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Reading is fundamental #warbywalk

Reading is fundamental #warbywalk (Photo credit: doodlehedz)

Remember that public service announcement from the Children’s Literacy Foundation?

RIF – Reading is Fundamental.

Today was one of those days where that phrase would have definitely come in handy. We were trying to return anything extra from the renovation of the ceiling in the living room. We had a pendant light fixture to return to Lowe’s. Turns out that the fixture could not be affixed to the ceiling and would have had to be mounted on the beam instead, which would have worked fine for anyone in the house under 5 1/2 feet tall (read: me) but would not work at all for the men in my life who all tower over me. They would have repeatedly clocked themselves on the light.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our neck of the woods, there isn’t a Lowe’s anywhere around here. We went to Glens Falls to the Lowe’s there to buy the fixtures and since Lake George isn’t exactly a booming area in the dead of winter, we decided to drive down to the Lowe’s in Albany to return the light and then visit the mall and grab dinner, making a day out of it.

We went into Lowe’s with our light fixture, the girl scanned the fixture (I couldn’t find the receipt which will make a whole lot more sense as this story unfolds) to process the return and informed me that I didn’t buy it there. She had a bit of attitude from the outset, so I pointed out to her that we didn’t buy it there, but we did buy it at the Lowe’s in Glens Falls. No, she said, rather annoyed, you didn’t buy it at Lowe’s. Yes, I did — I insisted, annoyed at her curt demeanor. No, you didn’t — she was insistent. ARGH… So this is how this is going to be. She then turned the box over and very pointedly informed me that I purchased it at Home Depot. Lo and behold, there it was, right on the box if I cared to read it. Talk about embarrassing. I politely thanked her and explained that we had bought light fixtures from both stores and I was wrong and then slinked away with my light fixture that took a ride all the way down to Albany with us. Good thing that we were planning on doing something else.

Lessons learned — (1) Reading really is fundamental. Saves you a lot of embarrassment.

(2) Make sure you’re right before you get nasty with the sales clerk that is short with you. She may be right after all.


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