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Today, we were on our way into Ludlow to run an errand and came upon the Mount Holly Moose once again.  We have seen her many times in the past months, sometimes with an out of town guest which really made their day. This time, she was laying down in someone’s yard just relaxing. So, with good camera in hand, here are some of the pictures. She looks totally unfazed by the humans on the side of the road that were gawking at her and taking pictures. After all, not many moose posing for cameras. A few years ago, we had a couple young moose that would wander through our neighborhood, but we haven’t seen any that close around our house in years.

There is concern that the moose is ill and that is the reason for her lack of concern for cars and people. There is talk that the moose may ultimately have to be euthanized. Hopefully, that is not the case.

Mount Holly Moose_dsc0790_dsc0797


We just returned from Maine/New Hampshire. We were providing “ground support” to our boys’ boyscout troop which was on a canoeing/camping trip for the boys’ canoeing merit badges. They canoed from Wilsons Mill, Maine to Errol, NH over two days in the pouring rain and munching mosquitos. I have never seen children with so many mosquito bites. Shoot, I don’t think that I have ever had quite so many mosquito bites at the same time and we were not even camping!

The boys did an admirable job. It was their first real time canoeing after much practicing in a local lake.

While we were there, we stumbled quite by accident on an excellent Thai restaurant in a quaint town called Rangeley Maine, which is equi-distant between the equator and the north pole.

Thai Blossom Restaurant has some awesome Thai food and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in that area or anywhere near that area since there are long stretches of nothingness that is supposedly inhabited by Bullwinkle and Company, but none of them saw fit to saunter out of the woods for us once we were there. The restaurant was pretty much store front chinese takeout style restaurant but with the best Thai food and an owner who is truly a one man show. The day we were there he was running the entire place and I do mean the entire place solo. He was chief cook and bottle washer. He took our order, brought our beverages, cooked our food, served it and cleaned up after us. We learned that there was a death in his family and his family members that work with him were all in Thailand and had been for 3 weeks. Admirable and delicious!

Speaking of the moose, we did get a glimpse of a cow and calf in the woods only because it had literally caused a traffic jam on the roadway on our way into town. About 25 cars and a bus were stopped with people all over the place sporting cameras to photograph the moose. Coming from Jersey, all those cars stopped on the roadway with people milling about could only mean one thing, dead bodies! But no, no traffic fatality, only a moose mommy and baby.

Now, only a day in and back at home (oh, in Dorothy’s words “there’s no place like home”) we are off at the crack of dawn tomorrow to NJ to see Emily for the first time! While we are really quite content to lounge here, everyone’s schedule and the upcoming holiday don’t permit much rest, so we have to take advantage of it now.

Off we go…………


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