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Yesterday was ridiculously warm, well into the high 40s — it even touched 50 for a brief while. The snow is pretty much all gone and the roaring winds that we’ve had over the last 12 hours were the nail in the coffin for the snow. As I type this the sun is out and it looks more like spring than a little more than a week before Christmas here in Vermont.

Ironic since VAST’s snowmobile trails all open this weekend and so does Pico that we should have barely any snow. The forecast is not particularly helpful so far for thoughts of a white Christmas. But I am hoping. If there is one time of the year when there is supposed to be snow, it is Christmas. Damn, those Hollywood movies with their perfect Christmases — oh and their perfect people too, since I’m complaining.

Nonetheless, despite the lack of snow, it is cookie-making weekend as both cookie exchanges I am attending this year both fall this weekend. One is tonight and one is Sunday.

The butter is softening……and then….. off to make some delightful cookies.

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Here is the snow that we missed last week when it seemed that the entire rest of the East Coast got dumped with snow. We had a nice snow day today. The boys headed out to go snowboarding and skiing at Pico and came home to homemade chili and homemade bread. Seems like I will have to ramp up bread production, which is nice since I like to bake and it seems that the gang likes to eat.

It has been windy all day today and therefore hard to tell exactly how much snow we did get. We were forecast to get about 6 inches but there are bare spots in the drive and snow drifts that cover your boots. Go figure, I guess that we will just have to get out and enjoy it.

It’s a very chilly crisp cold morning here on the hill. It is very clear though. The temperatures dropped from 43 yesterday afternoon to 14 this morning. It’s been colder here and will be later this week, but whenever there is a drastic drop, it always feels cold. We’ll be venturing out shortly to let goats out but here’s a picture from our living room window (I know, I am a chicken before I’ve had my coffee). The view is of both Pico and Killington peaks. Killington is the one to the right, Pico on the left. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

dscn3904Yesterday was a beautiful day. While there were no flowers here yet, spring was definitely in the air.

Today, we woke to a totally different day. As I was sitting here, the wind was blowing and the snow was falling. This is what it looks like out our window this afternoon…..



I am making beef stroganoff and potato bread for dinner today — at Tyler’s request (too bad you weren’t here Lou) good day for this kind of food. The boys are off at Pico for the last day of their ten-week lessons. Fitting end, since the past few days have been very little snow with a lot of ice underneath on the slopes. (Kind of like NJ skiing)

Good advice, even if you’re not Julius Caesar. Today was a day. I really just didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. It has just been too many days of early days and late nights or maybe it’s just the time of the year….either way – next time I should listen.

We were off to skiing but disorganized since I woke up late and that set the tone for the day. Got season passes for next year at a great deal at Pico (hooray!) and then was out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine around the base of the mountain. As we rounded the lodge by First Aid – spotted my son’s friend (who had come with us and for whom I was responsible) being sledded in by Ski Patrol with a suspected broken wrist. Thank goodness, Tom was close by and he was able to wisk him off to the ER and get in touch with his parents, while I rounded up the troops (who didn’t even know what happened). Now we are home, exhausted with a pile of laundry and dinner to cook. Tomorrow, we get to get up and do it all  (minus the broken bones) again. BTW, turns out he broke his arm, not his wrist. Lovely — all the same — poor kid.

Wow. It is hard to believe that 2 weeks have flown by. Tomorrow everyone is back to school and work and normal schedules. It will be hard since it was such a long break. Lots to catch up on….

New Year’s Eve we had the party that wasn’t really a party. The boys evidently were planning on our traditional New Year’s Eve party which neither Tom nor I were counting on doing until literally about 6:30 on New Year’s Eve when it became apparent that we were having company and a party despite what we thought. Thank goodness for my sister, the “party in a heartbeat” diva, who put together a spread complete with decorations in less than an hour and 1/2. We had about 20 people including us so it was a nice night with family and some friends. 

In true Vermont fashion, just when we thought the party was over and we were going to bed, the doorbell rang with a New Year reveler who wanted to stop by for some New Year well wishes.

The weather was COLD. The boys were snowboarding at Okemo and had a blast. 

Today started our Pico ski/snowboard lessons. It has been a LONG day, but happy to say that in the hours between when we left our house this morning and when we returned this afternoon we had three really happy kids who between them accomplished intermediate and black diamond skiing and snowboarding respectively and overall had a really nice day.

Tomorrow will be a long day. First day back to school for all of us.

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