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Bacon. Some think it’s the perfect food, especially if you’re my kids. Crispy bacon can be a meal in and unto itself. My kids love bacon so much that they asked for bacon salt for Christmas and our friend Cassie gave us a basket of assorted bacon and a bacon book. (I kid you not). So, is there anything at all that could make bacon any better, any cooler?

Yes! Evidently it is colored bacon.



Evidently a gentleman by the name of Neil Caldwell has designed rainbow colored bacon. The bacon which is evidently dyed somehow, although Mr. Caldwell will not divulge his secret just yet, does not lose its color when it is cooked.

Read all about it and see the uncooked version of Caldwell’s bacon at This breakthrough was so noteworthy in the bacon world that it made the headlines on Bacon Today. Again….seriously I kid you not.

The girl with the dreaded fear of itching and loathing of HFCS will most definitely NOT be trying the colored bacon, but I bet it’s high on the boys’ wish list (my little bacon fiends)…..just sayin’

Do you remember the fable about the Country Mouse and his City cousin? The City cousin convinced the Country Mouse to leave his simple country life to come to the City and when he did, the Country Mouse realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and he much preferred to live a simpler live in the country.

Well, I think that somewhere along the way in this crazy trip called life, I turned into the Country Mouse. Pretty funny actually when you think about it – Jersey Girl turned Country Mouse. Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to life and what I want out of it (this is the part where no one…and I mean no one…interrupts with the “you’re a grown woman”, “you’re a mom” or (GASP) “you’re almost 50” (Did I really write that??? Geez that’s pretty scary seeing it in print)) Anyway, I have been taking these walk/runs every morning which give me time to think while I dodge deer flies, and I have come to the conclusion that I am just where I want to be, here in the country, being just a plain old simple country mouse.

We were down in NJ this weekend and it was fabulous to see our family and friends and catch up and visit, but it was extra fabulous to come home, away from all the traffic, noise and sheer volume of people in New Jersey to come home to our little house on the hill here in Vermont. The sheer absence of tons of people, traffic and noise were blissful. The weather was still hot but so much less humid than down there and last night I was outright cold. This spot in the country, well this spot feels like home. There was a time, when I couldn’t believe that I actually moved here and maybe was just a little bit scared that I was moving away from everything that I knew my entire life. But, now there is no doubt and while we still are in awe of the fact that we live in such a beautiful, peaceful place– it no longer feels strange, not even the tiniest bit. This is home, with all of its woods, grass, goats, chickens, flowers, chores, and yes… ice and snow. This country mouse wouldn’t change her life here in the country with neighbors that have grown to be more than just our friends, they are our extended family. We share our laughter, tears, accomplishments and the fairly regular meal here and there.

The country life suits me well I’ve decided. I guess that inside I am really just a country mouse…. and I like it that way. 🙂

We had the opportunity that we have been waiting for yesterday. To meet the newest addition to the family, our niece and the boys’ newest cousin – Hailey. She’s so cute, such a little angel, it’s so hard to remember how little a new born is, so peaceful and perfect.

We also had fun playing around with Emily, the Superstar, and celebrating her 2nd birthday. Here’s a picture of the boys with their cousin.

Here are some more pictures of the boys and Emily.

So a great big thank you for a really good dinner and a fun afternoon and evening. And a word of advice for my brother:

Bill, you shouldn’t play around with someone else’s camera  😉 (Good pictures Tyler)

Last night we had the opportunity to have dinner with a very dear college friend that we haven’t seen in a long while. It was a nice evening of catching up. Funny how good friends never seem to have gaps of time, you slip easily and comfortably into a rhythm just like you haven’t skipped a beat, much yet, months or years.

We had dinner at a restaurant in the mall so the boys could wander and leave us to catching up. They however were intrigued with toys provided by the waiter (we’re not five protested the 14 year old as he played with these all evening and then remarked how cool the waiter really was for giving these to them). He very nicely paid him back with a nice message left along with our tip.

Overall, a very nice evening.

Today the weather went from this

to this by dinner time.

We had a great dinner (a treat from Tom) on the edge of Lake Bomoseen at the Lakehouse Pub & Grille. The boys especially liked the dinner entertainment.

But the view just couldn’t be beat.

It spreads out before us as blank slate, leaving the possibility of so many opportunities. The summer calendar. Those days, weeks and months to which the warm rays of sun and lazy days belong. On many occasions we try to take the calendar and fill in the days and weeks with so many things that we can’t help but wish for summer’s end. We have had those summers, where the boys’ calendar was jam packed with things – I felt more like the administrative assistant than the mom. This summer they are not as jam packed and I may be living to regret that two days into summer vacation.

When they are busy, we are all on a schedule, which has its ups and its downs, admittedly but no one is staying up late and everyone is out and about for most of the day – leaving us to do work which after all is a good thing at least as far as their stomachs and the bill collectors are concerned.  When they are not busy, they seem to forget that the parents still do have work and that my life (insert aghast look here) does not revolve around them entirely (really? are you sure about that Mom?). It’s basically a Catch-22 situation.

This year, our oldest is enrolled in driver’s ed at school for four weeks (every day, no absences allowed or he fails -supposedly no kidding) and our youngest is working at an autism camp for one week and then everyone is off to scout camp for a week. Then comes vacation (hip, hip, hooray) and then basically we’re back in school mode with soccer practice, cross country practice and school starting all well before the end of August.

I always like to think of all the things that we can accomplish during the summer and sadly, most of them we usually don’t get to do, or see.

Father’s Day….. a special day for a lot of special dads out there.

For my husband – He is the father of our three very wonderful sons and without him, well – they just wouldn’t be. He does a good, no a great job, being a dad and I am very happy to be sharing this journey called parenthood with him. I couldn’t imagine doing it alone, I am reminded of just how hard that is every time he goes away for any length of time. It has its great ups, when we’re so proud we feel like we’re going to burst and our bad lows when I wander around muttering to myself …. a lot. But I wouldn’t trade him or them for the world.

For my brother and brother-in-law – raising some really great kids (hey they’re related to me, they have to be great). And celebrating some pretty big milestones in their own families – for my brother-in-law a son graduating high school this coming week (boy, oh boy do I feel old) and a new baby for my brother (as well as a 2 year old birthday for his other daughter Happy Birthday Miss Emily!)

For my father-in-law, without him well I wouldn’t have my husband so I owe him a lot.

Among our friends, there are many that have turned into wonderful dads

This day, particularly this date is a bittersweet day. In 2001 this is the exact date that my dad passed away, suddenly and unexpected. The last day I spoke to him was also today, Father’s Day, but not the same date. I miss my dad a lot and wish that he were here often. I wonder what he would think of me, would he be proud – and happy that we have a nice life here in Vermont? I wish he could see what fine young men his three grandsons turned out to be. I’d like to think that he’s watching us, somewhere, looking down and smiling.

This date is also the day that my niece, Emily was born, two years ago today. She is a burst of female in a world dominated by boys, my three and my three nephews and she can always look forward to having some very protective cousins looking after her.

Photo: Vera Kratochvil

On Monday, June 21st, 60 pianos will be placed throughout New York City. The pianos, all donated and given very cool and artistic paint jobs by volunteers are part of a public art project called “Play Me…I’m Yours”. Sing for Hope is the non-profit group that will be responsible for bringing color and music to the city. The pianos will be there…for the playing. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to go on up to one of these pianos and play a tune, sing a song…release your inner Elton John.

Each piano will be watched over by a volunteer who will cover it should inclement weather come upon the city. And not that anyone would want to steal one of these lovely pieces of art…but they will be chained to cinderblocks…just in case.

For more in depth information about this pretty darn cool project here’s the link.

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This week has just been….well…crazy. Exams are all this week, so anything that I do has been interrupted by three different kids asking me to help them study something. I don’t mind, but that…combined with 1/2 day pickups and the regular running around – lessons, appointments, etc. has just about made this week nearly impossible to actually get work done. And work I do have….so I just finished researching caselaw for a legal memo that I have to finish tomorrow, somewhere in between trucking kids back and forth, dentist’s appointments and laundry….I see the end of the week, I see the end of school, it’s so close….and yet by the way I feel tonight so very, very far away.

This is the last week for school. Exams this week and then school’s out. Summer will be upon us. I woke up this morning and thought that I actually saw some sunshine. Now that I’m actually up and moving around though, it’s not really all that sunny out at all. In fact, it’s rather gray…it’s just not raining—yet.

Rain, Rainy weather
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Soggy, in one word, that sums up the day. I remember a few years ago, before we moved here permanently, the boys and I spent a month or so up here during the summer. It was a perfect summer and not just because of the haze of memories, but rather the days for the most part were completely and totally without rain. I don’t think that the whole time we were here, we had a rainy day. We did, however, have many, many rainy nights. It seemed to shower every night; the soft patter of rain hitting the metal roof was soothing to sleep by – reminded me of camping. Every morning though the sun came out and dried everything. Perfect weather.

This summer -well it’s off to a soggy start. It’s cold and it’s damp. The seedlings on my growing rack would love to go outside and be planted, but the weather just isn’t cooperating. When it’s sunny and beautiful, I’m working – when I’m not, it’s raining. Maybe tomorrow, although the forecast is not looking good.

We did, however despite the weather have a really nice day. Tom, Tim and I went down to Manchester to Bob’s Diner for lunch (awesome milkshakes and locally grown beefalo burgers) and then headed off to Northshire. A perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon – browsing books and reading in the cafe with a nice hot cup of cappucino, next to my bestest friend. A good way to spend a very, very soggy day.

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John Baichtal @ Make: Online via

This sculpture was made entirely of packing tape – that plastic stuff that seals the boxes together and can stick to itself and you and the dog as well as anything else it comes across.

According to John Baichtal at Make Online the design firm numen/for use used 530 rolls of the stuff, which measured 117,000 feet and weighed 100 pounds. Go on over to his sight for some other really cools pictures of this sculpture. It was done in two days in Vienna and it’s pretty darn cool, don’t you think?

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