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This is what the hippest bananas will be sporting in the coming months. According to Chiquita, the winners of their sticker design contest have been chosen.

Photo: Chiquita Brands International via Slashfood

The bananas at your local food market will be sporting some pretty creative stickers thanks to the winners of the contest. See all the winning stickers here and read all about the contest and winners at Slashfood.

My personal favorite is Ben M.’s design of the fingerprint. Something decidedly “Fringe” about it.


Every once in a while, I come across something that just makes me shiver. This is one of them. All I can say is Eeeeyuuuu.

Photo: Laurentia Genske

Whiskey made from human urine. I seriously kid you not. Read about it here. Basically diabetics, especially older one, excrete a large amount of sugar in their urine. Purify the urine and you have sugar to feed the fermentation process to make whiskey. They call it Wee Whiskey.

Photo: Wikipedia

Slashfood ran a story about how the drive up clerk at a Quiznos restaurant found an unlikely customer. She was a pig. A real pig. Turns out that a stray pig was found oinking into the microphone at a Lake of the Pines, Β California Quiznos location. Imagine the surprise of the person on the other end of the microphone. The staff called animal control and fed the pig to keep there until the local animal control could arrive. The irony of the whole thing, is that the pig threw up the Quiznos cuisine. Seems that even pigs have a discerning palette.

No one seemed to know where the pig came from, but there appeared to be a lot of takers to adopt her.

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