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Today, we were on our way into Ludlow to run an errand and came upon the Mount Holly Moose once again.  We have seen her many times in the past months, sometimes with an out of town guest which really made their day. This time, she was laying down in someone’s yard just relaxing. So, with good camera in hand, here are some of the pictures. She looks totally unfazed by the humans on the side of the road that were gawking at her and taking pictures. After all, not many moose posing for cameras. A few years ago, we had a couple young moose that would wander through our neighborhood, but we haven’t seen any that close around our house in years.

There is concern that the moose is ill and that is the reason for her lack of concern for cars and people. There is talk that the moose may ultimately have to be euthanized. Hopefully, that is not the case.

Mount Holly Moose_dsc0790_dsc0797

We were fortunate to be invited to a wedding for the owners of a local restaurant that we frequent, Harry’s Cafe. Debbie and Trip have provided us with many an enjoyable meal. The restaurant is located in Mount Holly, close enough to our house to sneak away for a child-less dinner here and there. Trip, Debbie and the entire staff make you feel like family when you are there. It doesn’t take many visits to feel like you’re going to a good friend’s house for dinner. We were honored that they considered us friends and included us in their special day.

The wedding was held at the Weston Playhouse, a beautiful venue for a wedding. The ceremony was simple and elegant. The food, was delicious. I learned from members of their staff, that Debbie, Trip and the staff cooked the food served that evening in the nights preceding the event.

The photo is the view from the window by where we ate our dinner.


One of my favorite things to do with Tom is to go exploring, especially here in Vermont, since who knows what lurks close by? On Sunday, we had a great, relaxing day where we went out for breakfast and on our way back, took a couple turns. We found this beautiful lake which we knew was there but found public access which was a nice surprise.

This is a picture of Lake Ninevah in Mount Holly which is a beautiful lake.


We are discussing the idea of getting a couple of kayaks. Then we can take a lunch break and go paddling. It is close and would provide for a pretty neat lunch break, don’t you think?

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