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We were fortunate to be invited to a wedding for the owners of a local restaurant that we frequent, Harry’s Cafe. Debbie and Trip have provided us with many an enjoyable meal. The restaurant is located in Mount Holly, close enough to our house to sneak away for a child-less dinner here and there. Trip, Debbie and the entire staff make you feel like family when you are there. It doesn’t take many visits to feel like you’re going to a good friend’s house for dinner. We were honored that they considered us friends and included us in their special day.

The wedding was held at the Weston Playhouse, a beautiful venue for a wedding. The ceremony was simple and elegant. The food, was delicious. I learned from members of their staff, that Debbie, Trip and the staff cooked the food served that evening in the nights preceding the event.

The photo is the view from the window by where we ate our dinner.



Chickens don’t much like the snow. Or at least, our chickens don’t much like the snow. We had snow showers off and on today which left a couple of inches of snow on the ground. (Snow showers in our neck of the woods is a dangerous and misleading term since snow showers have been known to drop INCHES of snow which is the same as snow storms in other parts of the land). Anyhow, the chickens really didn’t take much of a liking to the snow and the goats, well the goats are lovable but not too smart, they had big frozen balls of snow in their fur evidently not thinking it necessary to get indoors when it was snowing.

Busy weekend. We had baby Emily’s christening and one of Tom’s cousins’ weddings in the same day. We left here bright and early in the morning and it was a long, long day. Fun but exhausting. 

Lots of catching up with friends and family.

Our Gang with Miss Emily

Our Gang with Miss Emily

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