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Unlike a lot of people here in Vermont, we lived about 6 miles from New York City on September 11th, 2001. It was a scary day for anyone who lived or worked in or near Manhattan, maybe a little more so than here in the country. We didn’t need to turn on televisions to see the World Trade Towers burning and collapsing, we could see it live from where we lived. When I turned on VPR this morning, they were replaying audio from emergency services that day. It sent chills up my spine. We lived it, we were relatively in the midst of it, it is seared into our memory. I do not feel the need to hear the horror of that day over again. I think that if I feel that way, the people who lost loved ones that day must feel sick when they hear that day played over and over again.

Many lives were lost and for many people their lives were changed forever. My heart will always go out to those people but I don’t think anyone needs to hear it and see the tragedy of that day repeatedly.

None of us will, or can, forget.

The media doesn’t need to insult us by reminding us.

Mourn the losses but don’t relive the tragedy. Remember and pay tribute to those who perished.

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On Monday, June 21st, 60 pianos will be placed throughout New York City. The pianos, all donated and given very cool and artistic paint jobs by volunteers are part of a public art project called “Play Me…I’m Yours”. Sing for Hope is the non-profit group that will be responsible for bringing color and music to the city. The pianos will be there…for the playing. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to go on up to one of these pianos and play a tune, sing a song…release your inner Elton John.

Each piano will be watched over by a volunteer who will cover it should inclement weather come upon the city. And not that anyone would want to steal one of these lovely pieces of art…but they will be chained to cinderblocks…just in case.

For more in depth information about this pretty darn cool project here’s the link.

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Every once in a while (okay, maybe a little more frequently than that) I have to smack myself in the head and wonder how did I ever live down there? I just learned that beekeeping is illegal in New York City. Okay, I know, I didn’t live in NYC, but for crying out loud I could see NYC, I could smell NYC and if I googled anything, it came up with one of them in NYC because it was that close. So, evidently, the hobby that my husband has taken up for years up here (even before we moved) is illegal there. Such a strange thing, since what did a poor honeybee (or millions of them) do to anyone in NYC? Other than provide some delicious honey? Just Food has declared June 22-28 NYC Pollinator Week in an attempt to draw attention to the ridiculous law in effect and change it. If you are in NYC or close by, evidently there are plenty of events, including the Beekeepers Ball.

According to the here, Letterman style, are the Top 5 Reasons to legalize beekeeping (besides it being a stupid law-that’s my 2 cents by the way)

Local Food Production

Honeybee pollination will increase the productivity of NYC’s community gardens, botanical gardens and public parks.

Health and Nutrition

Local honey contains small amounts of pollen from local plants, helping build immunity to these pollens and aiding in alleviating allergies.

Encourage Honeybee Survival

The Pollinator Habitat Protection Act of 2007 designates pollinator protection as a “national priority resource concern.” Urban beekeeping can help mitigate the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder.

Job and Youth Training

Beekeeping programs across the country provide job skills and training to youth and the unemployed in production, sales, marketing and management.


Beekeeping provides a rare opportunity for urban school children to connect with how and where food is produced.

Well, the city was a good trip, it was a long but fun day. Everyone is glad however to come back home. Nice to fall asleep last night to fresh air and wake to hear only the birds singing. It is funny, that we took the boys to the Planetarium and watched a really cool space show, but when it first got dark before the show began, and the planetarium filled with the night sky with stars, all I could think of and share with the boys is “this looks like right outside our door on a clear night” How absolutely great is that? To live in a place that you can see hundreds and hundreds of stars without any fancy equipment but merely by just standing on your porch and staring up at the night sky.

Reminds me of when Tom and I would go camping. Just sitting there in the silence with the person you want to be with most in the world, looking up at all those stars… Makes you feel very awed of it all and how small we really are in the great scheme of things.

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