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DSCN3175I love the autumn — the crisp air, the colorful leaves, the warmth of the wood stove with a cup of tea and a good book. What I don’t like very much is when it’s dark in the morning and then dark again early in the evening. Evidently, I am not alone. The state of Massachusetts is exploring time travel of sorts. Massachusetts’ Bill H4569 creates a legislative commission to study the proposal of moving time in the state of Massachusetts. Rather than remain in the Eastern time zone, the bill charges the commission with exploring the possibility of moving time zones to Atlantic Standard time for a period of four months starting in the middle of November if the proposal was accepted. This would mean that folks in Massachusetts would have light lasting longer into their day. According to the Portland Press Herald, a sort of “sunlight happy hour” while the rest of us are in the dark before we leave our workday behind us during those months. Don’t get all practical on me with things like “it will mess up the rest of us” or “what about business hours and flight schedules, yada yada yada….” A girl can dream can’t she?

Now, if they could just make it so that the hour happened in the morning instead of the evening, I would be totally on board.



This afternoon, I got up to take a break from working and walked by a west facing window. It was late afternoon, and the view of the sunlight (which we have not seen much of in these parts recently) shimmering snow, clouds and shadows just painted a beautiful picture that I felt compelled to share. I love it when nature just stops you dead in your tracks and you have to take a deep breath and appreciate how small and inconsequential you really are in this great universe. This afternoon, at this moment, was one of those times. Simply breathtaking in person, I hope that you might have been somewhere where you saw something just as nice today. If not, enjoy this picture.

Another Monday…the start of another week. There is something so peaceful about Sunday,  I think it takes that long for the the week and its craziness to be washed off of us. By Sunday, usually, everyone is lazy and relaxed. And then…boom…it’s Monday and the race starts again. Up early, school, work, running here, running there.

It’s a whole lot nicer to wake up on Mondays now that its usually to the daylight and the sounds of the birds and the rooster rather than to the alarm clock and the blackness of what appears to still be night.  While I guess that I am a morning person, I do like my mornings to be bright.


Last evening on my way driving the boys to scouts I noticed it. The green on the trees is a little less green. You really wouldn’t notice it in the daylight but in the light of the setting sun, you can see it – the trees are starting to take on a yellowish glow. I noticed that the cranberry bush in our yard is also losing its color, not quite changing yet, but a little less vibrant green. The mountains overall are starting to take on a touch of color, not noticeable really unless you watch closely, but it’s coming. Autumn is on its way.

Another sign that it’s coming is the deer have started to make their way into the yard, which can only mean one thing, the apples are starting to taste good. All summer they haven’t made their way down into our field, but now, early mornings or late evenings, you can see them, making their way down, tentatively, tasting here and there.

The evenings are getting chilly and the mornings are brisk – all the hallmarks of autumn. The pumpkins are beginning to turn. I love autumn, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

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