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I have been derelict in my blogging these last few days. A bit of craziness here at the T’s (wait – it is usually crazy – okay extreme craziness).  One of the goats (Sky) who looks like Eeyore stopped eating. She is the queen, head honcho of the goats and she readily gobbles everything up even pushing and ramming the others out of her way. She stopped eating Friday and her side was blown up and rock hard. She apparently is suffering from bloat. We finally got in touch with a livestock vet (that’s a whole other post) in Granville. She was super nice and gave us some do’ s and don’t s over the phone. Nothing worked and poor Sky was starting to resemble a balloon. Saturday morning we took her over to the vet’s office and after an hour and a half visit and tubing of the goat, she was better, though not completely resolved. Happy to say that under Tom’s good care, she is deflated and back to her normal size and evidently her normal appetite as well.

Crammed in with all this goat care we had three soccer games two Saturday night and the boys’ teams (you really didn’t think that they would all be on the same team, did you? – My life doesn’t run that way) played each other 9 a.m. Sunday morning. While we were entering the field house at 8:45 complaining about how horrible it was to have to be up and out that early on a Sunday, a stark revelation hit us all — the only thing worse than the 9 a.m. soccer game is evidently the 8 a.m. soccer game that was already in play when we arrived. In addition, we had Tom’s parents up to visit for the boys’ birthdays and the poor folks had to sit through a game of total strange children playing since the boys’ games were one hour apart and what’s there to do for under an hour?

Yesterday I made one of my whirlwind trips to NJ – still pretty content in the fact that I don’t belong there anymore and decided to come home the same day. Arrived back here about 10 p.m. and quite happy to fall into my own bed.

This morning Tom is off for Michigan for the rest of the week, which means that TJ’s birthday on Thursday will be delayed (I’m sorry TJ we interrupt this birthday to postpone it until Daddy arrives home on Friday). And last night it was snowing again….

In the words of Pendragon….

….and so we go.

Over the last few days I have been reading a few different articles about celebrities using Twitter. The general gist of it is disconcerting. While there are some celebrities who actually do their own tweets, evidently the large majority have either farmed their tweeting out to assistants or PR people or have hired ghostwriters to actually twitter for them. This disturbs me as I think it does a lot of other people out there. If I am chatting or tweeting with someone who is anonymous then I believe I have no right to be upset because they are refusing to disclose an identity and either I like it and chat with them, or I do not. Fair enough. But, assuming that I am (or at least I believe I am) tweeting or chatting with Celebrity X, I think that I am entitled to reasonably assume that I am actually tweeting or  chatting with that person. If I am not then I think that the tweeter should hold themselves out as who they really are. I would have no problem checking in and tweeting with someone who claims to be Celebrity X’s News or Agent, but when I think that I am actually having a conversation with Celebrity X, I think that it wrong and unfair to one’s fans or followers.

While a good number of the celebrities in the articles claimed that they simply did not have the time to use Twitter themselves and therefore “farmed” it out, this is not acceptable. If one doesn’t have the time to or inclination to use Twitter, then one shouldn’t do it, it wouldn’t quite be fair to one’s readers to think that they are speaking with the named person, when in actuality they are not. It defeats the whole purpose of the invention. In the legal world, we call it fraud.


Despite the bucket incident – it seems that the goats are happy that spring is coming and they can see the grass again.dscn3916


Vermont has been ranked as the second safest state in the country, behind Maine, which was ranked the safest. Considering our little rash of burglaries by some drugged up teenagers before the holidays, this is comforting. Evidently, Vermont likes to throw this statistic at Boston when it complains that Vermont’s liberal gun laws are the reason that there is so much crime in Boston. A little neighboring tit-for-tat?  See the Rutland Herald article for the full scoop.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 3/24 is eCONEomic relief day at your local Ben & Jerry’s – all for a good cause! Click on the link to find the closest store to you!

eCONEomics header

One sweet deal!

e-cone-omics 101On March 24, donate a non-perishable food item and receive a scoop for $1! Enjoy your favorite flavor AND help others in need. Now that’s what we call a sweet deal! All donations will be supplied to your community’s local food bank.

There is always a bit of sadness attached to this day. When I was pregnant the first time, this is the day that I lost that baby. I don’t think that I will ever forget the events of that day. For me, it is a bit of private grieving tempered with the knowledge that the children I have would most likely never be if fate didn’t intervene on this day 15 years ago. I feel that it is appropriate to remember that little one this day. I wonder if that soul is part of some other child I know. I would like to think so.

Tyler requested beef stroganoff for dinner tonight with homemade potato bread. The bread is no sweat — it came out great if I do say so myself. The stroganoff I had to work some miracles with since we weren’t home all day and I turned to the pressure cooker/canner I got as a Christmas gift. Seemed pretty simple, only 15 minutes – hey how could that be a BAD thing? I didn’t explode while using it since I have never used one before – which is also a good thing. The stroganoff turned out okay, but as my oh-so-couth children love to point out to me – 1) it’s not white enough (okay so I didn’t use a lot of sour cream since Tom doesn’t like it much); 2) it’s not cut into nice “rounds” (but it was before the pressure cooker worked its magic, I swear) leading up to the all important (can you hear me groan?)  3) it’s not like when Uncle Lou made it.  Boy, oh boy, it’s hard living up to the Greats – Uncle Billy and his crepe magic, Uncle Lou and his wonderful “chicken” pasta and beef stroganoff.  What can I say? I’ll stick to the bread I guess.

dscn3904Yesterday was a beautiful day. While there were no flowers here yet, spring was definitely in the air.

Today, we woke to a totally different day. As I was sitting here, the wind was blowing and the snow was falling. This is what it looks like out our window this afternoon…..



I am making beef stroganoff and potato bread for dinner today — at Tyler’s request (too bad you weren’t here Lou) good day for this kind of food. The boys are off at Pico for the last day of their ten-week lessons. Fitting end, since the past few days have been very little snow with a lot of ice underneath on the slopes. (Kind of like NJ skiing)

Today is Tyler’s birthday – he is 13 today. Although we’ll celebrate later with cake, our tradition has always been to open presents first thing in the morning. Today was no exception and here are the pictures.



Boy do I feel old—- mother to 2 teenage boys! Yikes!

For Today…

Outside my window… beautiful clear sunny day

I am thinking… how lucky I am to have a great family.

I am thankful for… TJ feeling better.

From the kitchen… Chicken picata for dinner and birthday cake for Tyler tomorrow!

I am wearing… jeans, chili pepper socks, red turtleneck and MRU hoodie

I am reading… please don’t make me answer this one…..still Maximum Ride I haven’t picked it up in a while.
I am hoping… to take a walk

I am creating… this post

I am hearing… fish tank and kids laughing

Around the house… a relaxing Saturday

One of my favorite things… feeling that spring really is coming to Vermont – which means summer can’t be far behind.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Pico Fun Day tomorrow and soccer practice and TYLER’S BIRTHDAY!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

One of my favorite pictures of Tyler - his smile is so contagious!

One of my favorite pictures of Tyler - his smile is so contagious!

So hard to believe that this face is going to be 13 tomorrow!

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

I really don’t post about legal stuff, since it’s kind of like bringing your work home with you. I do however find it interesting how the legal community is having a really hard time wrapping its head around blogging and twitter (and other 21st century technology). Tom likes to joke that us lawyers still think that the earth is flat since technology is, for the most part, extremely absent from the legal world. Two recent cases though (one civil and one criminal) have had to deal with issues of jurors sending tweets through Twitter while they were serving on the jury. Now, this is pretty interesting stuff. As a lawyer, we die to know what goes on in the jury room. Juries are so wrapped in mystery and the average litigation lawyer would just love to be a fly on the wall in deliberations. However, jurors are instructed not to discuss the case with anyone other than fellow jurors. So… the legal conundrum — does sending out tweets count as discussing the case? Does it violate the sanctity of the jury room? Here is a link to an interesting article on the subject.

Thanks to everyone for their concern about TJ. It was nice for both of us to have such good thoughts and prayers behind us today. More for me than for him. He said he wasn’t nervous at all – I told him that’s because I was doing such a good job for both of us. The tooth, which was fused to his jawbone, was able to be successfully sawed free in a couple pieces. Unfortunately, while unconscious he moved his tongue and the underside caught the saw. He has a cut about the size of half a dime which they put 3 sutures in. As it turns out tonight, that’s what is really bothering him this evening. He has no feeling in the tip of his tongue, so we are hoping that that will come back.

Otherwise, he is enjoying his “ice cream” and pudding diet which may be extended due to the tongue incident.

Evilwife on the move

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