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Miss my dad everyday since he left us, but especially on Father’s Day.

He would be very proud of his grandsons and I know that they would have loved spending time with him.

Warmest wishes to all the dads celebrating today, especially the man that has helped me through the craziness of parenthood and helps me everyday to raise three wonderful young men –

today and always, I love you.


When we moved here five years ago, I remember feeling a little lost when I was around the other parents and the other kids at school functions or parent meetings. So many unfamiliar faces and while no one was openly hostile or purposely ignoring us, people just naturally gravitated to each other, to familiar faces and those with whom they shared common bonds. It was, I must admit, a bit lonely for a woman who was pretty darn involved in her boys’ lives and fairly active in the various activities prior to our move. Parents were strangers, kids were even bigger strangers.

Last night, as we watched the MRU Winter Vocal concert in a packed auditorium of family and friends, it occurred to me how far we, as a family, have come here in Vermont. All the boys have wonderful, steadfast friends who really have their backs. If you watched any group of them, you wouldn’t believe that a few years ago, they were separated by hundreds of miles and were complete and total strangers to each other. We have developed some great friendships with other parents  and it was extremely nice to look around and see so many different and familiar faces.

Best of all I think was sitting there as a member of the audience and watching, even staring, at the various members of the different musical groups. It was heartwarming to see how these children are maturing into adults – a transformation right before our eyes — highlighted by their formal choral attire. So many familiar student faces, so many friends to my boys. It was very classy to watch the kids cheer each other on during performances and realize that they really, honestly mean it. The high school emsembles and chorus gave a standing ovation to the junior chorus after its performance – the first of the evening. The audience was peppered with recent graduates who have returned from college for winter break – and they stood to applaud their former fellow ensemble members after each and every performance.

It is nice to see such support and friendship among the kids. Its also nice to  know how many friendships we have forged in such a small amount of time and to reflect on how lucky we are to live where we do.


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We attended a full afternoon and evening of parent teacher conferences – 14 conferences in total since two of the boys have the same teacher for a class (specials classes don’t have conferences) and they were kind enough to combine that conference – thank heavens for small considerations. Overall, the feedback was good — there are always areas of improvement –but it was nice to hear that they are doing well.

Not much in the way of criticism although I always feel my mother feathers ruffle just a little when someone criticizes one of the boys. Something deep inside rumbles to life and I must remind myself that I have to listen to the criticism and consider it in order that they benefit from it and it makes each of them a better person if they consider it constructive and modify their behavior or study habits, or whatever, accordingly.

One of the more interesting things for both of us was the characterization of one of the boys by all of his teachers as “quiet”. “Quiet” is an adjective that I would not use in any sense of the word to describe that son. Funny to see how your children are perceived through others’ eyes. I wonder what they would think of their description of him if they spent only a few hours in our home. I am quite confident that “quiet” would be completely and totally erased from that definition.

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