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Today is a snow day and it’s our first real, actual snowstorm of the winter. Can you believe that? While other parts of the country were getting hammered with snow (talking about you, Jersey folks) we could see mostly grass on our lawns and fields. We awoke to several  inches of snow on the ground and for the first time this season, I got to pull out my Sorrel boots and wander out in the snow. Honestly, there really hasn’t been enough snow at once to warrant boots – muck shoes have been fine.



Things are finally totally white — now this, this is what winter is supposed to be like here in Vermont.





I was out, bright and early, visiting with my other kids – the ones that are somewhat hairier than the ones that live inside the house. Honestly, who can refuse this face? Lots of goat love (or maybe it was just that I was feeding them).


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With a sigh, and some dejected looks, the boys are off. School is back in session and the countdown to exams is on. They were hoping, dreaming, praying for a snow day – to put off the reality of having to go back to school – even if it does mean seeing all their friends again – for one more day. I remember Christmas vacation. It is almost as hard as summer vacation. To put all those lazy days behind you and get back into the routine of school, homework, activities, everything that goes along with the regular grind…is, well, boring.

The magic of Christmas is over. The anticipation is gone. There is nothing to look forward to except the next day off, which doesn’t come for a couple weeks.

I feel for them, I was them not that long ago (at least in my own mind). No one wished for the phone to ring with that lovely automated message that school was closed this morning, more than me. To not have to get out of my nice warm bed, to not have to leave that layer of dreamy sleepiness, now that would have been a good present. Despite the snow (which appears to be measured in feet, not inches) that has fallen on the ground, school goes on, the vacation is over…there is work to be done. We live in a place where snow is snow, much like rain, school goes on. No ice, then there’s school. Simple as that. No wishing, no dreaming, no snowstorm that lasted for days to slow it down.

Happy First Day Back from Christmas Vacation!

Tonight when we went outside to put away the goats and gather the eggs from the chickens it is nasty out there. Sleet, freezing rain — I really can’t tell the difference, I just know that we were pelted by ice in one form or another. In the few minutes that we were outside, the intensity of the precipitation increased and it is supposed to be really windy later tonight…. can you say lack of power?

The goats were covered in icy patches and I am sure that tomorrow their coats will look frizzy just like my hair on a bad day….see, they really are MY goats!

The house has been its usual chaotic stream of boys in and out and out and in all day long and most of them not my own. Overall, it has been a pleasant snow day, without much snow.

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