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We spent the past couple days up in the Burlington area for Tim’s Odyssey of the Mind competition. Since the boys were off Friday we took advantage and headed up in the afternoon to hang out. The team, after months, weeks and long, long hours of work performed their project on Saturday afternoon. Even after being privy to the project in the works since we parents all had hands-on supervisory duties while the team was working, I am still amazed at how it all comes together for the real performance. Makeup, costumes, an incredible vehicle that wowed the judges, a great idea and well worded script – all combined to win the team its First Place award in their age division (high school) and the opportunity to participate in the World Final competition in May. Surprising to the team they were also awarded the overall creativity award for the design, engineering and construction of their vehicle, which was propelled entirely by 28 ordinary mousetraps. The vehicle traveled the distance of about 16 feet and did so with flare and ease. The trophy that they won is almost as tall as some of the team members.



Here is the video of Tim’s Mill River Odyssey of the Mind team’s performance at World Finals that earned them an Honorable Mention. They placed 5th out of about 55 teams. We are proud of them, they did a great job! It was a great way to end a fun week.

Here’s the cast of characters

The performance was funny. It was within the time limits. Their vehicle worked, their idea – unique. They snagged First Place. They are invited to go to World Finals again. This year Worlds are held in East Lansing, Michigan. Let the fundraising begin……

We are headed to youngest son, Tim’s Odyssey of the Mind State competition this afternoon. These kids have worked hard, not as hard as they could have in the eyes of the coach, but pretty hard nonetheless. They have given up winter break to work everyday and these past three weeks, pretty much every day after school and all day on Saturday. They have built, painted and repaired their own props and today’s the day when they see how far all that work got them. It will be interesting to see how they do and how Tim pulls off his performance. Although I have not seen the skit, from what I understand he is the leading character.

Hopefully, I will be able to post the video, win – lose or draw – later tonight.

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