drive (with or without snow). And yes, I put the picture of Tom and I in there because, well dammit —  I just can and it’s almost Christmas Eve.


First, congratulations since you and I are still here….no end of the world. A great relief to one of my children since he has been patiently counting down the days until Christmas and he gets his phone and the world ending would have just totally ruined his plans.

Second — white Christmas! Woke up this morning to snow and it is still snowing. Since there is no rain in the forecast between now and Christmas I think that it is safe to assume that our Christmas will be white– the way it is supposed to be here in Vermont.

Third — I get to spend the afternoon with some dear friends at a cookie swap, an annual tradition since before I even moved here. My friend was always kind enough to schedule it when we were up in Vermont so we could share in the festivities and I love her for it. Now, it’s a simple walk from my kitchen to hers.

Shortly I am off to the Farmer’s market with my favorite guy. Good stuff.

Hope your Saturday is wonderful!


This morning we woke to snow on the ground. Not a tremendous amount of snow, but snow all the same. The wet, heavy snow that sticks to everything and makes it look beautiful. Maybe we will have a white Christmas after all. P1080503







P1110532-WMFor a very long time, I have been following Kyran Pittman at Planting Dandelions and her blogs prior to that one. I enjoy reading her posts and quite honestly, while her boys are younger, I find she is a kindred spirit in raising three boys. Yesterday she wrote a post on grief in light of the Connecticut tragedy. I read it and immediately could totally and completely relate to her point of view — I am glad to know that the feelings of sadness that enveloped me that day and in the days that have followed are not just mine. I would encourage you to read the post which can be found here and share it.

It is beautifully written. Thanks Kyran.


Yesterday, we officially entered a whole new world. While we knew it was going to happen in some fashion, still it is exciting and scary all at the same time. Our oldest son got his first college acceptance. To say that he was excited is an understatement. While we had no doubt that he would be going to college, the where is always a question. During this past summer he spent a month taking a summer college class up at University of Vermont. He fell in love with Burlington and the university and clearly would be very happy spending the next four years of school there — and if all goes well the length of medical school there too. While there are many more on the list waiting to be heard from, this is special because it is proof to him that he is worthy of college and to get your first acceptance at the place that you like, well — that’s even better. Will he wind up there? Time will tell. (Well money too, but that’s another story).

A whole new world just opened up for him and we are very proud. A whole new world happened for us too — and I suddenly feel very old. Very proud but old.

Where did the time go?

Seems like only yesterday he looked like this —

My beautiful picture


Today is the last time for 88 years that the numbers in the date will be the same. The next will occur on January 01, 2101 or 01-01-01. Today is expected to have a record number of weddings, since it makes remembering your anniversary super easy and 12 is the number associated with lucky and perfection — another reason to celebrate a “perfect” match.

The total height of the day will come when the clock reaches 12:12:12 on 12/12/12. Here’s a link to the timer counting down the seconds to this infamous time and date.

Enjoy your day of perfection!

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