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For those you who asked, here are pictures of the snow from yesterday. It is snowing again as I type, giving us a rather hellacious ride back from Burlington this evening–mostly due to the fact that some people really have no idea how to drive (with or without snow). And yes, I put the picture of Tom and I in there because, well dammit —  I just can and it’s almost Christmas Eve.



First, congratulations since you and I are still here….no end of the world. A great relief to one of my children since he has been patiently counting down the days until Christmas and he gets his phone and the world ending would have just totally ruined his plans.

Second — white Christmas! Woke up this morning to snow and it is still snowing. Since there is no rain in the forecast between now and Christmas I think that it is safe to assume that our Christmas will be white– the way it is supposed to be here in Vermont.

Third — I get to spend the afternoon with some dear friends at a cookie swap, an annual tradition since before I even moved here. My friend was always kind enough to schedule it when we were up in Vermont so we could share in the festivities and I love her for it. Now, it’s a simple walk from my kitchen to hers.

Shortly I am off to the Farmer’s market with my favorite guy. Good stuff.

Hope your Saturday is wonderful!


This morning we woke to snow on the ground. Not a tremendous amount of snow, but snow all the same. The wet, heavy snow that sticks to everything and makes it look beautiful. Maybe we will have a white Christmas after all. P1080503







Well, it seems that we once again have met the numbers. If you remember I posted that there is a 93% probability of at least an inch of snow on the ground in Vermont for Christmas, and last night it snowed. Not a lot, but enough to turn everything WHITE. It is still snowing here this morning, but it seems that a little Christmas magic came our way since we’ve been flirting with temperatures just above freezing all week.

Wherever you are, white or not, hope some Christmas Magic comes your way……..

If you live in New England and particularly in Vermont, you kind of expect a white Christmas. One of those Norman Rockwell type New England Christmases– and with good reason. According to information gathered from weather records from the period from 1961-1990 there was a very high probability that Vermont would have a white Christmas. The probability for at least 1 inch of snow on the ground for Christmas in Montpelier is 93% — 5 inches is 72% and 10 inches is 41%.

Unfortunately, warm weather last week killed the last of the snow on the ground and weather forecasts are not predicting any significant possibility for snow before Christmas Day.

Christmas magic, perhaps might be the only way to help things out a little.

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