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Throwing the calendar to a new page, heck to a whole new calendar.

Happy 2019! The holidays have come and have gone. It’s hard to believe that the brief (too brief) time we all spent together is over, but it will hold a special, cherished place in my heart and my memories. To say it’s easy to see the boys leave and go back to school is not true, but the sadness lessens and is replaced with appreciation.

~Appreciation that we raised the boys to believe that the family is important enough to make the effort, time and plans to spend the Christmas holiday together

~Appreciation that we are able to be together and missing those that are no longer with us as we celebrate

~Appreciation that these moments in time are truly blessings and should be enjoyed to their fullest because life is precious.

~Appreciation that we are blessed with family and friends who choose to spend time with us and make us laugh and remember the things that we, by ourselves, may forget.

Often, the New Year is seen as a time to reflect upon what is wrong with each of us and what needs to be fixed – ie -lose weight, exercise more, drink less, stop smoking, whatever else might make up those “this is what’s wrong with me lists” we each make up in our heads as the calendar comes to a close.

Truly, New Year’s should be a time to take stock and reflect upon what is good with us, what is right in our world and what we are blessed with so we can walk into the new year filled with love, light, energy and good thoughts. There is so much negativity out there in the world, maybe a “reset” on our frame of mind would be a good way to start this new year.

I am taking part in a 52 week photo challenge. The first week’s prompt is to take a photo that describes who you are without showing your face. The prompt got me to thinking — who am I? What sums “me” up without showing my face? A provoking question to ask and I’ll have a week to think about it and post my photo describing myself to the group. I’m interested to see what I come up with, aren’t you?

The end of the year we are taught is always a time to take stock of your life, your world, your body. Explore what you like, vow to discard or improve what you don’t. It is a time of hope, promise, a blank slate. Honestly, though, isn’t each day a chance to do all those things?


Last night, we were fortunate to spend some wonderful, quality time with friends, sharing food and laughter. Grateful always for my family, dear friends who share the bonds of many years, tears and laughter with us and those that have touched our lives and become an important part of our world here in Vermont. Most of all, grateful for the men in my life, who are my personal reason for living each day.

Instead of wishing our lives away, be thankful for what was and enjoy what will be and live each moment you are blessed to have. Mindful of your blessings and with a heart full of gratitude, welcome the new page on the calendar. Happy 2017!

Here are some of the pictures from our holiday week here at the T’s house.

We started the week off with a visit from one of my oldest and dearest college friends and her family.

We also celebrated my mom’s birthday one evening when she arrived with my brother and his family

and the next night we celebrated my friend Ellen’s son’s 12th birthday with another cake…..

and on the third night everyone was wondering…..who’s birthday is next? Sadly, we could find no one so we had a night without cake

But the following night, New Year’s Eve, we did have a party!

with awesome decorating by my sister (btw, she’s available to do parties!)

who happens to be kissing a good friend of ours also from college who happened to surprise us with a visit and cleaned my hall lights (but that is another post all together)

and a lot of kids throwing kids into our humungous bean bag in the den (I assure you that no one was injured)

there was even a cotton candy night — that went over big with the little ones who thought the boys’ friend was just AWESOME.



The house was so full all week (for a couple nights we had 18 people sleeping here) and we laughed and we ate and we hung out and we had a great time! It was so nice to see everyone and share some quality time together.

We had a nice holiday week. We were fortunate to have visits from my sister and her family. The boys always love to see their cousins. They are always sad when they leave. It’s a cycle, like ending an old year and beginning a new one. I love having my sister around, it’s fun to have someone around who knows me since well – forever. Much like my boys, I am always sad to see her go and always look forward to their next visit. Happily, my nephew who is autistic and loves comes to our house and usually leaves in tears because he doesn’t want to leave, left this visit in good spirits which makes it easier on everyone, especially my sister and my brother-in-law.

It was nice to spend a couple hours with my friend Patty of Where Did The Time Go? who came up from Massachusetts to visit family, which as luck would have it, live in my town. She took me for a tour of her adorable Shack over in Tinmouth. We had fun catching up in person and enjoyed a nice relaxing cup of tea together.

The bummer of the weekend was that I came down with a cold so my motivation factor is pretty minimal. The weather has been very un-winter-like these last few days but refreshingly warm and nice to be outside. Haven’t broken out the cross country skis yet and with the fast melting snow, we’ll probably have to wait until it gets colder and some more snow comes our way.


It has been very busy around the T’s House this New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We have my brother and his family, my mom, my sister and her family and a good college friend of ours staying with us. There are 15 of us in total, so you can say that it is a full house. We are having a good time though and even managed to have our annual we’re-not-having-a-party New Year’s Eve party.

There is something very bland about the day after Christmas. All of the excitement and anticipation is over and all that is left is the aftermath of all those gifts. Boxes and tissue paper, gift bags and plastic wrappers. This morning we piled the pickup truck high with all of the Christmas debris and headed off to the transfer station. There, we were joined by many others, also dumping the remains of Christmas Day into dumpster and cans.

Today is a day to re-gather. Make room for the new gifts and put away the new clothes. Pick up the remains of the packaging and re-assemble ourselves. We will have a big week ahead of us, filling with family and friends. My nephews are arriving by train this evening, we are picking them up at the train station. They are coming in early to snowboard with the boys, a treat that all of them are looking forward to enjoying. My inlaws are still here visiting with us and then my sister, brother, mother and a couple friends will be showing up, in drips and drabs until New Years, when we expect a full house.

It is interesting. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were quiet, even noticeably absent the ruckus that used to surround my Christmases growing up. These last few days were reminiscent of Tom’s growing up, as an only child, not much ruckus in his house on Christmas. New Years will be reminiscent of my holidays, lots of people (only a much bigger house to put them all in) and lots of laughter, noise and kids. That was my Christmas, chaotic. Christmas was always my father’s favorite holiday and his love of the season and the surprise and anticipation carried us through. Since he passed away, that holiday is definitely not the same, so it is kind of respectfully appropriate that we don’t celebrate it in the same way. But I do miss it sometimes, it is a part of me and while I can be very Cybil-like about liking the quiet, to a part of me, the chaos is the way I remember the holidays, the way I lived them through a substantial portion of my life and the way that it should be.

I enjoyed Christmas but I am looking forward to New Years, while over the next week, I may be grumbling on the outside at times, somewhere, inside, I will be smiling, thinking this is the way it used to be.

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