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I truly love Christmas. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my dad, who absolutely loved Christmas. He was by far the biggest kid in our house come Christmas time. Each year, we can’t celebrate Christmas without thinking about him and remembering how much I miss him.

Maybe it’s because I love the Christmas music and it’s one of my favorite times in church. At the end of tonight’s service, the lights were turned out, the candles lit and everyone sang “Silent Night”.

Maybe it’s just the company of family and friends — and looking back on how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people and have them a part of my life. We are reminded this time of the year of those people that we might not see often, but remain near and dear to our hearts. We’re reminded of those with whom we’ve shared holiday memories during the years gone by. We’re lucky and blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Maybe, it’s the music — traditional Christmas music reminds me of Christmas parties at my grandmother’s house — we kids got to choose the music and play it on her stereo turntable, which was one of those large consoles that was a chunk of furniture in and of itself. While the adults were in the other room talking and laughing, we were playing music, lots of Christmas music.

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of some of the best times I’ve spent with my husband in the years that he was selling Christmas trees including the final weeks leading up to just after Christmas almost 20 years ago, when we got married.

Maybe it is all of those things wrapped into one. Christmas and Christmas Eve were always a chaotic mix of family, friends, presents, food, music and love. I hope that it remains that way for my boys and they can one day look back and remember how special Christmas is.

I hope that it is just as special for you …. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

With love,


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We were woke up this morning at 6:02 a.m. by our youngest who announced that it was time to open gifts. I was in such a sound sleep that I had no idea where I was, much less that it was Christmas morning. “Go take a shower” we told him. He already did. “Call your grandparents to come over” he did that already too. Poor Obby & Poppy, they evidently got awakened before us. Last straw – go wake up Tyler. Tyler can’t be pulled from bed on the first try with a crowbar. But there is something about the magic of Christmas, soon little or in this case, not so little feet, stampeded down the stairs.

When it was finally light out, we were treated to a sparkling Christmas morning. Something magical in the form of ice or snow fell last evening and it turned an already white Christmas into a magical winter wonderland.

These are some of the pictures we took outside the house this morning. Merry Christmas!

Yesterday in line at the supermarket, I saw the oddest thing. The woman on line in front of me had a button on her lapel that said “It’s okay to say Merry Christmas to me”. Odd, I thought. Sad, that one needs to wear a button to let people know that. I personally do not understand the righteous indignation that people have over someone wishing them well. If I wish you a Merry Christmas I am wishing one the joy, peace, serenity and good will of the holiday. My holiday or theirs. The wish is the same. I am not offended if someone would wish me a Happy Hanukah or a Happy Kawanzaa or a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Does my skin ruffle that they think I am Jewish or African American (they must need glasses for that one since I am one of the whitest of the white, but all the same) or Irish or purple for that matter? I think that people forget it is the thought behind the message, the good wishes, the happiness. The wish is spoken and backed up with the best of intentions and in this world where some people don’t have anything nice to say about anyone, does it truly offend? Would these people that are so outraged and upset be happier with a smile and a go screw yourself? Maybe, who knows. But for me, I will not be upset that you wish for me and my family good things, ever. So go ahead, next time you see me, wish me Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Blessed Ramadan, or Shabbat Shalom, I will take your well wishes into my heart and accept them for what they are – good thoughts.

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