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IMG00132It’s interesting to watch how Mother Nature knows when its time. I swear that this weekend alone, the leaves on a lot of trees have started to turn. While the weather has been relatively warm during the day, we have had cool nights and chilly mornings – the telltale signs of autumn. Also last night, you could smell wood burning, evidently, someone in these parts felt it was cool enough to start a fire.

We have friends up this weekend. I also got to meet a friend. Ptcakes the author of Where Did the Time Go? blog and I met in person on Saturday morning after a couple unsuccessful previous attempts to meet. She and her family were up in our neck of the woods for a camping trip. We have read each other’s blogs quite regularly. Our lives at different points in time over the past year or so have taken on a parallel universe feel and we have often sympathized with and cheered each other. It is unusual to feel so connected to someone that I never even saw a picture of prior to Saturday, and yet, it is apparent that friendships can spring from common bonds that span distance. We had a great chat, shared some coffee and stories, filling in some of the blanks that our respective blog posts mentioned but didn’t necessarily completely explain.


We also went to the fair or for those of you not from around these parts, The Vermont State Fair in Rutland. Interesting how a bunch of kids that so wanted to go to the fair to go on rides could be so indecisive when they arrived but amazingly, when us moms and dads extracted ourselves from the picture, everything became a different world. We explored the various exhibits, did some great people watching and generally had a good time. The place was busy, but then it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday, we went raspberry picking at Mad Tom Orchard in East Dorset with our friends, the Zummos  who were up for the weekend. Carolina raspberries are ripe and since I missed out earlier in the year, I promised myself that I would get out to pick berries for raspberry jam, which is our favorite.





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