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As I started this post I was writing from my phone sitting in the dark. I was sitting in the truck outside of the scout house, waiting on Tom after having dropped the boys off. It was pitch black around me, with the exception of the soft glow coming from the scout house and the few dotted lights in the mountainside from some homes in the area. It occurred to me that it was such a stark contrast to the many nights I may have also been sitting in my truck waiting on Tom or the boys while we were in New Jersey. There, darkness was an expensive commodity. Everywhere was lit, streetlights, house lights, car headlights. The glow of the New York city skyline always cast a glow on the night sky obstructing any possible view of stars, except for maybe a select, bright few. Here, by contrast, you’d be hard pressed to find a place on a clear night that you couldn’t see a skyful of stars, similar to those indoor planetarium shows. The sky twinkles and when it is dark, well, it is really, absolutely, pitch dark. I sent out a twitter while I was sitting there in the dark, that I was pretending to be invisible. It is easy in this complete darkness to be absorbed by it and feel a part of it. It is quiet and peaceful – a stark contrast to that place from which we came.


As a parent, you want to help your kids and keep them from getting hurt or doing badly. Learn from your mistakes, whatever you want to call it. However, there are just those times that it is absolutely necessary to let them learn the lesson on their own. Our middle son, Tyler had a social studies project that required him to make a plaque of a famous person from a specific country. Among the list was the specific directions that stars should be around the edge of the portrait frame but they could be in the colors of the country you have chosen, as opposed to the red, white and blue with stars that was in the example. I insist that there should be stars, Tyler insists that I am wrong and since there are no stars in the country’s flag, he doesn’t need to include them on his project. I relented since once Tyler makes up his mind, there is no changing it. I asked him to ask the teacher to settle our dispute. I guess that I will find out this afternoon, but I am pretty sure that I am the one who’s correct. I say stars……

Well, the city was a good trip, it was a long but fun day. Everyone is glad however to come back home. Nice to fall asleep last night to fresh air and wake to hear only the birds singing. It is funny, that we took the boys to the Planetarium and watched a really cool space show, but when it first got dark before the show began, and the planetarium filled with the night sky with stars, all I could think of and share with the boys is “this looks like right outside our door on a clear night” How absolutely great is that? To live in a place that you can see hundreds and hundreds of stars without any fancy equipment but merely by just standing on your porch and staring up at the night sky.

Reminds me of when Tom and I would go camping. Just sitting there in the silence with the person you want to be with most in the world, looking up at all those stars… Makes you feel very awed of it all and how small we really are in the great scheme of things.

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