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We had about 30 inches of snow on the ground before the weather got warm the other day. Then, things melted and it rained and as predicted, it got cold again and everything froze. Our driveway is crunchy and icy and challenging to say the least.

When the snow was falling though the other day, it was time to bake some rolls. These are my new favorites, and the boys’ favorites, too. Quick and easy to make, they bake up quite nicely. I got this recipe from The Kitchen Whisperer and while, my rolls and her rolls looks different, (which I haven’t quite figured out why yet) they are absolutely a great sandwich rolls.







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Today is a snow day and it’s our first real, actual snowstorm of the winter. Can you believe that? While other parts of the country were getting hammered with snow (talking about you, Jersey folks) we could see mostly grass on our lawns and fields. We awoke to several  inches of snow on the ground and for the first time this season, I got to pull out my Sorrel boots and wander out in the snow. Honestly, there really hasn’t been enough snow at once to warrant boots – muck shoes have been fine.



Things are finally totally white — now this, this is what winter is supposed to be like here in Vermont.





I was out, bright and early, visiting with my other kids – the ones that are somewhat hairier than the ones that live inside the house. Honestly, who can refuse this face? Lots of goat love (or maybe it was just that I was feeding them).


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Sometimes, you look up from your desk and see such beauty outside your window that you have to stop what you are doing and just admire it. Admire and be in awe of how beautiful the world around you really is and how small you really are in comparison.

This was today’s sunset. It was breathtaking. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Presently it is -15 outside. That’s cold and not as cold as some of my friends are reporting on Facebook. There are posts listing -17, -18 even -20. Actual real temperatures, not wind chill. Factoring in wind chill some of those are reading close to -30. That’s cold, in fact, that’s damn cold.


It is a good night to be grateful for the small things that are really big things that we often take for granted. Warm toes, blankets, a place to be in from the cold and the wood to keep it warm. A nice hot cup of tea by the fire. Someone to share it with — these are all very good things.


Lots of fluffy white stuff landed up this way, turning everything into a winter wonderland. There is about 16 inches on the ground here but the last snow was very light and fluffy so it is hard to measure exactly since it blows from here to there and back again. 






While it all looks very pretty outside, the temperatures were quite cold. We didn’t come up to even zero today.



Stay warm folks!

Despite the fact that spring arrives this week, winter is hanging on tight here and not letting go. In fact, we woke to a winter storm warning for 9-16 inches of snow starting tonight. Mind you, if you travel into town, there isn’t a speck of snow on the ground, this is all elevation snow, although according to the weather service, that is about to change for a lot of people with the impending storm. We laughed when we went into town and pallets of mulch and displays of bulbs are everywhere. We have no use for them yet. You folks posted the cute pictures of crocuses peeking from the soil, not so much where we are located, unless they are very strong and very tall crocuses and can get through feet of snow.

Here are some pictures that I took last weekend of the snow around the house. Things haven’t changed much in a week and since it’s only 3 degrees here this morning, I doubt anything will be melting today.







It is a very frosty morning this morning. I was up and out early to deliver a child to SATs. There was a lot of sunshine and a lot of frost and the temperature on the thermometer only read 12 degrees. The sunshine made everything very sparkly. Happy Saturday!



















This afternoon, I got up to take a break from working and walked by a west facing window. It was late afternoon, and the view of the sunlight (which we have not seen much of in these parts recently) shimmering snow, clouds and shadows just painted a beautiful picture that I felt compelled to share. I love it when nature just stops you dead in your tracks and you have to take a deep breath and appreciate how small and inconsequential you really are in this great universe. This afternoon, at this moment, was one of those times. Simply breathtaking in person, I hope that you might have been somewhere where you saw something just as nice today. If not, enjoy this picture.

Icicles and snowmen…..







                                                                                                                                ….Mountains and snow


From before first light this morning, the snow has been falling, fast and furious. At points today, a look out the window gave one glimpses of some almost blizzard-like winds and snow with very little visibility. By the time I ventured out at 3 to get kids (yes they had school today) we had about 8 inches on the ground here. The town plow truck had been by several times, each time flinging snow to the sides of the road.





I definitely needed my good ol’ Sorel boots to wander out into the yard today.



Especially when it was looking like this outside this afternoon.


Imagine my surprise when I went down the hill and then headed down into town. Less than six miles away there were flurries falling but no real accumulation and by the time I got to the school, you would swear we lived in two different worlds. There was no snow, no snow accumulation, just rain falling and lots of brown grass. 


So odd, how in just a few miles and a few less feet in elevation, it is a completely different world. BTW, as I type this, it is still snowing here. 


The View From the Window This Morning

Dawn breaking over the hill this morning.

For those you who asked, here are pictures of the snow from yesterday. It is snowing again as I type, giving us a rather hellacious ride back from Burlington this evening–mostly due to the fact that some people really have no idea how to drive (with or without snow). And yes, I put the picture of Tom and I in there because, well dammit —  I just can and it’s almost Christmas Eve.

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