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Playing on the beach. This is how I occupy my time.









We are in Maine this week on vacation. I look forward to being by the ocean, although the weather this week has not been super-cooperative. There is something very meditative being by the ocean and listening to the waves lap the shoreline, watching the water ebb and flow and seeing the shoreline either slowly recede or grow depending upon the tide. It is peaceful. It makes one think of oneself and your place in the world. Gazing out upon the water, you cannot help but think about how inconsequential we are in the world. One of my favorite things is to walk along the shoreline, with the waves tickling your toes, enjoying the smell of the ocean air. Even better if it is done with company.

Yesterday we spent the day up in Kennebunkport, wandering around enjoying the shops and the sights. Today is a less than perfect day, misty and gray. A good day to set off and explore some area that we have not yet tackled.

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I love the ocean but probably not for the same reasons that other people love the ocean. I think that it is relaxing and mesmerizing. I love the sound of the waves connecting with the beach. Looking out over the ocean it is very hard to feel full of yourself or sorry for yourself, because you are so insignificant in the great scheme of things. The ocean is humbling. Looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean it is hard to imagine that I count much and that my problems or worries or concerns are all that important to anyone but me. It reminds me not to take myself too seriously or to stress too much over things which are really not that important. The ocean is powerful; it doesn’t care who you are or where you fit into this world. All the money and power in the world cannot save someone who is caught in its fury or is disrespectful to its power. The ocean is a reminder that life is precious and short and can be swept away in the blink of an eye.  Life is something to be cherished and enjoyed.

This was our bed for the duration of our stay in Maine. Nice room, but seriously I needed a ladder to get to the bed. One of the best things about getting home is coming home to my own bed. 🙂

Eventually come to an end. As much as I’ve looked forward to vacation, I am also looking forward to going home. The boys…well, I’m guessing not quite as much. Coming home from vacation marks 10 days to the start of school. Yes, for those of you who have kids our schools open 8/25 way before Labor Day, which is technically their first long holiday weekend.

The house has been fun and the consensus I believe is that they would do it again (of course, they’re not paying for it). It’s quiet here, for the most part, we are well away from the hustle and bustle of Ogunquit and Route 1, but close enough to walk to it.

Today was the last full day of vacation – Tom and I snuck away to Ogunquit on the trolley for a nice walk, coffee on the ocean and lunch. Makes me think of our honeymoon, when there weren’t kids and what they wanted first and foremost in our minds.

The weather today was perfect, warm in the sun and cool and breezy in the shade. A nice last day and a really nice afternoon spent with my best friend.

Vacation – just the word brings to mind thoughts of lazy days and quiet nights. Well, with teenagers it’s not quite that lazy or that quiet, but all in all, I think that everyone is enjoying their time here in Maine.

The boys are familiar enough with the area (and we’re satisfied with the security) to allow them to the freedom to travel as group by trolley into town and down for ice cream and mini golf. This is nice as it allows us (the adults) some time to do some of the exploring that we happen to like. Today, we drove into Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. We wandered around taking in the sights and enjoying the scenery.

Although we weren’t looking for it, we came upon the Bush Compound.

We also found this little bit of home.

At no time does it become more apparent that I live in a man’s world, than on vacation. At home, I am able to find some small refuge in the womanly (few that they are) aspects of my home. Here, in a camper with 5 boys and a husband (so, technically 6 boys) 34 feet seems mighty absent girl things. The bathroom is replete with about every kind of Axe shampoo, deodorant, shower gel and body spray that exists. Boy stuff is everywhere in the form of ipods, gameboys (yes, they seem to make a resurgence at 13 and 14) and music that makes my ears bleed and which I didn’t enjoy the first time around when I was their age. Yet, there is no screaming or screeching (both of which seem to be everywhere with girls around) and they are relatively low maintenance although I must admit feeding teenage boys is an art form in and of itself. You have to learn to quickly remove your hands, fingers and any other extremities that you might need or later want, in the face of food, particularly if its main ingredients are either fat or sugar.

And yet, as I sit here, I honestly cannot think of having it any other way. Yes, it is frustrating because no one wants to browse the little shops or do other things that another girl around might think was fun. But, I guess that leaves more time for me to spend alone, enjoying my solitude.

We are spending a few days on vacation at the beach in Maine. Two motor homes, my inlaws, one of the boys’ friends and a cousin. A house (or houses) full. The weather has been enjoyable today and we are very fortunate since this is practically winter usually in Maine. It is in the 90s and sunny and absolutely gorgeous. I will post pictures soon.

Today we adults had our last committee planning meeting before the Big trip. Details were worked out, maps were strewn about the counter top and plans were discussed. There is some talk of an earlier departure than Saturday morning and we leave that in the capable hands of the two adults who will be driving. If they split the trip, they would camp at a Boyscout camp along the way, which in and of itself is pretty interesting.

Tomorrow is “Shakedown” night where the boys will have their dry bags and contents reviewed and approved by the adult leaders to make sure that everyone is on the same page and has the necessities for the trip.

This morning we spent an hour or so in EMS gathering some necessary equipment for the boys that will hopefully make their trip a little more enjoyable and drier. Then a trip to the bookstore to find a book for oldest son, who doesn’t want to bring his Diary of Miss Jane Pittman (which is reading for English class) with him. That and there was some discussion of putting together a poker game where they would use snacks as poker chips with the deck of cards that they are allowed to bring along. Each boy is permitted to bring a zipped gallon bag of snacks for their journey. We’re shopping for snacks and any last, last minute things that we forgot or absolutely must have, on Friday.

So far, I am still sane…….

Today was a busy day. The boys had a scout bottle drive around town and at the transfer station from 8-12. Tim had a guitar lesson from 9-10 and then the boys had to grab a quick lunch and head over to Kent Pond in Killington for brush-up on their canoeing skills in anticipation of their big trip next weekend.

We’re back home and I’m exhausted. They, however, seem to have endless energy. Maybe I didn’t get enough coffee this morning.

Here are some pictures.





And here is the supervisor for the afternoon……


Today officially starts the camp season at the T’s. Today, our oldest, TJ is off to Smith College for a weeklong computer programming camp with his friend. The two boys attended a similar program as a day camp last year, but this year is sleep-away. The camp is put together by IDTech Camps. They do these type of technology related camps throughout universities across the whole country. I have to say that they do a pretty darn good job, since they take everything into account and the kids have a fantastic time.

Tim is supposed to be working at a peer counselor at a camp for autistic children here in town in another week and then all three boys are off to northern Maine. They are doing a 50 mile canoe trip with their boy scout troop which sounds like it is going to be the adventure of a lifetime. After that, they are off to Scout camp for a week. Then, well, everyone gets to relax until school starts again, which doesn’t seem that very far away now.

We rented a 29 foot travel trailer from Travel Rite RV Rentals in Williston. They were fantastic, the unit was great and afforded us a really fun week away.

Here is a photo of the rig we rented, which was perfect for the 5 of us. We had two bedrooms, a pullout couch and another bed if we wanted or needed to convert the dining area (which we didn’t need). We decided upon Wells Beach Resort Campground  as our destination (and especially since they had availability for our schedule). They were really nice and very together there. The campground was neat as a pin, well secured and provided plenty of fun…a mini golf course, heated pool and arcade as well as volleyball, basketball and playgrounds.  The campground was right on the trolley stop so we were able to take the trolley to the beach and out to dinner and sightseeing, eliminating the need to drive everywhere. I highly recommend the place and this comes from a girl who had here doubts about what I considered “old people camping”. My first foray into RV camping was a really good experience and considering we had some less than ideal weather during our stay, it was nice to have a dry place to stay that wasn’t a hotel room. 

The ocean was beautiful. I love the serenity offered by the sounds of waves crashing and being able to walk on the beach and smell the ocean air. 


The boys enjoyed the ocean, boogie boarding and catching some rays. It was just a really nice time for all of us.

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