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P1080391Just a little snow….a dusting of sorts is what we have been waking up to the past few mornings. Crisp, chilly air and a little snow. The sounds of the town plow truck as it makes its way up the hill to drop some sand. The symmetrical strips of sand that cover the roadway.

Tomorrow the calendar flips to December… the month of winter and holidays–and maybe snow?

Today is my father-in-law’s 80th birthday.

He’s officially an octogenarian.

As he enters this new decade, we send lots of wishes for good health and many more birthdays his way.

Tom with his dad and mom

Happy Birthday Poppy! We love you!


Had a great weekend with my guys, my brother-in-law and nephews. I was the only girl in the house (missing my sister who had to work this weekend and couldn’t make it). I did a lot of cooking and baking for the men and we did a lot of eating.

Lots of homemade bread.


Chocolate cake…….


And more bread….Challah this time for morning french toast.

I think that it was a nice holiday weekend, despite my lone girl status…….kinda used to that by now, living in a houseful of men.



Today is the the day…the big eating day.  I am very blessed to share it with my family. I am thankful for:

  • a husband who loves me and can always, always make me smile.
  • boys who are growing into wonderful young men and who make me very proud.
  • our health which no one should take for granted.
  • the ability to cook a meal for those who will share it with us today.
  • family and friends– both near and far, they are a source of strength, laughs and love.

As you celebrate today, remember to be thankful, not just today but always.

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” — Henri Frederic Amiel

The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts.  No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving.  ~H.U. Westermayer

So many of us will be running around today with last minute errands, cleaning and preparing our homes for the friends and family that will come to share Thanksgiving with us. We will be peeling potatoes, baking bread, rolls and pies. We will be setting tables and making beds. While we are busy, take time to remember how fortunate we are.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast. A house into a home. A stranger into a friend. ~ Melody Beattie

Enjoy your pre-Thanksgiving preparations and the company of family and friends.

So yesterday there was no post because I was very lucky to have lunch with my mom. I don’t get to see her quite often enough, so it was a real treat. Reminded me how much I have to be thankful for, because there are a lot of people that aren’t so lucky.

Continuing on with trying to remember how fortunate we are in this week of turkey craziness……

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John F. Kennedy

Be nice to someone today.

At this time of the year, when we dive head-on in the frenzy that has become the holiday season, it is important that we take time out of our daily craziness to reflect upon life and how each of us is truly fortunate. Each of us has so many things to be thankful for…even if at times, we might disagree.

We are all so caught up in life that sometimes we forget what we are doing or how much we have. Especially at this time of the year, as the burden of holiday shopping and the getting and the buying and the gifting becomes a paramount focus, we need to think about how much we already have and how lucky we really are. A while ago, I came across a quote that made me realize what we take for granted. It was something to the tune of “What if all you had when you woke up tomorrow is what you were thanked God for today?” Got me thinking that we don’t stop and appreciate the little things that we have often enough, usually not until they are gone — our health, family members, friends.

As we move into the week that “kicks off” the holiday season, here’s a thought:

In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

~ David Steindl-Rast

So disappointed in you, New Jersey. I expected better. Fist fights at the gas pumps? People cutting in line to get gas and muscle out people that have been waiting, patiently and legally for hours? State and local police having to waste their time monitoring your behavior while you buy gas when they could be out rescuing people or doing so many other things that are so much more useful and necessary in such a crisis? Shame on you!

Oh, don’t whine that I don’t know what is going on there. Don’t use that as an excuse for your behavior. I am from there. More importantly, I have seen you and I know what good people you can be. Even more importantly I can say this because we lived through this. Last year my whole entire state here in Vermont got ravaged by Irene. Things were bad, things in fact were horrible and yet people were civil. Entire communities were cut off, isolated. There was no access to travel across the state. People were stranded, isolated, cut off from civilization. Gas ran out. People didn’t succumb to this embarrassing behavior. They helped each other out. They cut paths through the woods to some of the isolated communities and set up the means to get them where they needed to be when they walked themselves the mile or so out to where the road was accessible. They gathered supplies and did whatever they could to get them, including their own gas, into places that were cut-off and didn’t have any. We didn’t require the police to monitor our everyday behavior and stand guard at our gas pumps. We did what most people in crisis do — we rose above and helped each other out instead of making each other the enemy. Social media here wasn’t replete with videos of people fist fighting at gas pumps and picture after picture and comment after comment about police standing guard to maintain the order while you get gas and how obnoxious you are being to each other. This is just plain disgusting and makes me embarrassed to say that I come from New Jersey.

While I know that it is not all of you, and it is probably only a small minority of citizens, it is still disappointing to see over and over again and a sad commentary on human nature. You are, and you should be, better than that.

Evilwife on the move

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