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P1010201The beginning of this week, our anniversary evening was cold and windy. The end of the week, today, is also cold and windy. While the temperatures both those days pale in comparison to the temperatures we had mid week, it is still pretty darn cold. Wednesday into Thursday here we had a low temperature without wind chill of -14 and with the wind chill of -30. Some places were checking in with even colder temperatures running closer to -20 without taking into account the wind chill. Definitely the weather to stay hunkered down in your fleece pjs or if you needed to venture out, your flannel lined jeans. Lots of eskimo looking folks wandering around like the stay put marshmallow man – yours truly included with them.

None of this though seems to hold a candle to the place reported by the Weather Channel as being the coldest recorded temperatures for an inhabited area on the earth. That distinction goes to Oymyakon, Russia where the average winter temperatures (average, okay?) are around -50. The coldest recorded temperature in the town was back in 1924 and registered -96 degrees. Here’s a link to the website which has some pretty amazing photos, especially of those Russian folks bundled to the hilt.

Stay warm.


Baby, it is cold outside.



-11 outside this morning but it has warmed up… -4. They are forecasting winds picking up this afternoon to 25 mile per hour gusts which will account for windchill temperatures near -50 by the ridge of the Green Mountains (which happens to be us).

Winter has arrived without a doubt.

Stay warm and cover up if you have to venture outside, even if it’s only a quick run outside to the car.

This morning I went to open the screen door to let the dog out and I thought that my fingers were going to stick to the metal handle.

The boys all wore coats to school. For those of you who know the boys, yes, it’s that cold outside.

  • Brrrrrr! (
  • Brrrrrr (

For those of you who have been burning with desire to know, here is what it looks like outside our window in the dead of night. This is a picture of the Christmas cactus as we affectionately call our little maple tree in lights. Looking more like a cactus, although there are those among us that swear it looks like the Christmas Chicken from a certain angle, the little maple glows in the LED lights against the snow.

Out the front, here’s a view of the porch and its lights. Very peaceful, very quiet. We are expecting wind chills today of -25. Nice day to spend indoors. And don’t ask why I’m taking pictures at 4 a.m. – that’s just another post all together.


Windblown snow

Windblown snow

This is what it looked like outside our house this afternoon — all afternoon, even tonight if you could see in the darkness. The wind is howling and the snow is blowing. Add to that the snow “showers” we got all day and it was like living in the frozen Artic up on the hill today. The gray in the picture which appears to be overcast is actually the blowing snow. We have been having wind gusts into the high 20’s and the temperatures are dropping. We had plans for going out to dinner tonight but I think sitting here by the fire is a much more wise alternative this evening. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as cold and windy with a wind chill well below zero. Doesn’t sound like a good day to try out those skis either. I think Mother Nature is conspiring against me.

Evilwife on the move

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