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P1110996Truth can be stranger than any fiction. We were reading an interesting article yesterday about parasitic flies that are eating the brains of Vermont honeybees. These flies, known as phorid flies pierce the abdomen of honeybees and deposit eggs. The fly larvae then consume the insides of the honeybees, turning them into what has been dubbed zombees. These bees exhibit extremely strange behavior such as leaving the hive in the dark and have been seen flying around outdoor lights, where they often are found dead the next day. This is strange with a capital “S” behavior.

There have been a lot of sightings of zombees on the west coast and yesterday we learned that these zombees have been found most recently in Vermont as well. There is a site called which is attempting to document the presence of these zombees. They are looking for zombee hunters, (a/k/a citizen scientists) so if you’re passion has been to hunt zombies, hunting zombees might be up your alley. There is a tutorial on how to become a zombee hunter on the website, which includes collecting the dead bees that you may find in certain outdoor locations into resealable plastic bags. The guide will instruct you on how to make a light trap to capture zombees and how to contain the dead bees while you wait and then watch the larvae emerge. Since I personally squirm when there are maggots in the summer garbage can, I most definitely can tell you that this is not the project for me; I am sure that those who are of much hardier stock may take some great interest in helping the folks at document the presence of these infected bees around the country.  I mean, how cool it is t be able to say that you are both a citizen scientist and a zombee hunter in the same breath?


I just saw this over at and thought immediately of my boys. They will want this, I must admit it is quite ingenious, especially the binder ring part.


This is one for my oldest son and his fascination with zombies. He has gotten it so that when I am driving around, I am actually looking at unusual buildings for their likelihood to survive zombie attacks. I am happy for all of us Central Vermonters to report that such a building exists in the form of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Brandon, VT. According to TJ, the architecture of the building (no windows on the first floor that we could see from the road) made it perfect for fighting off zombies. Personally, I think it is a pretty church building, but then, I am just a mom, aren’t I? No zombie expert here.

Amazingly, two Ottawa university research projects have done zombie research and have come to the conclusion that we humans would be dust if zombies did attack unless of course, we acted fast. Here’s the story, courtesy of the BBC, it actually is an interesting read as the research relates to infectious diseases. Who knows, maybe TJ is onto something….in his future might be the cure to some infectious disease with all this zombie knowledge he possesses.

Happy April Fool’s Day! I still thank my lucky stars that my oldest son held out for one more day in the womb – hate to think about having had an April Fool’s baby.

Here is a pretty cool April Fool’s joke that was played in 1976, courtesy of Time

Planetary Alignment – 1976


The British media have a unique affinity for pulling April Fools’ pranks, matched only by the British public’s unique ability to fall for them. On April 1, 1976, BBC Radio 2 astronomer Sir Patrick Moore gave listeners some bunk about how, at 9:47 am, Pluto and Jupiter would align in such a way to temporarily reduce the earth’s gravity. Moore told listeners to jump at exactly that time to experience the once-in-a-lifetime effect. At 9:48, callers flooded the lines, eager to describe how they had briefly floated. News that Moore had played them no doubt brought everyone crashing back to earth.

And here’s one for my son – the non-April Fool baby who turns 14 tomorrow — The Zombies are coming…. to Vermont!

Zombie trouble in upstate Vermont?

Posted by Zombie King on April 1st, 2009 filed in BooksCool StuffEventsFact Vs Fiction,NewsZombie Stew

We’ve been tipped off to a possible, developing story in upstate Vermont.

A fireman by the name of Brian Wright has been posting some somewhat disturbing messages on Twitter over the last week, or so. It seems one of his friends, someone named Henry, needed some cash and accepted an offer by a local pharmaceutical company to test a new drug. This medication ended up putting Henry in the hospital, where he suffered from side effects and became increasingly violent, even though his body was becoming more and more frail. While Brian and some fire station buddies were visiting Henry at the hospital, Henry lashed out and bit a guy named AJ. Now AJ is sick and has become “uncharacteristically” violent.

If that wasn’t strange enough, Brian posted a recent message saying the pharmaceutical company that paid its volunteers had vanished. Last night, he reported hearing something on the radio that suggested a number of people in his area were also sick.

Based on the books we’ve all read and the many zombie movies we’ve all seen, it sounds a lot like a zombie plague in the making. Your thoughts?

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