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Here are some pictures of the garden — it is growing and the combination of showers and sun is working its biological magic since each day the plants are bigger and stronger. The tiny tomatillos seedlings I set out a couple weeks ago are ready to be staked this week.


We’ve accomplished a lot in the past weekend and now we’re off to have some fun for a few days before the boys return home. It should be a very relaxing next few days — no chores that need or “should” be done, just spending some time hanging out together.

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Sometimes, taking your time and really paying attention pays off. You see things that you would normally breeze right over if you were operating at your normal speed. The other day, we were straightening things up on the patio for a party we were having and we went to move my pot of lettuce seedlings. Lo and behold, nestled in between the teeny tiny seedlings was a tiny toad. Seriously while he may look gigantic in this picture the little guy is only about an inch big. He was in the lettuce bed yesterday day and on the patio steps today. While I was watering he was jumping along next to me. I think that I might have made a friend.

Another little treasure I found while I was weeding and watering was a partial light blue robin’s egg. The occupant of this particular egg evidently has literally flown the coup, or at least I hope since the shell was on the ground.

We made a lunch run to drop trash off at the transfer station. We were gone 25 minutes tops. In that time, utter destruction ensued. My months of seed growing, my onions, scallions, leeks, lettuce and flowers which I had tended to so carefully over the past weeks was reduced to this

The most mature of the plants, including our berry bushes which I had transplanted were trampled.

As heart wrenching as this destruction to my pre-garden seedlings and plants is, even more disturbing is what caused our dog, which never has gone near the plants before –ever– to trample through the plants to get to the sliding door and whatever was on the other side of it — whatever it was caused the dog to go nuts and trample through the shelf with my plants on it to get to the door… I am off to clean up and salvage what remains there might be…..sniff, sniff.

Okay, so well it’s not exactly in the garden, but someday, someday they will be in the garden when the feet of snow we still have here melt. On that front, there is more ground showing, although driving up our hill is still akin to trekking to Siberia compared to other places like Rutland. I…think…that… they… actually… have… green…things…growing there.

I am watching the seedlings that I planted grow, straight and tall, towards the grow light. There is no other direction for them, they do not go sideways or gow out the bottom of the tray, they simply grow up. Even though they are by the sliding doors, where the sun is located, the grow light is so much stronger, so much brighter. So simple, if it was only that easy for us humans. Only one direction to go in, only one decision to make – no choices, no distractions, no complications. Move toward the right decision, direction, choice. No temptation, no confusion, no regrets.

May we have the strength of these tiny seedlings – grow toward the light. Keep it simple.

The humble beginnings of salad. Lettuce seedings coming into the world on our plant rack. Can you taste that fresh-from-the-garden salad?

I also was able to find broccolini seeds online. Here they are emerging from their casings.


When I went outside this morning, it was sunny and I decided to lift the side on the greenhouse so that the bees could get in and do their work. (Yes, it has been that cool and rainy here that the plants in the greenhouse are doing much, much better than the garden and haven’t even shown any signs of it being too hot in there) When I lifted the side plastic, I saw my resident snake, curled up in my seed tray right on my plants, enjoying the warm weather. I went inside to get the camera, came out and noticed that the snake appeared to be much larger. No – the snake had morphed into 2 snakes, who were as you can see, quite comfortably lounging in my seedlings.

In addition to the snakes, we now have snow peas, hot peppers and little tomatoes. Finally, things in the garden are starting to bloom.


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