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The littlest T came home last night with his handmade mug – to join my other mugs. And within minutes of being home, it was washed and already a host to a cup of tea – the trial run so to speak. He was so anxious for me to take it for a test drive, that I really had no choice. Each of the boys has made a mug and looking at them together says a lot about their individual personalities. The mug on the left, the largest mug, belongs to the oldest. It is the biggest of the three, and while physically it doesn’t symbolize him (since the oldest and the middle are vying these days for whose the tallest) it does symbolize his personality. He is confident, larger  than life in many ways, independent and not afraid to speak his mind – sometimes to his own detriment especially these days when it is directed at one of his parents. The mug on the right was crafted by our middle son. It is very well thought out, a lot of attention to detail, creative, much like our middle son. He is very empathetic, very concerned about other’s feelings and very creative. He does nothing without it being deliberate and planned, even sometimes to his detriment when we are all waiting on him to finish, find or do, something. The middle mug, which is the smallest, is the newest to the collection. The one crafted just weeks ago by our youngest. It is the smallest in size of the three. It is colorful and well shaped, the handle is easy to hold and it is more shaped like a tea cup than a mug. Tim is probably by far the most rounded of the boys, since he has his hand into everything, sports, drama, music, socializing. His talent lies in his personality, his “theatrics” if you will, so the mug, with it’s curves and color, fits him just fine.

It is always interesting to see how the boys are similar and different from each other. I think that these mugs concretely demonstrates some of those similarities and differences.


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