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The wind, the pouring rain and the heavy winds wreaked havoc on the snow here yesterday. Winter is a mere shell of itself here this morning. Snowmobile trails go into green grass like paths to nowhere. I dread going out and seeing what’s left of my cross country ski trails. Probably not much. I am sure that down in town and in Rutland, there is little, if any, remnants of the snow. If things have taken their toll here with such great gusto, I doubt that the lower elevations fared any better.

The good news, and there is always good news, is that the forecast for the entire rest of the week is snow – in one form or other. Snow flurries, snow showers (which for us can mean several inches of snow) and plain old snow.

The January thaw has run its course, the temperatures are back below freezing and dropping more and more each day the remainder of the week. Winter is coming back.

More snow….we went to bed with the prediction of snow showers possibly and figured we would wake to a dusting. But no….there is about 6 inches of snow out there this afternoon and it is still snowing. Everything which over the weekend was muddy and grey is now winter wonderland white once again!


Well, it’s snowing here on the hill and evidently, other places as well. There is about 2 inches but in true Vermont weather fashion, this is only snow showers. Meanwhile, if we were still in NJ, this would be an all-out snow storm. Run to the store, grab your milk and bread and hunker down. I am always amused by the difference in attitude between the places that get snow all the time and the places that don’t. Up here and most other places that get snow on a regular basis, this is nothing, a pittance, a drop in the bucket. The sanders/salters/plowers haven’t even left their garages, I am sure, but flash to NJ, they would be out in force because <gasp> we have 2 inches of snow on the road.

As my middle son pronounced when he came downstairs about a week ago, to snow showers that had left everything white — “Well, that’s more like it, this is the way Vermont is supposed to be”.  Now, that says it all, doesn’t it. Winter, cold, snow — in my  mind they are the same.




Chickens don’t much like the snow. Or at least, our chickens don’t much like the snow. We had snow showers off and on today which left a couple of inches of snow on the ground. (Snow showers in our neck of the woods is a dangerous and misleading term since snow showers have been known to drop INCHES of snow which is the same as snow storms in other parts of the land). Anyhow, the chickens really didn’t take much of a liking to the snow and the goats, well the goats are lovable but not too smart, they had big frozen balls of snow in their fur evidently not thinking it necessary to get indoors when it was snowing.

Busy weekend. We had baby Emily’s christening and one of Tom’s cousins’ weddings in the same day. We left here bright and early in the morning and it was a long, long day. Fun but exhausting. 

Lots of catching up with friends and family.

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Our Gang with Miss Emily

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