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Last night I undertook a new challenge. I made homemade pierogies. The other night we had chicken and mashed potatoes so I had some leftover mashed potatoes and decided that I should give this a try. I made my own pierogi dough which was amazingly quite simple. Then I took those leftover mashed potatoes, heated them a few minutes in the microwave and stirred in some grated cheddar cheese and seasoned them with salt, pepper and onion powder. I started the whole process at 4:15 and by 6:15 we were eating some pretty decent pierogies. I am sure that mine pale in comparison to those made by those with some Polish blood coursing through their veins but I am pretty satisfied with my first time outcome.








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Tonight, we were supposed to be going out for dinner. However, the wood stove was too warm and comfortable and the company was good. We were cozy and Mother Nature wasn’t making leaving the nest too desirable even for an anticipated night out. Not having planned on making dinner tonight, this was a throw-together. Sometimes, honestly, I think the “open the pantry and empty the fridge” meals somehow turn out to be the best meals of all.

The ingredients on hand:

  • leftover boiled chicken breast
  • fresh basil
  • garlic
  • broccoli crowns
  • red bell pepper
  • chili garlic sauce
  • olive oil
  • potato gnocchi





I sauteed the vegetables together, added the shredded chicken and a very little olive oil (the special one that Tim brought back from Spain) seasoned it with a little kosher salt and a teaspoon of chili-garlic sauce. Added the gnocchi when it was cooked (which didn’t take long at all) and topped it with a couple grinds of shredded asiago cheese. Served it with some warm homemade bread. We enjoyed it by the fire with some great music playing in the background. Very delicious, indeed.




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Another tradition here at the T’s house is the annual prime rib soup that follows Christmas dinner. The boys and Tom are not particularly fond of prime rib (honestly I don’t know how they cannot like it) so they “tolerate” it for dinner on Christmas so that they can enjoy the leftovers. Really. Seriously. They prefer it leftover and turned into prime rib soup over eating it on Christmas Day. Today, with the snow falling outside and turning everything into a winter wonderland, it seemed the day to turn the leftovers into a delicious snowy day kind of meal.

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The day that my boys wait for after Christmas. The day that we take the leftover prime rib and turn it into Prime Rib Soup. Honestly, I think that they prefer the soup (actually it’s more of a stew) to the actual meal. My oldest kept asking me to make this well before the prime rib was ever even cooked or in our refrigerator for that matter.

Simply stated, take your leftovers, bones and all and saute them in a large pot with sliced onions. Deglaze the pan with red wine. Add water and beef broth to cover, salt and pepper to taste and let simmer for hours. About an hour before you want to eat, remove the meat, separate fat and bones, cut up meat into bite size pieces and put back into the broth. Add 2-3 cups of jasmine rice and let simmer until the rice is cooked. Simple, easy, delicious — at least the boys think so.

Here’s lunch. Leftovers transformed into something that tasted quite yummy. I must admit that I think my strength in cooking is the ability to throw a whole bunch of stuff together into something edible. While I follow recipes just fine, grabbing things from the fridge and turning them into a meal is a whole lot more fun. Brings out the mad scientist in me I guess.

Thai inspired rice

Leftover chicken cut up into chunks (about 1 cup)

Leftover jasmine rice (about 3 cups)

3 scallions chopped finely

2 T. chili garlic sauce

2 t. fish sauce

1 c. cilantro chopped finely

1/2 c. basil, chopped the same way

1 c. snow peas sliced into vertical strips

2 T. soy sauce

Juice of one lime

I sauted the chicken with the garlic sauce for a few minutes while I chopped up everything else. Add the rice and the remainder of the ingredients. Mix well, heat for about 5 minutes and serve. This made 3 generous servings – Lunch for the two of us and lunch for tomorrow. 🙂

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