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Yesterday, Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. The weather was absolutely wonderfully spring-like and warm. It was made better because I was able to spend it with my sweetie, two of my three boys, my youngest nephew, my sister and my brother-in-law.

We were able to celebrate Tyler’s birthday on Saturday after the Easter Vigil mass where Tim did the readings.

 Sunday afternoon I went for a nice long walk with my dog, getting a nice dose of sunshine and endorphins. All in all, a good day, a nice weekend and a chance to do some community service with my Rotary club.

Since I have moved here, I have been truly blessed to have some wonderful people come into my life. People who inspire me to make our world a better place and give me the faith that there really are good souls in the world despite how our mass media constantly blankets us in the ugly and the horrific nature of our fellow humans.

A group of community members and teenagers came together to help make our town a better place, to instill some beauty into our little corner of the world. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Most of these folks I met as members of my Rotary club, which I will proudly assume the reins of president for in a few months. These folks, like many others in the community where I live, try to make the world a better place and truly embody the Rotary motto of “service above self”. I am proud to be counted among their ranks.

To perfectly top off the wonderful weekend that it was, I noticed that spring has truly come to the hill. My first crocus not only sprouted forth from the depths of its winter slumber but found the warm of the sun sufficient to bloom – sharing its beautiful colors with me.

 I hope you find the time to make your world a better place, “do good and so good will come to you.” Happy Monday. 


IMG_0690A lot has been going on in the past couple weeks. While I have intended to write here and there, something else always seemed to take priority. Yesterday, at a Rotary meeting (yes incidentally that is one of the things that has been happening) I was asked to speak about myself. Who am I? What do I do? What would I like others to know about me? These are all interesting questions and came out in a brief 10-15 minute talk. Naturally, I spoke of my professional background, what kind of legal work I do, what areas of the law interest me and explained the different types of things that I do. I mentioned writing, my blog and of course my family.

While lying in bed during the wee hours of the morning this morning I thought about all the things that I didn’t say (and maybe should have). After all they are a part of me too. I didn’t mention that I love to cook and bake (cinnamon buns in the oven as I type this–a perk for those men of mine resulting from my insomnia), I didn’t mention that I love to garden. I didn’t mention where I hoped to be going in five or ten years or a whole lot about where I’d been. They know a lot about me (enough for the purposes of why I was asked to speak) but they really don’t know me. They don’t know that hearing my son sing makes my heart swell about 100 times its normal size with pride and seeing my boys interact with one another, joking, laughing –sharing brother things does the same. They don’t know that I like to take pictures and since I’ve been doing that more regularly I view the world through a different lens (pardon the pun). They don’t know that it took me most of my life to come to appreciate and live with my curly hair and that we peacefully co-exist these days.They don’t know that the person that looks back at me in the mirror is completely different than the image of me that resides in my mind. They don’t know the things that keep me awake at night or the things that can bring me to tears from just the thought. When they asked who am I? It was way more than I could explain in a few minutes and in fact it might take me a lifetime to figure that one out.

Thinking about who you are, where you’ve come from and where you are headed  is a good thing to do, whether you have to speak about yourself in public or not. It lets you take stock and see those things that you like about yourself and those things that you want to change. It definitely lets you see where your priorities lie and gives you a really good sense of all the things and people in your life for which you should be thankful.

English: Rotary International emblem

English: Rotary International emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I got a phone call out of the blue from someone at the Wallingford Rotary asking me if I would be their speaker for this week’s program. My first thought was “Me? Why do you want me?” I actually think that was the first thing that I said on the phone as well. Turns out, I agreed to speak and then I was determined to find out what I could speak about to this group. Sure, I can talk law, but this is a group of varied professionals and I don’t know that I could have found common ground that was interesting enough. I had the pleasure of interviewing the then-incoming president of the Rotary, Adrian Eisler over the summer for the Rutland County Express and we discussed ways to bring new members and update the Rotary’s image which is one of her goals as president. I thought that brainstorming some new ways to open up to the community and thereby increase their membership might be a fun topic that obviously would be of interest to them. I spent a chunk of time yesterday investigating what other Rotary groups do to bring in new members and see how they could make use of things at their fingertips like their webpage, a Facebook page, Twitter account and a blog. We discussed how to tap into the younger generations, particularly how they could garner the interest of the middle school and high school kids, many sadly who have no idea that they come from a Rotary that is the home of all Rotary since its founder Paul Harris is from good ol’ Wallingford Vermont. We discussed getting the kids involved, getting the community involved and letting Wallingford and the surrounding areas know who the Rotarians were, what they did professionally and where their personal interests lie in the hopes of making connections that could foster future relationships between the organization and future members.

Wallingford, Vermont

Wallingford, Vermont (Photo credit: Dougtone)

I thought that it was a good discussion and hopefully so did they. It was definitely interesting and fun to do something a little outside of my comfort zone. Since as part of their meeting, they pass the Pig and put in a dollar for a happy thought that they share with the group and many of those thoughts centered around spring, flowers and the vegetables, I chose a pick of apple blossoms to share with this post.  Check out the Wallingford Rotary’s web page for more information about the Wallingford Rotary which is open to professionals, business people and community members not only from Wallingford but also the surrounding communities. P1070263

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