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Our church, a small community here in Wallingford, was kind enough to decide to celebrate the confirmation of its five young members. Through a lot of hard work on many people’s part, on Sunday the newly confirmed enjoyed a special mass in which they participated, the May crowning where TJ was given the honor to crown Mary (maybe he was just the tall one) followed by a delicious brunch for everyone in the parish hall. It was a delightful morning despite the rain and many thanks to all those who thought enough to celebrate the newest adult members of the parish.

The young gentlemen in the picture was a First Communion recipient and wonderfully included in the celebration!


It’s been a good Sunday. We’ve got a Christmas tree. Here’s a picture of youngest son cutting the tree. As usual we made the trip to Cuttingsville (long one that it is) to Paxton Greens for the tree. Tim suited up in his ski clothes to gain the honor of cutter – not that his brothers were jumping at the opportunity. Here the older two boys are with Tom.

The tree was successfully cut by Tim (with a little help from Tom – we were getting cold) and the oldest carried it away.

The day started off on an interesting note. We walked into our tiny little church to find the Bishop saying mass. Why you ask? Why not, he said. He maintained that he likes to plan these “short notice” visits to the various churches for mass on Sunday to see how the parish is on a normal Sunday. My boys had the honor of presenting the gifts and each received an individual blessing from the Bishop and a personal wish for a Merry Christmas. Rather neat, it really seemed to make their day.

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