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Each week since the weather has been getting nice, Tim’s voice instructor has offered that I can go sit and read out back by the brook. For one reason or another, I didn’t go back there until this week. Oh my goodness! It is beautiful. I so love the sound of water moving, the rain, a babbling brook, the ocean. I could sit and listen to those sounds for hours. It is so simply relaxing and de-stressing.

It is simply a little piece of heaven she has over there on “their mountain”. A beautiful little bench next to the stream allows you to sit and ponder everything or think about nothing at all.




My ideal place to live would be one of those houses perched high atop a rocky cliff by the ocean. Safe enough that it wouldn’t wash away in a storm but close enough to the ocean that I could walk on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Perfection. A close second would be a cute little stream like this running somewhere through our yard, but obviously not too close to do damage. Then again, a pond with a waterfall would be just fine too. (hint, hint)


Then, when you’ve had enough of the brook, there is this little section of her yard to relax. Tell me, isn’t that just perfect?



Selin Jessa poster from

I was about to head upstairs to bed when I found this….a good way to look at things. Artist Selin Jessa from Canada entered this into the Positive Posters contest on the topic of Perspectives. Her perspective is certainly something to keep in mind. The Description included really sums it up well:


Consider that technically, the glass is completely full – half of air and half of water. Just as you can perceive a glass of water in different ways, I think we need to take a moment and look at our lives from a different perspective – a more optimistic one. Our lives right now may seem too stressful, too hard or too busy but we can make every day better for ourselves and for one another. A positive, optimistic attitude is more than seeing the bright side of a situation, it’s believing in a brighter future.

Wonderfully stated Selin. A great outlook on life.

At first I thought that they were insect bites since it was damp and the bugs seemed to be out during my walk. Even though they seemed to be increasing I still didn’t connect the dots (excuse the pun, but I couldn’t resist – laughing is far better than crying). Last night however when I looked at my arm, there seemed to be a cluster of them on my one forearm and that’s when it occurred to me. They are not bites, they are hives.

What has caused them? I have no idea. The best we can come up with is the lovely Michigan water. It has an abundance of nickel in it, to which I am allergic. I am sure that there must be chromium in it as well, (to  which I am even more allergic)  although that wasn’t in the lab report I found. At home, we have softened water. The installation of the water softener seemed to coincide with the abatement of the rash and itchiness I had been experiencing. In Michigan, needless to say the water wasn’t softened. For almost a week, we showered in it, brushed our teeth with it (although we started using bottled water) and most likely drank it in various forms such as coffee and lemonade. Could it be a buildup in my system that sparked the hives? It certainly could be. Whatever it is, I wish it would go away.

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We were wondering, a group of us Vermont mothers that are here if we are water snobs. Most of us come from areas were we have wells and even in the town there is town water but it is spring water. Are we spoiled? The water here in Michigan smells, well it smells like metal. Hard to take a nice shower when it smells metallic and brushing your teeth in that water – well, let’s just say that we’ve been using bottled water to brush teeth, just like if we were camping. Ask anyone here and they’ll agree, there’s definitely something disgusting about the water. I set out to investigate and see if we were truly water snobs or if there is truly something up with the water. The water fountain has reverse osmosis filtered water.

According to the Michigan Department of Community Health here’s what is in the water:


• Common in Michigan groundwater
• Essential nutrient
• Max. found = 29.2 mg/L (29,200 ppb)
• Criterion
– 300 ppb (aesthetic)
– 2,000 ppb (health-based)

The water is very high in iron, that explains the strong metal smell we found.


• Max. found = 2.4 mg/L (2,400 ppb)
• Criterion
– 50 ppb (aesthetic)
– 860 ppb (health-based)

It’s also high in manganese.

• Essential nutrient (Vitamin B12); too
much affects testes, heart
• Max. found = 0.978 mg/L (978 ppb)
• Criterion = 40 ppb

I am allergic to nickel so the fact that it is high in nickel is not thrilling either.

• Common metal
• Allergic reactions (skin)
• Max. found = 0.390 mg/L (390 ppb)
• Criterion = 100 ppb

In addition it is also high (but to a much lesser degree) in arsenic, lead, sodium and cadmium.

So, as it turns out, we are really not water snobs. The water here is very high in various metals most notably iron.

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