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It’s a very rainy day here. The weather is just plain old WRONG. It is the middle of January and while I don’t necessarily like the idea of a January thaw – I can accept it. What I cannot accept is the fact that it is pouring outside. Normally, the sound of rain tapping on the roof of my office is comforting but today it is just plain annoying. The day has been dreary and dark, the rain has been falling, the radar looks all green and gross. As you can see, I have nothing particularly uplifting to say, so I thought I would share some photos of our house that were very kindly given to us by a woman who lived here for a summer while she was a nursing student in the 1970s.

It was very nice of her to lend me her photo album to scan these pictures. We have a little bit of the history of the house, which always intrigues us. Who lived here before us? What parts of the house existed at that time and what did they look like?

Centerville house 7

The view from the front of the house is pretty much the same.

Centerville house 8

I love the sign that says “Sugar Hill” on the front of the house……

Centerville house 10

This is a picture of the “facilities” surprisingly, they were out of doors still in the 1970s.

Centerville house 11 Centerville house 12

For those of you familiar with our house now, this is how it looked before the addition of the den and garage which were put on sometime between this picture and when we purchased it.

Centerville house 1

Water was pumped in the kitchen.Centerville house 2

Centerville house 3

Centerville house 4

Centerville house 6


If I’ve been a little quiet lately, I apologize. Things have been a bit hectic around here. A bit of renovation always makes me jumpy and on Saturday, we tore down the ceiling in the living room to replace it since parts of it were water damaged and cracking. I, however, was no where to be found after we removed everything but the sofas from the room. Construction and the mess associated with it, especially right in the center of the house, makes me jittery and agitated. Best I be out of the way. When I got back after a couple hours of running errands I was pleasantly informed by my husband that when they ripped out the sheetrock, lo and behold there were the original post and beams from the house. This is kind of surprising since we were pretty sure that the living room area had been renovated and there wasn’t much of the “old stuff” still remaining. We were wrong. We found some hand hewn beams and wooden pegs as well as the gas lines from the gas lights that must have previously lit that room of the house. There was also an old ceiling fixture that had simply been covered up when the 2×4 went up and the sheetrock went in.





We decided that it would be a shame to cover it all back up again and changed our plans to keep it open which required a different plan for lighting since we had planned on putting LED can lights into the sheetrock ceiling. The next day, we were heading over for a pleasant afternoon in Glens Falls to hit up the closest Lowes and get the fixtures that we wanted. While we didn’t make it to the Thai restaurant that was on our radar for a late lunch or early dinner, we had a pleasant day nonetheless. When we got home, yours truly did it again. I slipped on the ice getting out of the truck. While most of me moved when this happened, the hiking boot securing my ankle decided to stay firmly planted in place when I fell. So, needless to say my ankle didn’t make the journey with the rest of my body and now resembles a much larger, more swollen and painful version of its former self. The pizza we had grabbed for the boys that I was carrying and dropped when I got out of the truck fared far better than my ankle did.

To alleviate my anxiety over the house being in a state of upheaval from the work in the living room, I can now  ponder attempting to safely hobble about on a sprained ankle with minimal pain. It all evidently works out in the end.


I love our house, but like every old house, it has it’s frustrations. We wanted to replace the bathroom vanity top, just the top with something that is not Brady Bunch gold. Simple, right? No, of course not. It is longer than the standard 61 inches so it is special order. And since it is special order it is a minimum charge that is practically double what the actual material would cost if there were no minimum charge.  ARGH. So the simple process of replacing the vanity top and sinks will turn, like everything else, into a project. A project of mismatched sizes and head shaking “nothing is every easy”. What are we going to do? I haven’t the faintest idea – but everything old is new again at some point, isn’t it? Maybe we just have to hope that Brady Bunch gold formica comes back into style sooner rather than later…..

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