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Bella Pup

I’m sure that they think we are crazy.  I’m pretty sure that we are, on more than one level but it is QUIET when they leave. There’s no one sitting in my space on the couch, no one to clean up after, no one to cook for (although my husband would disagree on that one). I think that the emptiness is bad when they leave in August, but it is deafening when they leave in January. Deafening, I tell you. First, you have the chaos that is the holiday season – the social commitments, the catching up with everyone, the exhaustion that comes from trying to make it perfect, or at least perfectly chaotic. Then, when the holidays have passed, the calendar has begun a new year, there is the dreaded “un-decorating”. That in and of itself could be enough to make one go mad. Couple the un-decorating with the gradual disappearance of one… then two…. and now all three and it is just plain quiet, with a capital Q, U are going to lose your mind, I am definitely going to lose my mind, Empty house, Tell me about it! So, what do you do? You’ve prepared for this depressing inevitability of college kid life by getting yourself  a puppy.

Not just any puppy, mind you, but a cat/puppy or at least that’s what the puppy thinks she is. With this new addition to the family, it doesn’t take long for you to remember that sleep is really, really important to your physical and mental wellbeing or you will go completely off your rocker; you realize exactly how messy your house really is when the little pup is pulling at and apart every single little thing in the house that she can get her paws, or more likely, her mouth on and lastly you remember how much you actually enjoyed it when it was an empty nest after they left no matter how much it broke your heart to see them go. Too late for regrets though because during all this chaos, sleeplessness and insanity, she’s already melted your heart with that silly “who me?” face that she makes when you scold her and you can’t help laughing when you find that she’s jumped over the couch and is sitting on the window sill pretending she’s a cat, looking outside and completely unable to figure out how to get back over the couch. And the way they act like little boys again when they play with her and fawn over her when they were home…well, yes, we are crazy but it’s completely okay. I’ll take crazy any day.

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