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I woke this morning to snow which is supposed to not stop until Monday evening. The forecast keeps changing, but essentially now we are supposed to be getting 20 inches of snow which is supposed to fall later this afternoon/evening at the rate of 1-3 inches per hour.

Today is skiing day and in a few minutes I will have to rouse the troops to get them ready. First I am sitting here, by the non-fire (since I can’t get it going again) having a cup of tea and reading the news.

The question, I supposed will be whether I will be getting home later or how long it will take to get home. Well, these questions, like others will have to be taken, one at a time, that’s the only way to deal with it.


dscn36992Well, there is an awful lot of snow out there, it has drifted into some of the biggest piles which is just plain crazy. My neighbor told me that another storm is coming Monday into Tuesday!  Had to dig a path to the chicken coop since the drift over there was up to my chest. Luckily getting to the goats was easier, the field drifts were only knee-high.






The goats weren’t too fond of all the snow. Seems to have made it difficult to navigate to me.


Still shaking off the warm cozy feeling of having two weeks of unstructured laziness. It is hard to wake up back on schedule, although we really didn’t sleep in during vacation but it is still the fact of KNOWING that you have to get up at a certain time. 

Guess that I am rescheduling my check-up yet again since Mother Nature is evidently seeing fit to shower us with another winter storm. Evidently from tonight into Thursday it will be a little bit of everything that comes frozen and since I cannot spend 3 days in NJ, I will have to reschedule once again.

At least evidently this time, NJ is supposed to be getting winter weather as well with ice, so I don’t think that it will be quite so strange to the doctor’s office that I am canceling.

Oh Mother Nature, you are really messing with me.

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