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Vermont’s school funding is in the state and local news of late and we will all be asked to vote on school budgets soon. The Vermont School Boards Association produced a video to help explain how the process works. It does a good job of explaining a fairly complex process, making it a little easier to understand.


It’s official. I have been elected (thank you, thank you, thank you Wallingford voters) to the school board for the high school. The ballots were counted and although I ran unopposed, I still needed votes to get into office — it would have been very sad to run unopposed and then not get in — not sure how that would work, but I am fairly confident that if it could possibly happen, it would happen to me, the oath was administered and I have sat through my first board meeting.

There will be a learning curve without a doubt, but I am looking forward to rising to the challenge. I hope that things might be better for my effort.

All that aside, it was so very strange to walk into vote and find my own name on the ballot. I betcha that my dad would have been proud.

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