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Well, today’s my birthday, the fateful, dreaded 45. There is nothing like the fates conspiring against you especially around your birthday. Last night, or yesterday afternoon to be precise, got a call from Tom who got a call from the coach that TJ appeared to have broken his wrist and they were enroute to the ER. Since I was already in Rutland, I went straight there and Tom joined me. It turns out that TJ fractured his wrist in two locations, an ulnar fracture and a radius fracture. Now, I have one very miserable kid, since it is his right hand and he is unable to write (okay, so no great loss there in his mind) but he is also unable to use the computer or even worse (GASP) use the XBox. So now I have a miserable child. Hopefully this will get better after he is casted on Monday (he is only splinted right now due to swelling).

Since he is mopey and miserable and wallowing in his own self pity, he also didn’t feel up to going out to dinner. So, I must say, I did do a good job of cooking my own birthday dinner, complete with cake (hoping it would pep him up some, since it is his favorite).

Our dinner plans were trashed, and the entire place has been thrown on its ear with spending the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening in the hospital last night. No one feels much like celebrating except poor Tim who did a really great job of making me two birthday cards. 

Ah…..I think I’ll just go enjoy my dinner and go to bed….there is always next year. And maybe it won’t be quite so dramatic around here ……


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