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Three little words. One often underestimates the power of speech. The power of suggestion. Human nature.

Improv Everywhere placed a wooden lectern with a megaphone in the middle of Union Square in New York City recently and in a few other selected spots around the city. The lectern was outfitted with the aforementioned megaphone and a plaque that read “Say Something Nice”.

The results are interesting and put smiles on the faces of the people on the street in New York City a few days ago and on my face when I watched it. See, we’re not all mean and grumpy — some of us given the opportunity can be downright charming.

Read on at Improv Everywhere’s blog to find out the whole story behind this project.

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For those of you who love Pop Tarts, those pastries filled with jam and topped with sugar (or not, yet those really never seem to leave the shelves) rejoice! Pop Tart World has been opened in Times Square. A 3,000 square foot storefront devoted to Pop Tarts featuring a Pop Tarts Cafe which offers such delectables as Pop Tart Sushi (crushed Pop Tarts wrapped into Fruit rollups), and ice cream mixed with crushed Pop Tart pieces.

The store also features a Varietizer, a machine that allows you to customize your own box of Pop Tarts, mixing a variety of 30 flavors.

For the full scoop on Pop Tart World which is located in Times Square, check out the full article on Slashfood.

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On Monday, June 21st, 60 pianos will be placed throughout New York City. The pianos, all donated and given very cool and artistic paint jobs by volunteers are part of a public art project called “Play Me…I’m Yours”. Sing for Hope is the non-profit group that will be responsible for bringing color and music to the city. The pianos will be there…for the playing. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to go on up to one of these pianos and play a tune, sing a song…release your inner Elton John.

Each piano will be watched over by a volunteer who will cover it should inclement weather come upon the city. And not that anyone would want to steal one of these lovely pieces of art…but they will be chained to cinderblocks…just in case.

For more in depth information about this pretty darn cool project here’s the link.

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I recently read about a New York City chef who began crafting cheese from his wife’s breast milk following the birth of their child. Where to begin? First, what a publicity stunt for his restaurant. In the past few days, the news has been replete with coverage of this from local foodie blogs to the BBC. There is some talk that he has been serving this cheese at his restaurant which is clearly not possible, at least legally, since breast milk would not be approved by the health department – I know that we are talking about New York City, but still, I seriously doubt that the powers that be would permit such a thing. He claimed that he made it for he and his wife’s own consumption and then made it for some family members and friends at their request.

Second, having made cheese (not from breast milk, mind you) I know that it requires a whole lot of milk to produce a small amount of cheese. Delicious, homemade cheese, but still a lot of milk. Also having nursed my own children I am familiar with the amount of breast milk output from the average person. Yes, you can pump and store, which is where he claims to have gotten his milk (excess breast milk) but still, that is a whole lot of breast milk to be producing cheese for yourself, your family and friends. Does this poor chef have a wife or a milk producing machine? The poor child, is the poor thing’s milk supply being squeezed out for 15 minutes of fame for chef dad?

The whole thing doesn’t sit well with me, not even going into the whole contention of people who would go “ewwww, breast milk?” and have issues with it because the milk comes from a human as opposed to a cow, ewe or goat. I think it is an up and coming chef’s attempt to gain his 15 minutes of fame and promote his own restaurant. Knowing the way that people are, I just bet that the phone is ringing off the hook there right now.

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As I started this post I was writing from my phone sitting in the dark. I was sitting in the truck outside of the scout house, waiting on Tom after having dropped the boys off. It was pitch black around me, with the exception of the soft glow coming from the scout house and the few dotted lights in the mountainside from some homes in the area. It occurred to me that it was such a stark contrast to the many nights I may have also been sitting in my truck waiting on Tom or the boys while we were in New Jersey. There, darkness was an expensive commodity. Everywhere was lit, streetlights, house lights, car headlights. The glow of the New York city skyline always cast a glow on the night sky obstructing any possible view of stars, except for maybe a select, bright few. Here, by contrast, you’d be hard pressed to find a place on a clear night that you couldn’t see a skyful of stars, similar to those indoor planetarium shows. The sky twinkles and when it is dark, well, it is really, absolutely, pitch dark. I sent out a twitter while I was sitting there in the dark, that I was pretending to be invisible. It is easy in this complete darkness to be absorbed by it and feel a part of it. It is quiet and peaceful – a stark contrast to that place from which we came.

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