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Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a late lunch meeting with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while but needed some legal advice. Turns out, when I left our meeting, I realized that, unbeknown to her, I left that meeting with some advice of my own and a little shot in the arm that I didn’t realize I had needed. I had the pleasure of listening to her plans for a future endeavor and it made me realize that I needed to stop and smell the roses myself and find something to look forward to and make me smile and so very excited and passionate.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day, especially when some of those days of late have been real doozers, packed with a lot of stress and not much feeling of accomplishment, and the resulting, ongoing to-do list growing ever longer despite it all. Plus, somewhere in the back of my mind, (probably due to graduation looming on the horizon), there has been this nagging, sad feeling that there’s not much to look forward to at this age, since the “exciting” part of life – the hopes, the dreams, the aspirations where you feel you can take on the world and the possibilities are endless, appear behind me as I stand here, more than halfway through the 50s with grown kids who will, in a few short months, be off to live their own lives and face all that possibility and excitement. Envious of what awaits them? Maybe a little. Struggling with the sadness, reality and finality of the empty nest in a few months when they graduate? Probably most likely.

But, during our conversation yesterday, listening to her thoughtfulness about her next steps and her excitement in what may lay ahead, I felt encouraged. I left that meeting with a little, much needed, additional spring in my step and some hope that there’s something exciting out there for me too.

And that, my friends, is an example of how one never knows how one human may touch another human’s soul and psyche without even realizing it. How what you say or what you do, may indirectly affect and ripple outward to others. So, let your words and your actions be kind, for you never know.

To my friend, thank you. ❤

Tyler, I can’t wait to see what this coming year holds for you. Graduation around the corner and the world laying at your feet. Go out there, spread that smile in your caring, kind, quiet way –the world right now needs many more kind and thoughtful humans. It will be a better place because of you, wherever your journey takes you. The people who are a part of your life will be lucky and blessed to know you and I consider myself one of them. I love you always, more than you will even know.

Each of my boys is different and it always amazes me, considering how close they are in age to each other and knowing they were exposed in the same time period to the same things. Ty is a quiet, thoughtful, caring and empathetic human being. I cannot say how proud I am to be his mom and how lucky I am to get those smiles.

It’s so hard to believe that 23 years have flown by so quickly. Through all those years, the little boy who has somehow morphed before my very eyes into a caring, smart, handsome young man, has had the same amazing smile, that lights up his whole face and makes his eyes twinkle. If you are lucky enough to get one of those smiles, you know exactly what I mean.

Happy Birthday with love from your biggest cheerleader,


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