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On the eve of competition, some people get a little touchy and cranky, mostly from nerves I would like to assume. Everyone here, especially the adults who can easily get wrapped up in the “serious” nature of the competition, need to remember, it’s really all about the fun.

Good Luck Mill River !!! Win, lose or draw, today’s the day and then…. bring on the fun!


We are at Odyssey World Finals. This year, Tim’s team has buddied up with a team from South Korea.

Here is their first meal together — lunch today. Not everyone was here yet from our team.

When the girls arrived, the team set to work using the only air conditioned space in the dorm floor to work on their props.

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Here is the video of Tim’s Mill River Odyssey of the Mind team’s performance at World Finals that earned them an Honorable Mention. They placed 5th out of about 55 teams. We are proud of them, they did a great job! It was a great way to end a fun week.

Coming back from Odyssey States is a relief for the kids. They won and while they have work to do, their schedule is open for a breather. For the parents and the coaches however, our work begins. There was a mandatory meeting for the coaches last night and one of the coach/parents and I met this morning to review and pull apart what we did last year and plan this year’s fundraising. Letters, letters and more letters. The pen is mightier than the sword and all that jazz. I absolutely suck at soliciting people in person for money. A salesperson is so not a career choice for me. I would starve to death. I however, don’t mind crafting a letter and filling out forms for donations until my fingers fall off – which by the looks of the work ahead of us, they just might.

Today was filled with filing out donation requests, seeking information about whom to contact about donations at various entities and doing letters and envelopes. Perhaps I should take on the job of grant writer. Seems that what I have been doing isn’t a far cry off.

We need to raise $6000 in order for the kids to attend the worlds. It will come, slowly I am sure in dimes and dollars, but these are the times everyone wishes someone knew a kind spirit that had spare cash to just send in one fell swoop. Alas, that is the stuff of movies and this is reality… I go to write more letters.

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Here’s the cast of characters

The performance was funny. It was within the time limits. Their vehicle worked, their idea – unique. They snagged First Place. They are invited to go to World Finals again. This year Worlds are held in East Lansing, Michigan. Let the fundraising begin……

The team’s performance went well, although they were hyper critical. None of the teams thus far have had flawless performances and our team was no exception. However, they are quick on their feet and managed to take it all in stride. They knew and we knew but it seems that the audience hadn’t a clue. It will be interesting to see how they scored. The second part of the competition, the spontaneous event, takes place today, this morning in fact. It was their score on their spontaneous problem that put them into first place at the state level competition.

The video of the performance is available online as is the video of the “destruction”. Seems that a big part of the Worlds’ performance is the fact that you will never need this stuff again. The kids had a blast, blew off some energy and just generally had fun.

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