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Here on the hill we were the recipients of the most beautiful snowstorm that has come around these parts in a while. The snow was wet and heavy and clung to every surface and every single stalk, bough or branch, even the tiniest. It created an amazing winter wonderland, comparable only to the very tippy-top of the ski mountains where everything contains a frosty, magical white coating. 

Winter Wonderland 

I love snow. My feeling is that winter shouldn’t exist unless there is snow on the ground. No snow and we might as well be gardening and growing things. 

With every plus, however there is a minus. With all that breathtaking clingy snow, came downed trees, some bowing so heavily under the weight of the snow that they look as if they are bent in a deep curtesy, their gentle tops almost brushing the ground below. Some branches couldn’t support all that weight and broke off, tumbling to the ground below and in many instances taking electricity lines down with them. So, while we are living in a winter wonderland, we are doing it without electricity. 

How, might you ask then am I typing this and communicating electronically with all of you? The power of the generator, I tell you. I remember when we first bought this house, I thought a generator was not necessary, but I soon learned differently. You see, here on the hill, when the power goes out, it could be out for a while. And while candles and cooking over the open flame might sound romantic and very grounding, it is – but water, in the form of a hot shower, flushing toilets and that with which to cook and drink, doesn’t happen when you are on a well and lose power unless you have a generator. The winter is a little easier to deal with than the summer, especially if the gorgeous white stuff is outside, because you can fill a pot of snow and bring it in and melt it over the wood stove, but it doesn’t work as well, or at all for that fact, in the summer, when there is no fluffy white stuff outside your door. And for those without the power of the wood stove to heat your house, it can get mighty chilly mighty fast without electricity to heat the house. 

IMG_4095Well, it certainly was breathtakingly beautiful this morning. The snow blanketed trees and turned things into a winter wonderland. The downside is that to look that good, the snow is very wet and heavy. The trees were bowing graciously under the weight of the snow, but some succumbed to the heaviness and there are many branches and whole trees that are down. This has caused the inevitable, power outages. We were more fortunate that some, our power went out around 3:45 this morning. Others have been without power since Tuesday when the storm first hit. There are, last I heard about 38,000 people without power and there are lots of folks working hard to get us all back online.

Nothing to do but look to the bright side. We have oil lamps, candles, our headlamps and a warm woodstove. We are luckier than a lot of people.

On Tuesday, the grass was showing in spots and it was almost 50 degrees. What a difference a day (or two) can make around here. Starting Wednesday morning the snow started falling and continued until this morning. When it was all said and done, we had about 2 1/2 feet on the ground although it is windy as heck here so an exact measurement (assuming that I was going outside to measure) would be next to impossible. Let it suffice to say, it is a LOT of snow.




There was a lot of shoveling out this morning.





Believe it or not, those sap buckets are actually hanging off the top of our three foot fence and hold flower in warmer weather.




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Lots of fluffy white stuff landed up this way, turning everything into a winter wonderland. There is about 16 inches on the ground here but the last snow was very light and fluffy so it is hard to measure exactly since it blows from here to there and back again. 






While it all looks very pretty outside, the temperatures were quite cold. We didn’t come up to even zero today.



Stay warm folks!

From before first light this morning, the snow has been falling, fast and furious. At points today, a look out the window gave one glimpses of some almost blizzard-like winds and snow with very little visibility. By the time I ventured out at 3 to get kids (yes they had school today) we had about 8 inches on the ground here. The town plow truck had been by several times, each time flinging snow to the sides of the road.





I definitely needed my good ol’ Sorel boots to wander out into the yard today.



Especially when it was looking like this outside this afternoon.


Imagine my surprise when I went down the hill and then headed down into town. Less than six miles away there were flurries falling but no real accumulation and by the time I got to the school, you would swear we lived in two different worlds. There was no snow, no snow accumulation, just rain falling and lots of brown grass. 


So odd, how in just a few miles and a few less feet in elevation, it is a completely different world. BTW, as I type this, it is still snowing here. 


It started snowing this morning and there are a few inches on the ground. It has turned everything into a winter wonderland….maybe the department stores with their Christmas decorations before Halloween are onto something after all.

It’s been a busy couple weeks. The boys were on vacation last week and we had company over the weekend, my family visiting from New Jersey, which is always nice. Unfortunately, my sister and her family couldn’t make it so the boys were a little bummed to not see their other cousins as well. This week the boys were back in school, but we still had company visiting with us. Our goddaughter, along with three friends and her mother came up during their winter break (of course the weeks didn’t coincide) to go skiing. I hope that the girls had a good time, since we had a good time hosting them. It was nice to have the hormones in the house tip in favor of estrogen for a change — as you can imagine I am sorely outnumbered most of the time. They left today after we had a nice girl’s lunch in Manchester.

Tonight into tomorrow night we’re forecast for a storm. The weather is forecasting about a foot of snow, lots of wind and blowing and drifting. Each time I look at the forecast, they are inching up the accumulation predictions, which is more than fine with me. I love, love, love a good “no one is going anywhere” snowstorm because it’s almost like Mother Nature telling us all to just slow down and relax.  We are at the mercy of Mother Nature, as so many have learned during this very snowy winter across much of the country. I think that sometimes she just wanted to remind us of who, really is in charge. It is most certainly not us.

So….with an impending storm and cold blustery weather planned, it seems like a good excuse to hunker down and enjoy the winter before it’s over and mud season rears its ugly, messy, goopy head.

Here are pictures this morning from yesterday’s storm. Oh, and by the way it’s still snowing up here on the hill.

As if on cue, a decent snowstorm came calling just a couple days after the official start of winter. We joked that here in Vermont it’s a snowstorm with its forecast of 15-20 inches of snow and in the metropolitan areas of New York City it was forecast as a blizzard. At the time, it was the same snow accumulation forecast, just the way the storm was portrayed differently depending upon which part of the country you are located. Here, it was a snowstorm exactly what is supposed to happen here in winter. We joked that the people in the grocery store hoarding all the eggs, bread and milk must have been “from away” since it was a snowstorm and they were visiting for the holidays and panic at the mere mention of snow.

Of course, being equipped to deal with the snow up here definitely does make it much better. Tom hauled out the tractor to move the snow drifts. We all donned our ski gear, heavy boots, snow pants, ski gloves, neck gaiters, hats and scarves to go outside and no one was particularly cold even in 7 degrees with a 40 mile an hour wind. Everything was open, the roads were plowed. The snow was powdery, light and blew around a lot, but that made it even more interesting and fun. The boys opted to not go snowboarding since the wind was causing lift delays and closures and instead made their own ramp to snowboard off the roof of the potting shed, even with its own jump.

While Mom got a little bit nervous that we might be spending time at the emergency room, it all worked out in the end.

All that rain finally changed over to snow and we woke this morning to a good six or so inches on the ground. Winter always looks so much better when she dons her winter white.

Even our little evergreens like their snow coats.

It’s a beautiful spring-like day here on the hill. Looking outside our window, though, you wouldn’t believe that the grass is probably starting to grow in Rutland. Here are pictures taken this morning of the snow around the house. The huge chunk of ice that was hanging about 4 feet off the roof came off while we were away and the warm weather here yesterday probably shrunk this already by about 6 inches.

I am thinking that maybe we’ll still have this snow in May. Maybe…who knows.

Drumroll……………..Today marks the day that the blog hits surpass 20,000.  The site counter rolled past 20,000 hits or visits during the day today. Thanks! I would have never guessed that something I started a few years ago to chronicle our moving to Vermont and as a “therapeutic” outlet would have acquired such a following.  Were it not for the blog, there are some of you that I wouldn’t have befriended and that just would have been a shame.

It is snowing like it means it outside once again. There was a little respite last night but it started snowing again around 7 a.m. this morning and has been coming down ever since. We can hear the winds starting to come on, we are forecast for 55-65 mph winds – that should be loads of fun since the trees are weighted down with the heavy wet snow that fell over the past two days. There are already a lot of branches down here and there and our road, well let’s just say that I passed a car trying to come up the hill on my way down to the bus stop and then it had evidently backed all the way down the hill when I was driving back up, giving it what I thought was a second try. A neighbor I passed on the way advised me that it was at least the third time. Not much any of us can do to push her up the hill, but certainly happy to give her a ride. This is what I try to explain to my almost driving son – fancy cars are not meant for the winter up here. The little sports car she had was great, just not meant to drive through about 6 inches of snow and slush going uphill nonetheless.

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