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Snakes seem to be the theme of the summer. From the one I saw slithering through the garden a while back and one that Tom avoided turning into snake meat while he was mowing the lawn. There is however one little friend that seems to have taken a liking to us.

One snake has taken up residence outside our back door. He or she lives under the cement step and occasionally pokes out to enjoy the sunshine or just check things out. On a recent day, it appeared that it was saying “Hey Mom, let me in! What’s going on in there?”

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Today marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on the United States military base at Pearl Harbor. While it is historically significant in that it marked an attack on American soil by a foreign country and signaled the United States entry into World War II, it is also to remember and reflect upon the human side of the tragedy.  On that day, over 2,000 people were killed and over 1,200 were injured.

While December 7th is not a federal holiday, did you know that all American flags fly at half-staff to commemorate the lives that were so tragically destroyed on that date.

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Today was our first CSA pickup! This afternoon, we ran over to Evening Song Farm to chat with Kara and Ryan and Echo (who was behaving himself very nicely with all those potential playmates coming and going) and gathered our first CSA of the season.

After spending a nice chunk of time speaking with Evening Song Farm owners, Kara and Ryan for my article that I did on their farm a month or so ago, I feel a connection to them. They are a genuinely nice couple that make you immediately feel at home. I was so very happy today to see so many people coming and going from the barn that is the CSA pickup location. They are a great addition to the community and I was so looking forward to the first pickup today.

Since I grow my own garden, and quite a large one at that, many people questioned my sanity at joining a CSA. Why would I do that? Simple answer, my family and I use more produce that I can produce and those that know us know that we have a lot of company. Since I usually go to the Rutland Farmer’s Market and purchase at least as many items as I am getting in my weekly CSA pickup, why wouldn’t I want to get a discount (yes it’s cheaper than purchasing the same items at the farmer’s market) and have the convenience of being able to pick it all up within five minutes of my own door? To me, these are good reasons, along with the fact that I’m helping a new local business get a leg-up in a less than desirable economy.

Since Evening Song Farm provides its members with a free choice CSA, I can tailor my weekly pickup to my needs which is another great idea in my opinion. This week’s pick looked like this:

Another good reason for joining was that my veggies are merely little seedlings right now and I’m certainly not growing a lot of what they have to choose from at the farm. We chose broccoli rabe, lettuce, baby lettuce, pea shoots, baby bok choy and these beautiful long and amazingly delicious garlic scallions that are at least two feet long.

Thanks so much to Kara, Ryan and Echo for some beautiful, fresh and delicious local veggies.

Needless to say, tonight’s dinner was angel hair pasta with sauteed broccoli rabe, garlic scallions, olive oil and crushed red pepper. It was delicious!

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Today, we took advantage of the snow day to stay in, enjoy each other (really no yelling or fighting – how did the boys manage that?) bake and decorate. Oh, there was the shoveling and digging out stuck neighbors, but then again, that goes with just about every storm here in VT that’s nothing new. Tom and I are always amazed to watch the boys since they are usually the ones to take over the decorating once I convince them to drag everything out and that it really is fun. They are meticulous in putting things exactly where they were last year and the year before that. I guess that is what “tradition” is really all about, feeling comfortable with the way things are and making sure that they are that way in the ensuing years. Anyway, our boys are funny to watch. Bickering about who’s stocking goes in what order and where exactly the nutcrackers are supposed to be set up. When we put the Christmas tree up next week, then the village goes with it and that is just a dad and boys thing where I love to sit back and listen.

There are a few precious decorations that we are privileged to have in our house. Here is a picture of one of everyone’s favorites. It is a sleigh and reindeer coming from Tom’s grandfather.

Every year great care is given when the tote containing this treasure is unpacked. Although the leather straps are so dried out they are barely holding on and the heads no longer bob automatically, it is probably the best decoration we have.


Christmas at the T's

Christmas at the T's

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas! May the peace of the holiday be with everyone. We are celebrating with family and friends – very lucky to have both. Much to catch up on in the morning.

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